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Does Costco Hire Part-Time? (Your Full Guide)

does costco hire part time

Are you thinking of applying for a job at Costco

If you are searching for an entry-level role, it is a good idea to start with a part-time role. This is an excellent way to gain a little work experience if you are still studying or have family commitments. Costco is one of the largest wholesale retailers in the United States and boasts more than five hundred locations. If you are lucky enough to have a location near your home, there is a good chance they’re hiring. 

So, let’s find out, ‘does Costco hire part-time?’

Part-Time Jobs At Costco

Costco offers a range of part-time roles for both entry-level employees and people with experience. Students are given the chance to take advantage of flexible scheduling so they can fulfill their course commitments. However, people who are not students are expected to be able to cover a range of different shift patterns. 

The salary

The starting salary for entry-level employees at Costco is either $15 or $16 per hour. This is slightly higher than the standard hourly rate for the retail industry. In addition, employees earn time and a half for working on Sundays and public holidays. This can boost the hourly rate to $24. 

The hours

Part-time employees are expected to work at least 24 hours per week. However, it is possible to work up to 40 hours a week. Shifts last for between five and eight hours, and eight-hour shifts include an unpaid thirty-minute lunch break. Employees also get a paid fifteen-minute break for every two hours they work.  

Part-time shifts

There are set shift patterns for both full-time and part-time employees, and the day shift is from 09:00 to 17:00. The swing shift is from 17:00 to 01:00, while the overnight shift is from midnight to 08:00. Employees are not usually given the chance to choose their shifts, although the commitments of students are taken into account. 

Additional Benefits

One of the great things about working at this retail chain is that all types of employees are eligible for benefits. You need to work 600 hours before you start to receive these benefits. This is designed to make sure employees pass the probationary period and plan to keep working for Costco.

Employees receive four free memberships plus a membership card with 2% annual cashback. After the first year of employment, employees start to earn paid vacation time and sick leave. Other benefits include health, life, and disability insurance, maternity leave, and access to the direct stock purchase plan.  

Additional Benefits

Positions Available 

Most warehouses offer a range of different part-time positions. At certain times of the year, you may find that there is more than one vacancy you could apply for. Let’s take a look at the most common options and what they involve. 


This role is sometimes referred to as a front-end associate and involves interacting with customers. One of the main duties is operating a cash register, scanning merchandise, and bagging items. Employees are expected to stand for long periods and answer questions from customers. 


Stock Associate

The main focus of this role is transferring products from the stockroom to shelves. It is essential to be able to work quickly and efficiently and be able to carry heavy items. Stock associates are also responsible for keeping the warehouse aisles clean and tidy and helping customers find products. 

Food Service Assistant

The main focus of this role is preparing and selling food and drinks to customers. It is important to have strong customer service skills and be polite at all times. Other responsibilities include cleaning the kitchen and eating area and performing an inventory of stock and supplies. 

Bakery Wrapper

These employees work solely in the bakery department and make sure it is fully stocked at all times. This includes garnishing, weighing, wrapping, and labeling bakery products. Another key responsibility is making sure the bakery department is clean and tidy. 

Service Deli Assistant

Working in the deli department involves slicing and preparing different types of meat and cheese to order. This includes weighing different products, packaging them, and making sure they are properly labeled. Other tasks include assembling pizzas to order and creating party trays and salads. 

Membership Assistant

This is a customer service role that has a strong sales element. The main focus is processing new member applications, renewals, and added cards. It is important to be able to talk potential members through the benefits while providing excellent customer service. 

How To Apply?

You can apply for the job of your choice through the jobs portal on the Costco website. It is a good idea to take the time to read different job descriptions and choose the best option. You can then use the search bar to find vacancies in nearby warehouses.

Once you have found a suitable vacancy, you can start the online application process. You need to complete your contact information and choose the shifts you would be available for. Hiring preference often goes to applicants who are available to cover a wide range of different shifts. When you are finished, check all the information carefully before submitting your application form.

How To Apply

The hiring process

The hiring process typically takes between two and three weeks from start to finish. All promising applicants are subjected to a multi-phase interview process. It is important to attend all of the scheduled interviews and be professional and enthusiastic at all times.

Decide Your Own Working Hours!

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Final Thoughts

If you are searching for a part-time job, Costco is known for being a great place to work. The company offers competitive starting salaries and the chance to work at least 24 hours a week. Costco provides a friendly working environment and a good work culture.

One of the great things about working for the company is that employees receive a wide range of benefits. This includes four free Costco memberships and health insurance. Employees who work hard have the chance to advance through the company and could even become a manager one day.

All the very best with your new job at Costco!

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