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Does Comcast Hire Felons?

does comcast hire felons

Felons receive an opportunity to work with the largest telecommunication company. The question however arises whether Comcast hires felons. Your felony record should not be a surprise for the company. Felons must also talk about their criminal history in the open. That’s why Comcast facilitates hiring felons in multiple job roles.

Comcast is a telecommunication organization working in 40 different states and felons can also receive a job opportunity in their respective state. There is no specific policy for hiring felons, however, Comcast creates opportunities to uplift the life of felons. Comcast also offers ample opportunities to felons in the United States of America. They are part of the many organizations that create new platforms for felons to become a part of society once again.

A clear record of felony permits felons to apply for secure jobs. These jobs also allow felons to excel in their career path. The best part is felons do not get discouraged before applying for a job. A formal background verification check also assists Comcast to reveal the basic criminal history of a felon which can act as a security barrier for other employees and customers.

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Career Opportunities for Felons

  • Felons can work as sales executives or customer care associates. These two roles provide easy accessibility in the company.
  • Felons can also gain technical skills and knowledge to deal with customers well. Problem-solving skills along with a high school diploma allow felons to secure a decent job with Comcast.
  • Felons should also demonstrate flexibility while working with Comcast.

does the comcast hire a felon

  • Felons can also work on weekends and receive overtime for extra working hours.
  • They can also use their skills and knowledge to perform the role of a sales executive.
  • Felons can also learn to email and chat process to sell various packages of Comcast.
  • Pleasant personality and ability to handle work pressure assists to deal with difficult customers well.

Strategies for Getting A Job with Comcast

  • A good resume helps felons to highlight their skills.
  • Felons can write a cover letter to support their resume well.
  • They can seek professional guidance on resume writing skills.
  • Felons can easily apply for entry-level positions such as customer care officers or sales support staff.
  • Comcast requires felons to work in a flexible environment and meet challenging business demands.
  • Felons will have to work night shifts and work overtime too.
  • They must focus on updating their resume.
  • Felons require to learn new skills constantly for excelling in a sales position.
  • Felons must know how to succeed through effective sales pitches.
  • New skills allow felons to secure better jobs in the sales department.
  • The customer service position also requires excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to handle learning curves professionally.

Interview Opportunities for Felons

  • Comcast conducts behavioral interviews for hiring felons for sales and customer care executives.
  • The basic question customer executive generally answer is “How did you deal with angry and upset customers”.
  • The interviewer wants to know whether felons demonstrate professional skills under pressure.
  • Felons must answer this question calmly with real-life examples to support their answer.

does comcast hire felon

  • Felons should never cook stories as they may lose a suitable opportunity with Comcast.
  • It is a good idea for felons to rehearse behavioral interviews so that they can perform confidently during actual interviews.
  • A positive approach towards resolving a problem always helps.
  • Felons must focus on constantly developing their skills and achieving business success whenever they
  • A felony conviction doesn’t disqualify felons from being hired at Comcast.

Background Verification Checks for Comcast

  • Background check scans 7 years of previous records to understand criminal history.
  • Various states get checked under the background verification process.
  • These states are California, Colorado, Kansas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, Texas, and Washington.
  • There are few states which can access a clean criminal record.
  • If a felon receives not guilty status, states like Alaska, California, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New York.
  • These states open job opportunities for felons.
  • States like Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia, Florida, Connecticut. When background verification checks get conducted, the entire criminal record becomes visible to the organization.
  • This refrains felons from joining Comcast in these states.

Employment Rating for Comcast

Employees rate Comcast as a great place to work and provide a rating of 3.5 out of 5 on the rating scale. 63% of the total workforce recommends this company for a job. The company offers various health and employee benefits to its employees but doesn’t offer a good work-life to its employees. Customer care executives work under highly stressful working conditions.

does comcast hire a felon

Felons can use the media section on the official website of Comcast. This allows them to handle challenging situations easily at work. Comcast received a rating of being the worst company in America in 2010 and 2014, it could not deal well with upset customers.

Felony Convictions Which Get Disqualified from Comcast Hiring Process

1 Felonies related to Fraud and theft do not hold eligibility to become employees of Comcast.

2 Felons who get involved in sexual offenses lose the opportunity to work with Comcast.

3 Felons with violent convictions do not get a suitable job offer with Comcast.

4 Sales support staff usually work with other people in cramped office spaces.

5 This proves as a health risk for various employees.

6 Felons with a drug trafficking and distribution record don’t allow them to join the Comcast workforce.

7 Comcast conducts a drug test before hiring a felon to rule out possibilities of drugs in the felon’s body.

8 Drug Addicts cannot work with Comcast as no jobs get offered to them.

Hiring Process for Comcast

The hiring process at Comcast is a streamlined process that involves different stages such as job application, interview processes and felons need to complete both processes successfully to become a part of the dynamic workforce of Comcast.

Comcast’s hiring process involves the recruitment cycle to help felons gain employment easily. Felons can improve their chance of seeking employment by gaining more knowledge about the hiring process. A felon who wants to get a job with Comcast requires certain necessary skills to showcase employability. Felons can submit an online application on the career portal.

does comcast hire the felon guide

Applicants can select a suitable position along with specifying professional and academic backgrounds. An application form must get completed carefully before submitting and know what stage of the recruitment process do felons qualify in the hiring process. Felons get a notification for moving to the next stage in the hiring process.

There are 2 rounds of interviews, the first is a brief telephonic interview, this will be conducted for 20 minutes, and basic questions based on personal information are asked. The face-to-face interview allows a felon to demonstrate his best skills during the interview to secure a suitable job opportunity.

Bottom Line

Felons can seek a suitable job opportunity with Comcast with a clean felony record. Customer care and sales support are basic job roles open for felons. This organization provides a basic platform to felons for learning and growing in their careers.

The face-to-face interviews assist felons to demonstrate proper skills and secure a career opportunity of their choice. The basic training and development programs allow felons to succeed in their career paths and lead an honest life. Once you get the opportunity, you must make the most of it and begin the next chapter on a high.

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