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Does Autozone Hire Felons?

Does Autozone Hire Felons

Being a felon does not have a positive impact on your CV. Despite having better capabilities than other candidates, you may not get the job you desire. Every company prefers a candidate without any criminal record.

This impacts the employment of a felon drastically. Felons get rejected by companies because of their convictions even when the law is against them. This is why several felons are still unemployed.

We need a more progressive mindset towards hiring felons into workplaces. Many companies still reject them without proper background checks. Unemployment impacts the felons’ mental health, and without money, they can’t survive. The basic need for felons is to get a job.

These days, many companies are opening up to employ felons. One of the biggest employers of felons is Autozone. Autozone is now hiring felons in various media outlets and stores throughout the world. This is an attractive opportunity for felons to get a job in a big company.

With a reputed job in Autozone, felons can live their life with economic security and peace.

Why Should Felons Apply For A Job At Autozone?

Autozone is a reputed company that deals in retail selling of automotive parts and other accessories. Autozone originated in a city named Forrest in Arkansas and gradually spread in European continents.

They have outlets and stores in big countries such as:

  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • China

A massive company like Autozone has many hiring advantages for felons. Here we will discuss the reasons for felons to apply for a job at Autozone.

1 Multiple Vacancies

The best part about applying at Autozone is the number of vacancies they have. The company has an employee strength of over 95000 spread across 6000 outlets all over the world. The larger the number of vacancies, the less picky a company is.

This makes it easy for a felon to get hired at Autozone. The abundant vacancies across the brand enable mass hiring and fewer background checks.

2 Reputation And Progress

Autozone is a reputed brand. The company focuses on career growth and long-term investment for employees. When employed with Autozone, felons get the much-needed boost to their career. Autozone hires employees on a part-time and full-time basis.

As a felon, you may want to try out for a part-time position, to begin with. The part-time position also includes various benefits and perks. A part-time job can also help a felon complete their education.

does autozone hire felon

3 Work Scope

Autozone has various positions across its branches. Different employees are required to fill in different positions. Most of the jobs begin at an entry-level that come with on-job training. This allows felons to explore new fields even without prior experience.

4 Company Policy

It is important to understand Autozone’s policy before applying with them. Autozone carefully follows the EEOC policy. According to the policy, every individual working at Autozone will be treated equally.

In most organizations, individuals are often discriminated against based on:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender
  • National origin
  • Religion
  • Color
  • Race
  • Conviction

A job with Autozone means not having to worry about discrimination of any sort. The company does however run a few checks before hiring an individual.

How To Get Hired At Autozone?

Autozone hires felons however whether or not your felony affects your job depends on the hiring manager. Autozone needs to adhere to the state laws based on where the outlet is. It also depends on the kind of felony you are charged with.

The smart thing to do would be to apply for as many open positions at Autozone as possible. You can also check how many stores there are near you and apply at multiple stores.

Acing The Interview At Autozone

1 Confident approach

Yes, being a convicted felon can be embarrassing. This however does not mean you can’t get the job. You are just as capable as any other potential candidate at Autozone.

All you need to do is showcase your capability at the time of the interview. Talk about your skillset and qualifications. If you don’t have any, however, don’t worry. You can still convince them you are capable of doing the job well.

does autozone hire the felon

2 Be Honest

You won’t get you anywhere by lying about your felony conviction. As we already discussed, Autozone does conduct a background check before hiring. If you lie during your interview and your conviction shows up during the check, you will get rejected.

Let them know about the charges and how you have changed since then. Talk about how important the job is and how it can help you move forward positively.

3 Get Your Research Done

Most job applications are online. If you are sitting face to face with a hiring manager, it is because you are shortlisted. This means they would like to get to know you better before hiring you. Autozone will ask you about your past convictions on the form.

Make sure that you do not lie on the form or withhold any information. Make it a point to also bring it up proactively during the one-on-one interview and explain yourself. You need to explain that you made a mistake and own up to it. Autozone appreciates people who are honest and accepting of their past.

Does Autozone Run Background Checks?

Like every other company, Autozone does run background checks on every potential employee. The company however is progressive. Autozone will not reject an employee based on their conviction. This however is limited to the seriousness of the crime.

Certain positions require the employee to handle a vehicle. In such a scenario, a felon with a DUI charge cannot apply. Similarly, Autozone is skeptical about hiring talents with a violent past to deal with clients. There are also various other factors. These include:

1 Time

Although Autozone hires felons, it is easier to get a job if your felony conviction was older than 7 years. In this scenario, your charges will not show up and they would not know you are a felon. This also works if you had your records expunged.

does autozone hire the felons

2 Extent Of Crime

Serious offenses such as murder, rape, or kidnapping may prevent you from getting hired at Autozone. Autozone however reserves the right to not hire serious felons to protect the wellbeing of the company and its employees.

3 Behaviour At The Time Of Interview

Yes, your felony charge will raise a red flag. This however doesn’t mean you will get rejected. The interviewer will just be more cautious while interviewing you. They will try to put you in scenarios where you may get agitated or irritated. They gauge your reaction to the situation and hire based on that.

Odds Of Getting Hired At Autozone

The odds of getting hired at Autozone are very high. Autozone is welcoming to felons as long as they are considered harmless. The brand needs to maintain its reputation. This is why they usually hire felons for part-time positions.

If you however prove your worth you can become a full-time employee. You can work with Autozone for many years and establish a strong fulfilling career there.


Companies like Autozone are refreshing. They give felons the much-needed second chance they are looking for. This however doesn’t mean you get too excited. Take your time to check out the various positions and see where you fit in the best. This gives you a chance to begin a career you will enjoy.

You don’t get too many second chances and there are no two ways that Autozone is one of the best.

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