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Does Big Lots Hire Felons?

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There is a common phrase, ‘All You Need is a Right Opportunity to Get Back on Track,’ which is very real in felons. Felons require an excellent employment opportunity to get back on track, but this comes with considerable struggles. The big question here is – Does Big Lots Hire Felons?

Before answering the above question, we should know what Big Lots are and what does it do. Big Lots is a big retail giant store present in 47 states in the US and has a total of 1400+ stores across the country. With an operation at such a large scale, Big Lots is under constant pressure to hire employees due to the extra workload.

In this thread, we will be discussing the common queries which felons have in their minds with regards to Big Lots, covering topics such as:

  • Have Big Lots in the past hired people with misdemeanors?
  • Do Big Lots do a background check?
  • Do Big Lots hire felons?

Here we will guide you on how to apply for Big Lots if you have a criminal record.

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1 Does Big Lots Hire Felons?

This is one of the most repeated questions asked whether Big Lots hires felons. As per the company policy mentioned on the website, the policy states that Big Lots does hire individuals who are qualified even though with a criminal record. But they do check the employee’s consistency with regulations, applicable laws, ordinances, etc.

does big lots hire felon

In short, the answer is ‘Yes’. Big Lots does hire every qualified individual, including felons. The company is open to giving opportunities to individuals who have the right skill-set.

2 Has Big Lots in The Past Hired Felons?

Big Lots has hired felons in the past. If an individual has the required qualification and goes through proper screening and background check, they with a criminal record will be hired. As per a statement from a former employee, the company does hire felons.

3 Has Big Lots in The Past Hired People with Misdemeanors?

In the past, the company has hired people with misdemeanors. Big Lots is more than happy to hire passionate people to be a part of the company.

does the big lots hire felon

4 Is Big Lots on The Ban The Box List?

Ban the Box is the initiative that prevents all the companies from asking on the applications forms whether the individual is a felony or not. In short, Big Lots is not a part of the Ban the Box list, but the website has a few statements which do welcome individuals to apply.

5 What Are The Entry-level Jobs at Big Jobs?

There are primarily three categories for entry-level jobs –

  • Corporate center
  • Store center
  • Distribution center

The applicant can easily browse through the categories mentioned above on the website to look for an opportunity that fits into the individual’s needs and abilities.

6 How Can One Get Hired At Big Lots With A Criminal Record?

Getting a job at Big Lots with a criminal record could be challenging, but it is still not ‘Impossible’. Here are a few tips and advice that you could keep in your mind while applying for a job at Big Lots when you are a felony:

  • Have an in-depth understanding of the company and the job you are applying for. You need to be aware of the latest happening in the company, the company’s news highlights, etc. Your awareness of the company will create a great impression in front of the employer.

does the big lots hire the felons

  • You must highlight your previous experience correctly. Previous experience carries significant weightage, and you must try and relate your previous experience with the current job you are applying to. This helps in building sync between the two.
  • You must know your strengths and weaknesses very well. Until you know yourself in and out, you will not be able to communicate yourself better. Please do not shy away from talking about qualities; instead, be honest about it and go with the flow.

Professional Resume

The next step is to have a well-researched and presented resume. Make sure that you check for any grammatical errors and the right punctuation marks. One of the essential things to keep in mind is to be very honest while making the resume. Avoid fluffing in the resume because there is always a background check on what is mentioned.

If your resume gets shortlisted and you get a green signal for the interview, then here are some tips that you can keep in mind to ace the interview.

  • It is essential to exhibit professionalism the entire time. One has to follow a proper dress code, use professional language and avoid slang. Showing professional manners is a must.
  • Be very honest in whatever you speak. In case of a criminal record, you should try and tell your side of the story articulately without hiding anything.
  • The interview will be interested in knowing about your period post the conviction, so you should be prepared with an answer. This will be a crucial answer and sometimes could be a deciding factor.
  • Do not be ashamed of your past at any point. Having a criminal record does put many obstacles in between, but you must embrace the past and move ahead with it. The same should be reflected in the way you speak during your interview.

7 Does Big Lots Do A Background Check?

Big Lots is an open company that welcomes people for employment if they match the need of the role. Although the website of the company does not state whether the company runs a background check or not, they disclose it during their hiring process.

When it comes to background check especially in the case of a felony, then there are a few ground rules. If the felony has happened 7 years and earlier, then the individual does not need to worry as that won’t be reflected in the criminal background check. It is always better to be prepared in advance and be honest with all the answers when asked to increase the chances of getting hired. Grab the opportunity with both hands and don’t look back.

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