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Does China Own Costco?

does china own costco

Do you ever find yourself wondering about the ownership and management of large retail chains?

Costco is one of the largest wholesalers in the United States. The company’s massive warehouses sell everything from electronics to groceries and even furniture and tires under one roof. While the company operates a huge number of warehouses throughout the United States, they have also expanded globally. Also, many of the products that Costco sells are manufactured in China

So, let’s find out, ‘does China own Costco?’

Costco Ownership

The concept behind this discount warehouse brand was established by Jim Sinegal and Jeffrey H. Brotman. The basic idea was to charge membership and give members access to heavily discounted products. The first Costco warehouse was opened in Seattle in 1983.

The idea proved to be very popular, and before long new warehouses were being opened all across the United States. The company merged with Price Club in 1993, and the Price Club stores were rebranded.

the Costco Ownership

Where Stores are Located?

The first warehouse was opened in Seattle on September 15, 1983. A second location was opened the following month in Portland. 

Later the same year, the company’s third location was opened in Spokane. Today, there are a total of 804 Costco warehouses; 558 of these locations can be found in the United States. No matter where you live in the US, you are likely to find one within reasonable driving distance.

Finally, going global…

The first international warehouse was opened in Canada in 1985. Today, there are 103 warehouses in the country. The second highest number of international warehouses can be found in Mexico, where there are 39.

The first warehouse was opened in the United Kingdom in 1993, and 29 locations can currently be found there. The first Asia Costco opened in Seoul, Korea, the following year, and 16 warehouses are now located there. Taiwan welcomed its first warehouse in 1997, and 14 warehouses can now be found throughout the country. 

Where Stores are Located

Breaking into the Japanese market!

While many American companies find it difficult to break into the Japanese market, this hasn’t been a problem for Costco. The first warehouse was opened in 1999, and 27 can now be found throughout the country. There are also thirteen warehouses in Australia and three in Spain. 

In addition, a single international store can be found in a handful of countries. There is currently just one store in France, Iceland, and the People’s Republic of China. There are also plans to open the first-ever store in Sweden and New Zealand in the near future. 

Where Products Are Made?

You can find a large number of brands in Costco warehouses and on the company’s website. Many of the products that are sold are manufactured in the United States. However, some brands are made in China and include certain clothing and electronics brands, including Apple products such as iPad and iPhone models.

Costco also features several brands under its exclusive Kirkland Signature label. On average, 28.7% of the products that are sold and used around the world are manufactured solely in China.

Where Products Are Made

Business connection to Asia…

The company’s connection with manufacturing in China is making it easy to expand there. The first Costco warehouse was opened in Shanghai in 2019. It proved to be an overwhelming success and has already attracted more than 200,000 members. This is particularly impressive when considering that the average warehouse membership is 68,000 people. 

The opening of the first warehouse was so successful that the attendance on opening day was overwhelming. In fact, the store was forced to close its doors for four hours because of overcrowding. The most popular products sold at this store are currently fresh produce, lobster, meat, and luxury handbags. 

The future of Costco in China

The success of the first store shows that there is clearly a demand among shoppers. As a result, there are plans to open a series of additional stores in the near future. Unlike shoppers in certain other Asian countries, Chinese shoppers appreciate a good deal.

A large number of ex-pats also live in the Republic of China. The launch of this American chain gives American shoppers access to products they are familiar with. This also gives ex-pats a taste of home and can help to ease homesickness a little.

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Final Thoughts 

Costco is a popular discount retail chain that is solely owned by the United States. The company has thrived over the years because of its commitment to quality products at affordable prices. This has allowed them to expand dramatically and even open a large number of international locations.

One of the reasons Costco can continually offer low prices is by sourcing products from overseas. Many of the products the company sells are made in China, including products in the Kirkland Signature product line. While Costco has grand plans to expand into China, it remains a proudly American company.

Enjoy your global shopping at Costco!

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