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Does Coca Cola Hire Felons?

Does Coca Cola Hire Felons

One of the most debated topics of today’s world is whether a big company like Coca Cola hires felons or not. Coca Cola is a company having considerable fame and success. Hence, the question of Coca Cola hiring felons remains in people’s minds.

The answer is, yes, they do hire felons. Coca Cola believes in giving felons another chance. There are however certain procedures that it follows while hiring a felon. A felon has to go through various checks before being appointed.

These checks include:

  • A background check
  • Criminal records check
  • Driving background check (if relevant to the job)
  • Educational background check
  • Character references

Background Checks

After background checks, it becomes difficult for felons to convince the employer to appoint them. Coca Cola offers felons a significant chance to explain themselves for their misdeeds. The management proceeds further if they find that it is worthwhile for the candidate to be selected.

Having done a thorough background investigation, Coca Cola still gives opportunities to felons to proceed further with the next selection procedures. This is only done if they feel the felon is regretful of his action and wants to rectify it.

Equal Opportunity

Everybody in this world tries hard to work with honor and respect. For a felon, it becomes difficult since some of his reputation is already tarnished owing to his felony. Coca Cola, notwithstanding, the background and reputation of the felon provide an opportunity to the candidate to work for the company.

does coca cola hire felon

That does not however mean that Coca Cola abandons its responsibilities. Coca Cola keeps checks on the activities of the felon. It tests and interviews the candidate who has committed the felony in different ways before appointing him.

It takes tests to measure the felon’s ability to comprehend and reason in terms of his:

This helps the management determine whether it is worthwhile for the candidate, guilty of a felony, to be hired in the company.

Ability To Learn

Coca Cola also conducts tests to measure the felon’s capacity to learn a particular skill and potential abilities. It judges the following characteristics before hiring a felon:

1 Mental balance

2 Emotional balance

3 Temperament

4 Maturity

Coca Cola also ensures that the felon has an interest in the job. It gives some clarity that the felon would not repeat his crimes that might endanger his job. Coca Cola also conducts some industrial tests before appointing the felon.

Interview Process

Coca Cola also conducts a face to face interview with the felon to make sure there are no loopholes in the selection process. It also conducts a medical and physical examination by a panel of doctors to ensure that the candidate is mentally and physically fit for the job.

Another thing that Coca Cola takes care of is that the felon gets a completely healthy work environment that will keep him motivated and improve his morale. A good workplace is very important to ensure the welfare of the candidate so that he can put in the best efforts in his work. This will help the company to progress.

does coca cola hire felons tips

Giving the felon maximum opportunities for personal development, handling his grievances properly, giving him the proper training, motivating him, and improving his morale will help the felon to live his life in the right way. This will also ensure that he will not commit a crime again.

Coca Cola also takes care of all the aforementioned acts and practices them to help the felon in every way possible. The management team also makes sure that the candidate, who has committed a felony, is posted in the right job. They give him a job that will suit him. This will increase his job satisfaction and also prevent him from repeating any of his misdeeds or felony.

Doing this will ensure the felon:

1 Is comfortable

2 Happy to work

3 Won’t repeat his mistakes

Efficient Workforce

The felon who has been convicted of a felony may prove to be a good source of manpower. Coca Cola believes in utilizing the resources in the best way possible to benefit the felon, the company, and in turn help in the growth of the nation by minimizing human predators.

Coca Cola helps to reduce the tendency of committing felony or crimes in felons by providing them with jobs. The management tries to provide mental satisfaction to the felons by giving them what they need. Coca Cola also takes care that the placement is done in the right way. It matches the requirements of the job with the felon’s capability to get the best results possible.

does coca cola hire a felon

The felon may be able to give new ideas and a fresh outlook to the company if posted in the right job. This will ensure that there is no inbreeding in the company. This is because there is an infusion of new blood that may help the company to prosper. It ensures that there is no frustration among the felon and the existing employees regarding their jobs. Thus, allocating work properly is pivotal.

Make The Felon Feel Comfortable

Many times abilities and talents get wasted in cases of felons. Coca Cola tries to minimize wastage of human resources by hiring felons who want to be rectified and live prosperous lives.

Coca Cola also maintains the welfare of the felon by interacting with him. This ensures he does not find it difficult to reach out to the company if he faces a problem. This helps to develop a healthy relationship between the company and its employee who is guilty of a felony.

Coca Cola also takes care that no mistreatment by the employers or the co-workers is meted out to the felon while at work. It provides a healthy and sophisticated work atmosphere to the employee who committed a felony. Coca Cola ensures that no ethics or morals are violated while and after appointing a candidate who has been convicted of a felony.

Providing a happy workplace and a good environment to the felon is important as it will maintain his emotional and mental balance. It will thus, will prevent him from committing any crime or repeating any of his crimes in the future.


Coca Cola is a great company for felons who want to get on the right path. They do a correct screening to find out the intensity of the felonies, the number of felonies committed, and how long ago the felonies have been committed.

They also check if the candidate guilty of a felony has been punished by the court of law or not. If the felon is punished, it reduces his chances of committing a felony again. After doing all the checks and ensuring there is no impending threat to the security of the company and employees, Coca Cola hires felons or provides them jobs.

Coca Cola is a company that believes in reforming society. To do that, felonies have to be eliminated. The primary way to eliminate felony is by appointing people who have been convicted of felonies or by providing them with work. Coca Cola ensures that the selection process of appointing felons is not too difficult. They also ensure that training is provided to the felons in the right and most optimized way possible.

If the felon passes all the tests, then Coca Cola goes ahead and appoints them. Even after appointing the felon, Coca Cola keeps a close watch on them. Besides that, Coca Cola provides a good and healthy work environment to the felon to ensure that he does not repeat any felony.

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