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Does Best Buy Hire Felons?

Does Best Buy Hire Felons

Best Buy is a known appliance and technology retail store that has its stores spread across the globe. Best Buy is considered to be a great company to work with, but one question which keeps revolving around is whether Best Buy hires felons or not.

At the front, the truth is that for felons to secure a job in a reputed organization such as Best Buy could be a challenging task. There could be various obstacles that come on this journey and keeping your calm as a felon could be difficult.

To answer all the questions, here we have mentioned the primary factors which we will be discussing in this thread:

While going through these factors, you will get an essential idea about hiring decisions and procedures carried out by Best Buy.

1 Official Company Hiring Policy For Felons?

Although the company has not revealed any official statement about their hiring policies regarding felons, Best Buy overall is considered to give equal opportunities to the employees. The company has always made a point, saying that they do not discriminate against any employee based on sex, caste, religious grounds etc. The company still does not state any situation about hiring a felon, which does seem to be a great sign.

does best buy hire felon

2 Has Best Buy Hired Any Felon in The Past?

We can say that Best Buy has hired felons in the Past from the analysis we have made. This means that an individual with a criminal record does have chances of securing a job at Best Buy. The felony does not entirely erase the chances of securing a job, but this also depends on multiple factors.

3 Does Best Buy Hire People with Misdemeanors?

Before applying to a company, it is essential to understand the company policies and what the company professionals feel about an individual with misdemeanors. Again, this is a crucial piece of information that the company professionals have not explicitly shared at Best Buy.

In the past, the company has hired employees with a felony and clearly states that the company does hire people with misdemeanors after doing a thorough background check.

It is usually said that a company that is ready to hire former felons is also prepared to hire individuals with misdemeanors as they are two very similar situations.

4 Is Best Buy on The List of Ban The Box?

Ban the Box is considered a renowned movement that pushes reputed companies to eliminate or discard the questions on the job applications about criminal records. The primary idea here is to allow all the applicants to stand on their own merits and not be judged by their past situations.

There could be instances when a felon, due to some situation, had to go through such an unfortunate circumstance in their lives, but in reality, they were talented at what they do. Companies cannot overlook the true potential of the employees, regardless of their criminal record.

does best buy hire a felon

There is also something known as the fair chance business pledge. The companies commit to being very fair in terms of the hiring process, and without any discrimination, take employees best on their merit.

As per the research, Best Buy is not involved in either of the above-stated movement, be it Ban the Box or fair chance pledge. The company believes in fair hiring and hires employees by giving them a fair opportunity.

If you think it does not sound fair on Best Buy to hire employees who have a criminal history, you should know that there are a considerable number of companies that do employee felons based on merit.

5 Does Best Buy Have Any Special Programs In Place for Hiring The Felons?

Many companies do have some special programs that are focused on former felons. This is a great initiative and way to promote the hiring of felons and give them a second chance to provide their mettle in society. Unfortunately, the sad part is that these are some of the scarce programs seen today. Many companies, including Best Buy, do not indulge in such programs.

6 Can Someone With A Felony Get Hired At Best Buy?

The question ‘Can a felony get hired at Best Buy’ is a prevalent one. Now let’s review the answer in detail to put an end to all the queries. The company does not openly discuss its hiring process, nor are they part of any programs or movements.

The company’s flip side does say that they have hired felons in the past, and the company is very committed to hiring professionals who are qualified and take fair decisions when it comes to hiring.

Factoring all the points which have been said above, we would say that a felony does have average chances of getting their job at Best Buy but will have to prove their worth at every stage.

7 Entry-Level Jobs At Best Buy?

As per the career page of Best Buy, there are multiple types of jobs shown. The entry-level jobs at Best Buy could be divided into two main categories, which are:

  • Warehouse
  • Customer Service

The warehouse jobs are the backhand jobs which does not involve client interaction. During this job, the employer will be expected to unload the trucks, scan the merchandise, and various other tasks.

does best buy hire felon tips

The work involves the usage of physical energy and involves some extended working hours for carrying out the store’s operations.

There are other categories of jobs: customer service jobs, which involve helping customers with their questions and queries. Best Buy has multiple departments, so duties do get varied. The working hours vary depending on which store the employee is working in. This is because there could be night and morning shifts.

8 How To Get Hired At Best Buy If You Have A Criminal Record?

Landing a job at Best Buy does depend on multiple factors, but the primary one is sure about how good the application is. The applicant’s resume has to be ‘Perfect’, and one should spend maximum hours on it. The resume should be tailored as per the job the applicant is applying for.

If the applicant has a known working at Best Buy, then they could get an edge. Once the application is submitted, the next step is the interview process. The candidates need to be well prepared for the interview, both mentally and physically. It is important to be dressed properly in formals and wear neat and sober colors.

The candidates should have full knowledge of the role they are applying for. If there are some dummy interviews given by the employers, take that to be well versed with the expected questions.

Make sure that before appearing for the final interview, you do take a proper mock interview and give the best during the final day.

When in the interview you are asked about your past, make sure to answer very honestly. Never hold back anything. If you hide, everything will still come out during the background check and you won’t want that for sure. Make sure you work hard and give the interview honestly. Research is key. Once you know everything about the company, half the battle is won.

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