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Does Costco Optical Take Insurance?

does costco optical take insurance

If you are a glasses wearer, it’s important to confirm if your insurance covers your glasses purchase at Costco Optical. After all, having the right insurance coverage can help you save a lot of money!

So, does Costco Optical take insurance?

Let’s find out!

What is Costco?

Costco is a membership-only warehouse that offers discounted prices on an extensive variety of items. It sells groceries, electronics, clothing, and furniture, plus things like jewelry and office supplies. Customers can also find automotive services, gas stations, pharmacies, or health and safety products. This would include things such as hearing aids, eyewear, and home services, to name a few.

What is Costco

Why do people really choose Costco?

Costco is popular for its unbeatable low prices and wide selection of quality goods. Apart from buying products from stores, members can be sure to enjoy shopping online via their website for convenience. There are also other benefits to being part of the Costco family. Members are entitled to access exclusive discounts during special events such as National Holidays or back-to-school season.

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What Services Does Costco Optical Provide?

Costco Optical prides itself on providing shoppers with excellent vision care service. From eye examinations to a wide selection of frames and contact lenses, the store offers superior vision care products for everyone.

Besides regular eyeglasses, shoppers can expect to find affordable options for bifocals, progressives, and kids’ glasses. Plus, sunglasses offerings include polarized lenses with UVA/UVB protection and fashionable frames from up-and-coming designers.

And contact lenses?

In terms of contact lenses, customers can select from options that correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. They also have a great selection of disposable and color lenses. Lens customization is offered when applicable in order to ensure maximum vision control while wearing them. Additionally, home delivery services are available to make it easy for customers to get the glasses they need without having to leave their homes.

With tons of additional vision care products like lens cleaning solutions and optical repairs also on hand, Costco Optical provides a complete all-in-one shopping experience for its customers.

So, Does Costco Optical Take Insurance?

Yes, Costco Optical takes many different types of insurance. Customers with health coverage through major providers can expect to get discounts on their eyewear when they make a purchase at the center. 

Types of Insurance Coverage 

Shopping for glasses at Costco is stress-free, regardless of your insurance coverage. They are proud to accept VSP, VBA Vision, UnitedHealthcare, Superior Vision, Spectera, MetLife, MESVision, FEB BlueVision, and Davis Vision plans.

No matter what optical insurance plan you have…

They’ll work with you to make sure that you get the best deal possible on your eyewear needs. Rest assured, knowing that Costco goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone can afford to keep their eyesight in shape.

Do they take EyeMed Insurance?

The Costco Optical Center accepts EyeMed insurance; however, it is not included in the provider network. When using an out-of-network provider like Costco Optical, customers are required to pay their entire optical bill at the time of service. However, they can then complete a claim form to receive reimbursement from EyeMed Vision Care.

What to know…

Reimbursement is based on the conditions of your specific plan, including the type of coverage and coinsurance amount. To learn more about how to submit a claim or understand any other policies related to your EyeMed policy, it’s best to contact your eye care plan administrator directly.

How Much Do Services Cost at Costco Optical Without Insurance?

Shopping for eyeglasses can be expensive, but the store offers a great deal for those without insurance.

More great news!

At $50 to $100, a comprehensive exam is a fraction of the cost of many major retailers. Frames are available at surprisingly affordable prices as well. While the median price at other vendors without insurance can reach up to $369, Costco Optical’s average cost for eyecare comes in at $186 – quite the bargain!

With prices like these, you’ll be sure to save when you shop with them.

How Much Do Services Cost at Costco Optical Without Insurance

Do You Need a Membership?

If you want your glasses or contact lenses, you need to be a Costco member. However, while the primary cardholder needs to be present when purchasing, members can purchase glasses or contacts for a non-member as long as they have a valid prescription. With all of these benefits, becoming a member makes sense, especially when considering that it only costs $60 per year.

How to Book an Appointment?

Making an appointment is effortless. Simply call the independent Doctor of Optometry at your nearest store or give the warehouse a call and select the optical department from the menu provided. 

Don’t worry about being able to make it during their operating hours, either. They are open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, and Saturday to Sunday, 9 am to 4 pm. To see if there is a Costco Optical near you, visit the Costco website and simply do a search for optical departments in your area. 

What Happens During an Eye Exam at Costco?

During the appointment, an optometrist or ophthalmologist will perform a range of tests to assess how well your eyes are working. This oftentimes includes color blindness testing, measuring peripheral (side) vision, and eye movement coordination. 

They’re also going to assess fluid pressure inside the eyeball, and closely examine the retinas for any conditions or diseases that require attention. This might include presbyopia, astigmatism, farsightedness, or nearsightedness.

That’s very comprehensive eyecare…

They’ll also check your visual sharpness in order to determine the best prescription lenses for you if needed. All in all, it’s a comprehensive and thorough process designed to keep your eyes healthy and provide you with the best sight possible!

Will They Put New Lenses in Old Frames with Insurance?

When it comes to having new lenses put into your old glasses’ frames using insurance coverage, the answer really depends on how accommodating the local Costco Optical team is feeling.

What does that mean?

Typically, they are not a fan of replacing lenses in existing frames. This is because they usually prefer that customers purchase their frames directly from them.

In any case, if you want to go down this route and get new lenses placed in your own eyeglasses frames, it’s best to speak with your local team to see what they’re willing to do. Different locations may have their own policies on the matter.

How Long Will It Take?

When you visit a location with your prescription or to get an eye exam, the process is relatively streamlined. After processing your paperwork, getting fitting measurements, and selecting frames or lenses, the turnaround time for getting new glasses at Costco is usually about seven days. 

Keep in mind that this doesn’t include time at the store. So we recommend factoring in about one hour if you brought in your own prescription. Or around two hours if you need an eye exam, plus selecting frames.

Can You Return Your Prescription Glasses?

Despite the fact that returns and exchanges of prescription eyewear at Costco Optical are typically not accepted, consumers may still have some luck.

Let me explain…

If there is an issue with your prescription, you could possibly get the lenses replaced. This helps to extend the life of your eyewear. When it comes to contacts, however, these can be returned as long as they are in their original packaging, leaving no room for doubt that they’ve been opened or used.

 Keeping up with these policies beforehand is a surefire way to ensure stress-free shopping for new eyewear with everything going smoothly.

Can You Return Your Prescription Glasses

What Brands of Frames Does Costco Stock? 

The store offers a wide variety of frames from top brands. Some of the popular names include Oakley, Gucci, Prada, Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, and Versace. However, each store may have different selections available for purchase, so make sure to check what’s in stock before you make the trip. 

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Final Thoughts

Shopping for eyewear at Costco Optical using your insurance can be a great and highly cost-effective experience, but you have to be a member. Not only do they provide affordable frames, lenses, and contacts, but they also have a team of experienced eye care professionals to make sure that you get the best care possible.

With all this to offer, you’re sure to find the perfect glasses or contacts at Costco Optical.

Happy shopping!

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