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Does Costco Refill Propane Tanks? (Yes And Cheaper Price)

does costco refill propane tanks

Bringing your own container to get refills often comes with some perks, as well as being environmentally friendly. Taking your own coffee mug to a local coffee shop might get a discount, and your own water bottle to a restaurant, and they will often fill it up for free.

But does the same go for bringing your own propane tank to your local store? And does Costco Refill Propane Tanks? Well, I have the answer to all these questions and more!

What Is A Propane Tank?

What Is A Propane Tank?

A propane tank is a fuel container typically used to store and transport propane gas. They range in size from small, portable cylinders designed for consumer use to large tanks used for commercial and industrial applications. The gas is used for a variety of purposes, including cooking, heating, and powering vehicles.

Does Costco Refill Propane Tanks?

Yes, you can get your propane tank refilled at any Costco Tire Service Centre. There are some things to keep in mind when getting your container refilled at the store. 

 First, you need to have an empty tank. Second, you need to bring your own container to get the propane refill. Costco does not sell or exchange empty propane tanks. Third, it is cheaper to refill your own tank than to purchase a new one.

A quick and easy refill station!

To have yours refilled, push the help button at the refill station. A Costco attendant will come out to help and give you a receipt. The average time it takes to refill a propane tank is about 15 minutes, but only 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, and 100lb containers can be refilled.

Does Costco Sell Propane Tanks?

If you do not have a tank to refill, fear not! You can purchase one at the store, but please note it will be prefilled. Not that you can do much with an empty tank anyway! The popular brand of propane that Costco sells is Blue Rhino. 

Does Costco Exchange Propane Tanks?

No, the store does not exchange the tanks. This is because the exchange process is not considered safe. The only time you should ever exchange one is when the tank is completely empty and you are switching it for a full one. This is available at other stores, however.

Why do Propane Tanks Expire?

Why do Propane Tanks Expire?

A lot of people do not know that propane tanks have an expiration date. The date is stamped on the collar of the tank, and it is usually about 12 years from the date of manufacture.

 After the expiration date, the tank needs to be recertified. This can be done by a company that specializes in hydro testing. The test costs about $25 and is good for another 5 to 10 years. Costco will not refill expired tanks for safety reasons.

Is it Cheaper to Refill a Propane Tank Than Purchase a New One?

As mentioned, it is cheaper to refill your own container than to purchase a new one. This is because when you purchase a new propane tank, you are not only paying for the cost of the gas but also the cost of the tank itself – and they are not cheap! When you refill your own tank, you are only paying for the cost of the gas. 

Do you Need a Costco Membership?

Absolutely! You need a Costco membership to get a refill. But really, you need a Costco membership for just about anything at the store. 

What is the Cost of Refilling a Propane Tank at Costco?

The cost of propane at Costco is around $3.65/gallon; however, this varies depending on location. 

What are the Costco Propane Refill Hours?

Gas refill hours are typically the same as the hours of operation for the Costco location; however, these hours will vary from store to store. 

Do You Really Need More Propane?

Do You Really Need More Propane?

Before you go and get your propane tank refilled, make sure that you need more gas. An easy way to tell if you need more is to check the level of the tank. If the level is below 20%, then you will need to get yours refilled. 

There are a few different methods that you can use to check the level. One is to look at the level indicator on the tank itself. Most tanks have a level indicator that shows how full the tank is.

You can check the level in store…

Another way to check is to use a weight scale. Simply place the tank on the scale and see how much it weighs. The weight of the propane will tell you how full your tank is. If you are not sure how to check the level of your tank or if you do not have a weight scale, you can always bring your container to the refill station, and they will be happy to check the level for you.

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Filling Small Camping Propane Bottles

If you have a small camping propane bottle, you cannot refill it at Costco as the minimum tank size they will refill is 20lbs. The best way to fill these is to get a refill adapter. With this adapter, you can refill your camping propane bottle from any gas tank.

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Does Costco Refill Propane Tanks? – Final Thoughts

For many people, propane is an essential part of life. It is used for everything from cooking to heating to powering generators. 

And while most propane tank exchange services are run by national chains like Walmart, there is one notable exception, Costco. They do not provide a tank exchange service, but Costco does refill propane tanks. Members can get their tanks refilled at the store for a much cheaper price than just about anywhere else. 

In fact, their refill price is so low that it is often less than half the price of other retailers. This makes them an excellent option for people who use gas regularly. So, if you are looking for a cheap and convenient way to keep your propane tank full, Costco is the place to go.

Enjoy checking out all the services found at your local Costco!

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