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Does CVS Run Background Checks?

does cvs run background check

Finding a career opportunity is a difficult task for felons. The bigger challenge however lies in gaining experience in pharmacy or retail stores which allows felons to apply for suitable roles in CVS. The article explores various aspects of CVS running background checks for felons.

  • General Requirements for Background Check
  • Application Process of CVS
  • Background Verification Process for CVS
  • Self – Background Verification Checks for CVS
  • Strategies to Get a Suitable Opportunity with CVS

General Requirements for Background Check

Employers like CVS review the complete background of felons and refrain from hiring a felon with no apt skills.

  • A felon doesn’t produce qualitative work.
  • Shows a negative attitude towards work
  • Doesn’t work like a team member
  • Has no customer-handled skills to deal with customers effectively?
  • The skillset mentioned in the application form is false
  • Felons stay absent from work

does the cvs run the background check

  • Felons are dishonest at a job
  • Criminal history becomes a central problem for felons to get hired at CVS.
  • It doesn’t matter if they have decided to lead an honest life.
  • CVS cross validates past mistakes, credit reports, criminal offenses, educational records, and driving records.
  • Good character and financial fitness are other attributes validated on the list.

Background verification checks criminal records to validate prosecuted and dismissed cases. Any criminal offenses do not have a time limit, however, non – conviction cases get removed from the record due to no show of felons in a court trial for 7 years. This also facilitates felons to expunge their records.

Application Process for CVS

  • CVS is one of the largest pharmaceutical company’s in the US.
  • Provides a background for giving medical prescriptions and supplements.
  • CVS got established in 1963.
  • The full form of CVS is Customer Value Stores
  • The store focuses on improving customer health.
  • They have 9800 stores in 49 states.
  • The store employs 2,46,000 employees.
  • The minimum age group to work with CVS is 16 years.

does the cvs run background check

  • The store focuses on hardworking, dependable, and honest people.
  • The company also offers value-added services to customers.
  • Felons can apply to CVS through the official website.
  • CVS offers a simple application form that requires 20 to 25 minutes to complete.
  • The majority of the application focuses on collecting personal information such as name, address, phone number, residence details for the last 7 years along with work history and educational information.
  • Military status
  • Availability to work
  • Shifts if someone is willing to work
  • References

The Different Entry-Level Positions At CVS Are:

1 Cashier

2 Beauty Advisor

3 Beauty Consultant

4 Photo Lab Technician

5 Pharmacy Technician

Background Verification Process for CVS

CVS conducts background verification checks. There is a question about criminal background in CVS job applications. The felon can give consent for pre-employment background checks so that the company scans records for the last 7 years. Felons must also pass a background verification check to receive a suitable job offer from CVS.

CVS also gives job opportunities under the initiative “Fair Chance Business Pledge”. This initiative also allows the company to hire felons by removing the question of criminal background checks. The fair chance also permits felons to join the organization as a fresh start.

does cvs run a background check

The advantage of this initiative is CVS doesn’t eliminate applications based on a felony. Each application is considered fresh and the applicant is also not judged. The specific important factor relating to this aspect are as follows:

  • Length of sentence
  • Type of felony conviction
  • Categorization of a felony and violent and non – violent convictions
  • Hiring managers have their personal views and opinions about felons.
  • Felons must also explain real facts about the past.
  • It is also advantageous to show honesty in expressing a felony conviction.
  • Felons also need to specify details about criminal history
  • Answer all questions truthfully
  • Show honesty
  • Use a positive approach to answer the application form
  • Felons hold a better chance to get a job once the background check gets completed.
  • Background checks also help CVS to protect itself, its employees, and customers.
  • Felons can also get their record expunged to improve their chances of getting a job.

Self – Background Verification Check for CVS

Felons also get encouraged by various hiring managers in CVS to conduct a self-background verification check. This also allows felons to take legal advice from an attorney. It is also essential to take responsibility for your actions and not risk background verification results.

There are different kinds of personal background verification checks like certifying from the court about good moral character, a credit report for determining the financial stability of a felon, driving records for any job involving driving at a commercial level, and also an educational report from the National Student Clearing House. There are various agencies to help you to conduct self – background verification checks.

Strategies to Get a Suitable Opportunity with CVS

1 Be flexible in working hours

2 Consider working in different locations

3 Must also have reliable references

4 Update job history and current resume

5 Be honest and share all personal information and history

does cvs run the background check

6 Arrive early for an interview

7 Dress appropriately

8 Be polite and respectful

9 Speak clearly and also show enthusiasm

Felons should never hide details about a felony. Instead of that, they should explain all the facts without getting emotional. They should also never lie in the application form as this could result in not being considered for any jobs in CVS. They must highlight their specific skills to qualify for an interview with CVS.

Felons must take responsibility for their past actions to complete a background verification check which allows a felon to understand the details which will get revealed when the formal background verification check gets conducted.

Bottom Line

Felons do not get defined by their crime. It also depends on how mistakes get rectified by adopting different strategies. Felons must also ensure to prepare for the application and interview process well. CVS focuses on uplifting felons and motivating them to lead an honest life.

Felons prove good employers when they work with hard work and dedication to achieve complete business success so that they can contribute to the growth of CVS. CVS hires honest and dependable felons so that they can stand on their own feet and earn a living.

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