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Does Burger King Have Ice Cream?

What Kind of Ice Cream Does Burger King Have

Ice cream is an American summertime staple, showing up at baseball games, birthday parties, and various other activities. There are many places to get the refreshing, creamy delight when you’re in the mood. But does Burger King have ice cream?

Yes, it does; Burger King sells ice cream products such as ice cream cones and sundaes. The creamy treats are available on Burger King’s value menu 24/7 for dine-in or drive-thru service.

So, let’s find out what types of ice cream Burger King offers, if they’re made using real milk, and more!

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What Kind of Ice Cream Does Burger King Have?

Burger King typically sells soft-serve ice cream in a cone or cup, milkshakes, sundaes, and more. Ice cream cups have a delicious layer of flavoring at the bottom of the cup.

Milkshakes come in three sizes and can be mixed with Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Oreo cookies. Burger King also serves sundaes with chocolate, strawberry sauce, or hot caramel drizzled on top.

What Kind of Ice Cream Does Burger King Have

Burger King’s Ice Cream Sizes

Burger King’s soft-serve ice cream is spun onto a typical 3-inch cake cone. If you pick a cup, you’ll usually get a serving size of about 4 oz.

The Burger King Sundae is a delicious, classic dessert with a 141-gram serving size.

Milkshake sizes are small (12 oz), medium (16 oz), and large (20 oz), and they may be combined with a value meal for an additional fee.

Do Burger King Ice Creams Contain Real Milk?

Here the answer is a little ambiguous. Burger King’s ice cream contains dairy as its primary ingredient, although it is prepared with milk fat and skim milk. So, Burger King ice cream has some dairy, but its main ingredient is not exactly store-bought milk.

Can Lactose-Intolerant People Eat Burger King’s Ice Cream?

Lactose-intolerant people should remember that Burger King’s ice cream contains dairy. Their ice cream also contains soy, sulfates, gluten, and wheat. It contains no eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, or tree nuts.

Therefore, anyone with a serious food allergy should ask about possible cross-contamination before eating a Burger King ice cream.

How Much Do Burger King’s Ice Cream Products Cost?

A small ice cream cone is 70 cents on Burger King’s Change Range menu. Not bad! Ice cream in a cup costs $1 and has only 171 calories. A caramel or fudge sundae costs $1.59.

A milkshake’s price depends on its size:

  • Small – $2.49
  • Medium – $3.09
  • Large – $3.59

Ice cream fans can indulge in guilt-free munching at these prices!

How Much Do Burger King’s Ice Cream Products Cost

Does Burger King Sell Ice Cream Cake or Pies?

Although Burger King does not currently sell ice cream cakes, they do sell ice cream pies. The Hershey’s Sundae pie, for example, is one of their popular ice cream collaborations.

It was originally a limited-edition dessert, but due to its popularity, they decided to keep it on the menu. A Hershey’s Sundae pie costs $1.69.

Burger King’s variety of mouthwatering pies satisfies many chocolate fans’ cravings for smooth, rich flavors. The list of pies includes:

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie
  • Snickers Pie
  • Dutch Apple Pie
  • Hershey’s Sundae Pie

How Long Does Burger King Sell Limited-Edition Milkshakes?

Burger King likes offering creative and entertaining takes on their classic treats, but the shakes arguably change the most.

They sold the brownie batter milkshake for only a few months, for instance. The chain doesn’t specify how long promotions are, so “get them while stocks last.”

More Desserts Offered by Burger King

Besides ice cream, Burger King also serves classic pies, smoothies, frappes, and iced coffee. Their cookies and cinnamon rolls are the ideal complement to an ice cream snack!

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Final Thoughts

Burger King offers various ice cream products, from the traditional cone to creative pies. These treats are both delicious and affordable.

Their popular ice cream is still a favorite today despite their large and ever-growing dessert menu. So if you’re trying to cool off on a hot day, Burger King’s ice cream will do the trick!

Happy ice cream eating at Burger King!

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