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Does Dollar General Fill Helium Balloons?

does dollar general fill helium balloons

Planning a big birthday bash and need to fill your balloons? 

Helium balloons can be a fantastic way to liven up the party atmosphere and make your celebration unforgettable. But where can you find the gas to fill your balloons?

Does Dollar General Fill Helium Balloons?

Well, let’s find out!

What is Dollar General?

Dollar General is an American chain of variety stores that was founded in 1939 by James and Cal Turner, Sr. Today, it has over 15,000 stores across 44 U.S. states and is one of the largest discount retailers in America. The concept behind the store is to provide customers value for their money through a wide range of low-priced items and groceries.

What is Dollar General

 Their focus on providing quality merchandise at competitively low prices has been the foundation of their success over the years. For example, the average store stocks up on around 3,000 items, from health and beauty products to office supplies to snacks and home décor items. 

Does Dollar General Fill Helium Balloons? 

The answer is yes, Dollar General does provide helium balloon filling services. However, you will need to check with your local store as not all of them offer this service. If they do, then you can get your balloons filled at a reasonable cost. 

You should also be aware that many helium tanks used for balloon filling may not be certified or have the proper safety features; although this is unlikely in Dollar General, it is still important to inquire about the type of tank being used. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of helium balloon filling at Dollar General varies depending on the size and type of balloons, as well as the amount of helium needed to fill them. Generally speaking, customers can expect to pay anywhere from $0.50-$1 per balloon, with larger-sized balloons usually costing up to $15.

 Mylar/metallic balloons usually require more helium than standard latex balloons and therefore cost more, around $4. 

Does Dollar General Sell Balloons?

Yes, Dollar General sells both latex and Mylar/metallic balloons. So, if you don’t have any balloons yet, you can buy them there. You will find a wide variety of colors and designs available in-store as well as online. 

Can you Buy Helium Tanks?

Dollar General sells Balloon Time 9″ helium tanks that are ideal for parties and special occasions. This tank contains 8.9 cubic feet of helium and comes with 30 balloons, making it the perfect package. 

Whether you’re throwing a baby shower or hosting a birthday party, this tank will ensure everyone gets in the spirit by decorating rooms or balloons arches with colorful and festive balloons. Not to mention, this all-in-one purchase takes away the hassle of running around and buying separate parts. 

Can You Rent Helium Tanks at Dollar General?

Despite the wide selection of merchandise available at Dollar General, unfortunately, helium tanks for rent are not among them. Trying to find them to rent at the store would be a wasted effort as they are simply not carried in their locations. Fortunately, while you won’t be able to rent your own helium tank at Dollar General, other retailers carry them, so achieving your goal of filling balloons with helium should not be difficult.

Where Can You Rent a Helium Tank?

If you’re looking to rent a helium tank Party City and American Party Rental are two great stores that provide this service. It may cost you more than you would think — rental costs range from $70 to $350 — but it is cheaper than buying, and if it’s convenience that you value, heading to either of these two stores will do just the trick. 

Better yet, consult their websites first for pricing info and any deals or discounts so you can make an informed decision about which store offers what your needs demand.

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Where Can You Rent a Helium Tank

Is Helium Dangerous?

Under normal circumstances, helium is completely safe to be around. Inhaling substantial amounts of the gas can prove dangerous, however, as it replaces the oxygen in the lungs, which in turn can cause suffocation and even death.

 High concentrations of helium also become flammable when mixed with air, but realistically this is not something we need to worry about since natural concentrations of helium aren’t very high in our atmosphere. It’s important to note that the gas must be handled responsibly and that because of its non-toxic properties, it has a wide range of applications, including being used safely in medical procedures and scientific research.

Is Helium Dangerous

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Final Thoughts

So, it is good news! Dollar General will fill your helium balloons, and they can sell you helium tanks. However, if you are looking to rent a tank for your next event or party, then sadly, Dollar General is not the place for that, and you will have to look elsewhere. 

Always remember to use helium responsibly and take all necessary safety precautions when using the gas. 

Happy balloon-filling at Dollar General!

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