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Does CVS Sell Stamps (Best Guide)

does cvs sell stamps

When was the last time you used a stamp? We don’t often send hand-written letters anymore, and gifts are often purchased and shipped straight from the vendor. 

However, every now and then, you may wish to send a birthday card or something else that will require a postage stamp. Buying them in bulk can be helpful, too, as you can place them in a drawer and always have them ready. 

As a customer of CVS, you may wonder, does CVS sell stamps? Well, it’s time to find out, but before we do…

Why Do You Need A Stamp?

Why Do You Need A Stamp?

Stamps are used as a form of pre-payment. The postal service never charges you money to post a letter because this would mean that the act of dropping an envelope in a post box would be much more complicated. Someone would have to receive the money, so all mail will have to be taken to a post office to be mailed. 

So instead, stamps are used. All proceeds of stamps are paid to the US Postal Service (USPS) as payment for the mailed letters they process and deliver. When you place a stamp on your envelope, the USPS will know that you have paid for the service of delivering your letter. 

Not all stamps are for posting…

Alternatively, some appreciate rare and antique or limited-edition stamps and collect them as a hobby. Some people have thousands upon thousands of stamps. In fact, in England, there is a whole position with a single person in charge of keeping a royal stamp collection dating back hundreds of years! 

CVS Stamp Booklets

Yes, not only will CVS provide you with stamps, but they sell them in booklets of 20. This often gives you a bit of a discount too, as you are buying in bulk. Unfortunately, you are not able to purchase stamps via their online store. The stamps are all First-class, with a generic patriotic design featuring the American flag or something similar.

In addition, you will not be allowed to use your reward points for the purchase of postage stamps at CVS. You will usually find these stamps near the cash register. If you are a stamp collector looking for specialized or themed stamps, CVS will, unfortunately, disappoint you.

Where To Get “Fun” Postage Stamps

Where To Get “Fun” Postage Stamps

If you would like to spruce up your post with a fun design or would like to look for specific themes, it is best to visit your local post office or look to online vendors such as Amazon or the USPS website. 

You can find postage stamps at most large chain retailers such as Walgreens, Costco, Walmart, etc. There are often countless designs available at any of the instore or online vendors mentioned. The USPS used to offer a service where you could design your own stamp; however, the practice sadly ended in June of 2020.

Finding collectors stamps online…

Collectors’ item postage stamps are usually sold on e-bay or auction websites. However, it is best to have the items properly authenticated, if they are priced very high. Those who are new to stamp collecting may overestimate the value of an item if it is not properly researched. 

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Are You An Avid Stamp Collector?

Are You An Avid Stamp Collector?

Well, you’re in luck then! We did a bit of searching ourselves to find this excellent selection, such as the Forever Stamps – Thank You – Use as Postage or for Stamp Collector, the All World 500 Different Stamps (Stamps for Collectors), the COMPLETE MINT SET OF POSTAGE STAMPS ISSUED IN THE YEAR 1963 BY THE U.S. POST OFFICE DEPT, and 1000 Vintage Used USA Postage Stamps Off-paper Stamp United States to start you off with.

In addition, I found the Inverted Jenny, Full Pane of 6 x $2 Postage Stamps, USA 2013, Scott 4806, the STAMP COLLECTORS! Nice Large Lot of 100 Vintage Mint US Postage Stamps, the USPS Classic Movie Monsters Collectible Stamp 32 Cent Sheet, or how about the Civil War Coin & Stamp Collection Boxed Set all available online in 2023.

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Does CVS Sell Stamps – Final Thoughts

If you just want to get your mail out with no fuss, CVS is the place to go for a cost-effective stamp booklet.

 However, if you are willing to wait and would like to get a bit more creative, shop around some more; a good stamp might just be the special touch.

We’re just happy to see people still write letters!

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