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Does Cintas Hire Felons?

Getting a job can be difficult, this is especially true for a felon. As it stands there are some areas where convicted individuals may feel left out. When making the jump back into society the first thing needed is a way to sustain a decent lifestyle. The key is to get informed and have an overview of what to know, NCESC is the place to start.

There are certain ways in which employers check on individuals when it comes to felonies or misdemeanor convictions. Employers can ask about criminal history when they are ready to make an offer. Some jobs are not compatible with certain felonies because of certain legal issues.

does cintas hire felons

Companies have started to join a movement that opens up on hiring felons. Before this job applications may have featured a box that individuals had to check off if they had a criminal record. The “Ban the Box” has started to gain traction as seen in this NELP article regarding Fair Hiring Policies. One such company that has an open policy when it comes to hiring is CINTAS.

More on Cintas

  • They serve industries by creating custom logo uniforms, banners, floor mats, and linens
  • Some other services include cleaning, maintenance, and safety services
  • The company exists since 1929, and it resides in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • When it comes to numbers, they are one of the biggest on the market with around 40,000 employees

Their diverse approach when it comes to hiring is something they’re proud of. As a company, they are putting out jobs for different types of individuals. The hiring process is made easier and quicker.

Get Hired at CINTAS

Convicted felons may get hired; the company supports equal rights when it comes to hiring. They feature special programs so that this process is made easier. As said earlier the company supports the “Ban the Box” initiative. There are examples of individuals with felony convictions that are serving in various positions.

The jobs designed as entry-level positions can serve as a starting point. Here are a few that require mostly physical work and feature repetitive tasks.

The following career paths feature jobs that may suit an individual with a felony conviction:

1 Service Jobs

This career path will take care of every-day customer needs. A position in the Service Job path focuses on delivering products and supplies which are critical for every workday.

does cintas hire felons tips

2  Production & Manufacturing Jobs

The production and manufacturing branch oversee a wide variety of duties. Local branches across the USA will keep products and supplies ready for potential and existing customers.

3 Maintenance Jobs

Maintenance tasks include repairing, installing, and troubleshooting equipment. The team handling such jobs is a key part of the operational process.

Are There Any Special Circumstances When Applying?

Some of the available jobs will have some particularities to them. There are cases where the actual record for a felony can result in an invalid application. Let’s consider a felony that involves drinking and driving, or substance abuse and driving.

This will probably not go well with a job that involves driving. This is not to say that the individual is currently using substances, but the employer may not want to take a risk.

Felons employment can seem like quite the task but some companies are open to it.

Drug Test When Applying for a Job at CINTAS

With the information from above in mind, the next question one might ask has to do with drug testing. The answer is “Yes, CINTAS asks for a drug test”. The best way to approach this situation is to make sure you’re on a clean streak.

This will result in a confidence boost from the employer’s perspective. Start with a clean slate and there will be no issues when it comes to getting hired and maintain your position.

Will There be a Background Check?

There is an openness for the hiring of felons and CINTAS. They can prove to be quite open about this, but there will be a background check. This does not mean that a record should create an issue. It means the company will be aware of prior convictions. They will not have you check any boxes during the job application. You do not have to distribute your record from the start.

does cintas hire the felons

The background check is there to make things clearer and it serves the employer as certain jobs may fit certain individuals. Such information is valuable and will be considered when applying for the job.

Available Jobs

Here are some available Jobs, there are many more featured on the CINTAS Career Portal:

  • Maintenance technician

You will be required to assist with repairs and maintenance. Another part of the role is to install industrial equipment. The equipment may consist of washers, dryers, steam tunnels. Troubleshooting as a skill will help with conveyor systems or boilers among other systems and components. The job requires preventive maintenance as well as resolving safety concerns. Outdoor and indoor housekeeping are also part of the regular workday.

  • Loader/Unloader

This position will deal with the loading and unloading of uniform garments into and out of the delivery trucks. It requires lifting, carrying, and standing from 3 to 7 hours daily. There are also facility service products that need maneuvering.

does cintas hire felon guide

  • Mat roller

A job like this may prove to be quite physical in nature. It will be required of the employee to stand for the entire shift. Tasks like bending, stretching and lifting are included. Being accurate and productive is needed as accountability is a key part of this role. Safety and health standards are to be followed and housekeeping is included among other responsibilities.

  • Assistant Cleaning Specialist

The working environment for an assistant cleaning may prove to have a nontraditional, 9-17, working schedule. You will need to be open to schedule changes, as cleaning frequency is directed by the clients. Businesses can ask for cleaning teams to perform duties once a month or once a week. Cleaning areas may include restrooms, kitchens, carpets, welcome mats, and other designated areas.

Tips When Applying for a Job at CINTAS

An individual looking for a position within the company needs to go through the provided platform:

  • Use the platform to search for jobs
  • Create a profile and use it to apply for a position
  • When the profile is done the process of applying for a job can start
  • Use a resume that auto-fills the provided form or just manually complete it
  • Always make sure the information is correct, double-check auto-completed forms
  • If get a call from the company be honest and do not hold back information


A person who has committed a felony can move in the direction of CINTAS for a job. Everybody needs to have rights when it comes to rejoining society and reclaiming their role as active citizens. The employers that feature a wide range of diversity programs for new joiners are a good place to start. You can also stay informed by looking at news and articles via NCESC.

A future employee needs to follow the guidelines set by the employer and stick to the process. This will result in a quicker and more transparent hiring scenario. There are as mentioned before some restrictions, but for the most part, the process has been made easier and inclusive. The laws that govern certain areas of the hiring process are constantly being modified and made better.

We can say it’s the right time to get a job in companies like CINTAS who is a part of the “Fair Chance Business Pledge”.

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