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Does AT&T Hire Felons?

Does AT&T Hire Felons

AT&T is a well–known firm for telecom services. The employee strength of the firm is 2,40,000 employees working on the company payroll. Many people look for suitable opportunities to work for this company and felons are not an exception.

The basic question however which gets answered through this article is Does AT&T hire felons?

does att hire felons

It is a big firm and safeguarding its reputation is important. Authorities do not consider felons as the best hires in an organization because of their history. The criminal history of felons however works against them. Background verification checks assist companies to ensure that felons do not prove a security threat to the organization.

Employers also use background verification checks to eliminate employees with a criminal history. They also do not consider felons with serious offenses as potential hires. Felons can also use their time gainfully to develop essential skills which help them achieve appropriate career opportunities with an employer like AT&T.

Why Felons Choose AT&T as Their Employer?

  • Felons can avail benefits with competitive salaries if they choose to work with AT&T.
  • The organization also invests a lot in training staff and equipping them to achieve career success.
  • AT&T also offers ample opportunities in a diverse workforce and provides appropriate exposure to felons to grow.
  • The experienced staff also gets travel opportunities to work across the globe.
  • This benefits felons to gain experience in relevant jobs and travel the world.
  • Felons also receive a chance to network with a wide range of professionals as this can help felons to choose a definite career path.

does the att hire felons

  • If felons join AT&T, they can also avail numerous employee benefits that are comprehensive which provides several welfare benefits to employees working with AT&T.
  • AT&T provides support and family care to felons.
  • This includes adoption facilities, fertility treatments, senior care, and also gender reassignment.
  • Felons can also avail of maternity and paternity leaves respectively and gain access to a wide range of products and services which the firm offers.
  • AT&T also offers equal opportunity to all felons with misdemeanors.
  • Felons can also develop relevant skills and knowledge through continuous learning programs which equip them to excel at work.
  • AT&T also supports higher education at college and provides you financial support for completing higher education.
  • Felons must focus on securing a decent job at AT&T and avail all the possible benefits.

Hiring Process for AT&T

  • AT&T is a tech company that accepts online applications
  • Felons can visit a career page of the company to view open positions.
  • Felons can apply to various departments such as call center, retail, sales, technicians, and technology.
  • They can also work as part of the government support team.

does the att hire felon

  • Felons can apply for suitable positions that meet their interest and help them gain proper experience.
  • They generally apply for entry-level positions such as customer care executives and sales technicians.
  • Felons can choose a preferred location of their choice and apply according to the qualification necessary for each job.
  • They can benefit from various training opportunities offered at AT&T.
  • The interviewer assesses personality traits for various felons in different jobs.
  • Felons must be adaptable, tech-savvy, helpful, and a good communicator.
  • They should fill their application form truthfully with details of criminal history, work experience, and personal background.

Felons Get Hired at AT&T

1 AT&T follows federal state and local laws before hiring felons.

2 Background verification checks scan criminal records for 7 years.

3 Felons with old convictions get a better chance to secure a job with AT&T so that felons can rise the career ladder.

4 AT&T eliminates felons with violent convictions

does att hire the felons

5 Felons with good communication skills and appropriate customer handling skills get customer interaction jobs.

6 Felons with a low level of offenses receive tax breaks.

7 There is a specific program called federal tax credit which permits the organization to hire felons and create more job opportunities in the market.

8 Felons must prove as an ideal candidate which gets hired at AT&T in a preferred job role.

AT&T is a Suitable Employer for Felons

1 Felons receive proper training and professional guidance to achieve career growth at this organization.

2 They receive financial stability and a platform to learn from new opportunities.

3 Felons focus on expunging their record to lead a respectful and honest life and grow as a professional.

4 Those with a misdemeanor hold a better chance to grow as an individual.

5 Honesty and integrity work in favor of felons to secure a job at AT&T.

6 Felons who lie or provide false information in application forms get disqualified from the hiring process.

7 They can prepare a strong Resume with proper candidature for felons which creates a positive impression in the mind of an interviewer.

8 Felons must showcase a polite attitude and communicate effectively and with confidence to secure a job with this organization.

9 Being flexible in work schedules doesn’t allow felons to lose a fair chance to restart your career.

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Bottom Line

Felons hold a fair chance to earn a suitable living by joining AT&T and working for multiple departments in different roles. Those with serious criminal history get eliminated at the application process stage. Felons can use professional guidance and training programs to excel in their work and contribute to the company’s success.

Before felons are hired, background verification checks get conducted to ensure the company’s reputation is not at stake. Felons need proper focus to choose the right career path for themselves. AT&T will hire felons if they can crack a long-term deal.

Felons require hand-holding and proper mentoring to excel at various roles in AT&T. Felons with good character get a better chance to get a suitable career opportunity with a global company like AT&T. They can fill online application form with a complete criminal history to give their best shot in the interview. They can complete their educational qualification through the financial aid provided by the company.

Felons can use appropriate resources to ensure they do not repeat similar criminal offenses and lose their freedom and go back to jail.  Good employee referrals allow felons to get a better job and earn a decent living.

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