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Does Apple Run Background Checks?

Does Apple Run Background Checks

There are a few people if none who have not heard of Apple. The company is the first U.S.-based to hit a trillion-dollar value. Having said this, it becomes clear that working for such a large employer is desirable. For a felon that needs reintegration as an active working citizen, it can be tempting to reach out for a job at Apple.

Everybody knows the story of how Steve Jobs founded Apple in his garage. There may be something more to this, but it does not change what Apple has become. Because of this, the tech giant is at the top for quite some time. It delivers some of the most sought-after devices like iPhones or MacBooks.

An ex-convict needs to check all the sources of possible income to get a head start. A tech company, like Apple, is the right place to start looking.

Apple’s Policy

Being the market leader has some advantages. As it stands Apple has roughly 145,000 employees, this number has grown from 123,000 in 2017. This means that it can be picky when choosing new employees. It turns out that the company has a good score when it comes to employee satisfaction. This translates into Apple giving a candidate that features a criminal record a chance. Felons can look up to the company for hire.

There are some specific areas where an ex-convict may prove to be incompatible with a job description. Those cases are treated individually and will get a reply based on the issue at hand. Some felons with convictions that constitute theft or assault may find it difficult to get a job at Apple.

does apple run the background check

When it comes to new employees the company will try and find out information to understand an individual’s profile. This is needed as a possible candidate must feature skills as:

1 Dealing with the general public

2 Technical knowledge

3 Communication skills

4 Troubleshooting skills

 Yes, Apple Will Run a Background Check

Having said the above, when searching for a job within Apple, a felon needs to be aware that a background check is imminent. Background knowledge for a possible hire helps the company protect itself, its employees, and the customer. A drug test may be involved, as Apple is a drug-free company. Some employees testified that drug tests have been done, while others cannot confirm.

An ex-convict will need to be aware that information looked up by the employer will touch the following areas:

  • The felonies from the past seven years
  • The severity of the crimes committed
  • The time since the last conviction
  • Driving history check
  • Education history check

Apple is part of the Ban the Box movement. This is a testament to the fact that the company will provide a fair chance to any potential candidate. It is true for convictions that do not interfere with a job description. As even with an open attitude the safety of customers and other employees will not be put at risk.

Some Helpful Tips to Get Ahead

Before going to the interview be sure to get in shape. This means that you’ll need to prepare. Do not under any circumstance hide the fact that a felony conviction exists. Try and familiarize yourself with the products and the services that the job will feature.

does apple run background check

Some other tips include as follows:

1 Flexibility when it comes to working hours

2 Provide references if possible

3 Also bring a job history alongside the current resume

4 Dress appropriately

5 Be polite and respectful

6 Show an open attitude and enthusiasm

7 Be on time

A successful interview can make a difference when it comes to who gets the job. Most employees also look for the attitude of a possible future employee. Because jobs are constantly changing and evolving, the key to success is how a candidate handles these changes.

What Positions One Can Expect to Get Hired On?

There are several positions open that an ex-felon can look for. These jobs are mainly focused on entry-level areas. Ideally, it is easier to grow from the inside, the most important part is to get hired. Apple is a part of the Fair Chance Business Pledge. This means that the company considers ex-convicts when searching for new employees within the company.

does apple run a background check

Some of the entry-level positions that can be occupied by a future hire are:

  • Sales associate – Provide professional customer experiences, by introducing customers to Apple products. Create quotes, orders, and invoices. Sell services, products, and accessories.
  • Genius – Help with advice and hands-on technical support. Diagnose and propose replacement or repair. Show commitment, empathy, and patience.
  • Specialist – Discover customer needs and provide the appropriate service and product. Able to create a visitor into an Apple fan.
  • Inventory specialist – Oversee the inventory in the warehouse and keep track of products. Monitor storage quota and deliveries. Ensure quality and quantity is always as needed.

Some of the jobs posted will feature part-time working hours. This gives out flexibility when choosing the right career path one can start with.


Apple is a great way to get back in the game for an ex-convict that is looking for a good place to work. If one is looking for a place where employees are treated equally and without bias, Apple is the right choice. There will always be alternatives and the key is to keep trying and not get discouraged.

Bring to the table a passion for work and a positive attitude. This will make a difference and it will show the employer you can evolve. Ex-felons can prove to be great employees if given the chance, as it turns out Apple is willing to offer that chance.

Allowing ex-convicts to get back into an active state as far as citizenship is concerned is the first step to rehabilitation. As it turns out families and friends are a big part of the process. Always consider a felony or ex-conviction as part of one’s past. One act or mistake does not define an individual and change is possible. Follow our brief guide and hopefully, you will find yourself in gainful employment with one of the world’s largest companies.

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