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Does Best Buy Price Match Costco? (Full Guide)

does best buy price match costco

Are you looking for the best deal possible on an electronics product? 

There is nothing worse than buying a new laptop and finding it cheaper somewhere else. Even if you are perfectly happy with your purchase, this is sure to give you buyer’s remorse. However, a large number of companies offer customers price matching on different products. This allows shoppers to get a refund on the extra they paid if they find the product cheaper elsewhere.

 If you want to know, ‘Does Best Buy Price Match Costco?’, then it’s time to find out…

About The Best Buy Price Match Policy 

Best Buy is a multinational consumer electronics store that was founded and headquartered in the United States. Since it was established in 1966, the company has been committed to offering low prices. The Best Buy Price Match Policy was designed to provide customers with quality products at a standard market price.

As part of this policy, customers can price match products with Costco at the time of purchase. The store they price match with has to be located within a 25-mile radius of the Best Buy store. If a cheaper price is found, customers can ask for a price reduction on the item they want to purchase. 


The policy also covers products that are sold on Costco.com. This is a quick and easy way of checking on the rate while you are in a store. You simply need to show the same product at a lower rate at Costco.com. 

However, the policy only applies to products on the website that are available at the regular rate. It does not apply to exclusive offers that are available through the membership program. Loyalty offers are also not matched under the terms of the policy. 

After purchase

This policy does not apply to products that have already been purchased. You cannot return to the store and ask for a refund if you see a cheaper rate later. Therefore, it is a good idea to do your research before deciding to make a purchase. Taking the time to find the cheapest rate around can save money in the long run.

Does Best Buy Price Match Costco? – Steps To Price Match A Product

Does Best Buy Price Match Costco? - Steps To Price Match A Product

Taking advantage of the company’s policy is pretty simple. While it requires a little time and effort, you may be rewarded with impressive savings. Here are the steps you should take to get a discount on the product you want to purchase.

  • First, head on over to the Best Buy website and choose the product you want to buy. Make a careful note of the product color, dimensions, retail value, and serial number.
  • Visit your local Costco store and see if the same product is available at a lower rate. Make sure that all the product details are an exact match. It is a good idea to take a photo of the product in the store to confirm that it is currently available. Alternatively, you can visit the official website and save a screenshot of the product. 
  • Go to your local Best Buy store and find the product that you want to purchase. When the value of the product is confirmed, present your evidence of the lower price. The store manager will verify the price difference. If your claim is valid, you will receive a discount.

Exclusions From The Policy

Exclusions From The Policy

The main marketing claim of Best Buy is that the company can never be beaten on price. However, it is important to note that the policy does not cover all types of products and purchases. 

The main exclusions from the policy:

  • Black Friday deals.
  • Thanksgiving offers.
  • Deals offered to members-only groups.
  • Special day or hour deals.
  • Contract mobiles.
  • Competitor’s services.
  • Out-of-stock products.

Other Retailers That Price Match Costco

A number of other retailers also offer price matching to help attract customers. However, each retailer has a different set of terms and conditions that need to be understood. Here are some of the major retailers that offer Costco price matching.

Home Depot

Does Home Depot Drug Test? 

Not only does Home Depot aim to match the prices offered at Costco, but the company also tries to beat them. If you see the same product cheaper, Home Depot is committed to beating the rate by 10%. However, this policy only applies to purchases made through the Home Depot website. 


This home improvement company is also committed to beating the rates of local companies. According to the policy, you need to bring the current ad presenting the rate of the product to your local Lowe’s. The store manager will then reduce the rate of the item you want to purchase so that it is 10% cheaper. 

Other retailers that offer this policy include:

  • Office Depot
  • PetSmart
  • Sears
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Fry’s Electronics

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Does Best Buy Price Match Costco? – Final Thoughts

Being able to advertise that you offer the lowest prices around is very valuable to retailers. This gives customers confidence that they will get a good deal when they purchase products in those stores. However, it can be difficult for retailers to make sure the prices they offer are consistently the lowest.

The way that Best Buy gets around this is by offering price matching with Costco and a few other retailers. The policy features strict criteria that have to be met. Not only do the two products have to be identical, but the Warehouse club must also be a local retail competitor.

Hope you find the best shopping prices and promotions!

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