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Does Dollar General Hire Felons?

Does Dollar General Hire Felons

Dollar stores are a very popular business in the US, their philosophy states to attract customers with low prices of products. This business gained its popularity during tough economic times. Dollar general has 16,000 stores and 1,43,000 employees across the USA. The basic question arises whether dollar general hires felons or not.

Opportunity for Felons at Dollar General Store

It is a daily struggle for felons to seek appropriate employment opportunities without a regular paycheck. Felons generally fail to meet their daily expenditure. The pressure to earn money leads them on the wrong path. Felons are a vulnerable group of people who easily land up in prison by the act of reoffending.

The act of reoffending also leads felons back to prison. Dollar general focuses on uplifting the lives of felons by offering them decent career opportunities with appropriate pay scales.

  • Felons receive a suitable career opportunity from Dollar General Store. This provides financial stability.
  • It also provides them steady career growth with constant workflow.
  • Dollar general store also creates opportunities under Ban the Box initiative to uplift felons and re-assist them to work honestly.
  • Assists felons to reenter society after prison.
  • As per Ban the Box initiative, authorities remove specific questions related to criminal history from the application form.

does dollar general hire felon

  • Felons are also encouraged to talk about their criminal history.
  • Felons generally receive a fair chance to work with dollar general store and earn a substantial income to support themselves and their families.
  • Dollar General conducts a basic background verification check to ensure the right kind of candidates gets hired for entry-level positions at dollar general.
  • Felons with serious felonies get eliminated from the application process of dollar general.

Benefits to Work with Dollar General

1 A popular retailer with strong demand and ample career opportunities.

2 Seasonal jobs with excellent opportunities for felons to earn money.

3 Securing a decent job during the holiday season is easy.

4 The shoppers increase at stores and warehouses.

5 Felons can work as extra staff in warehouses during a peak season.

6 Temporary workers are in high demand during peak season.

7 Employers look for felons who are eager to learn and willing to work.

8 If employers notice that felons are hardworking and a good resource, they offer them a permanent position at work.

9 Felons find work near their place of stay.

does dollar general hire the felons

10 Felons with permanent jobs enjoy benefits such as health cover, flexible spending accounts, disability, and life insurance covers.

11 Paid vacation, assistance for adoption, and paternity leave are other benefits.

12 Felons qualify for annual rewards, flexible schedules, and get helpful assistance for child care, senior care, and school.

13 Corporate offices offer facilities such as daycare, fitness, gym, and dry cleaning services.

14 Dollar store has demanding work requirements and lacks staff during peak season.

15 Many felons still have a desire to work at dollar general stores.

Hiring Procedure for Dollar General

  • The company supports felons to develop decent careers by working in multiple positions in various locations.
  • The company sends job alerts on the email id of felons to search for the right fit.
  • Each list comprises job responsibilities, educational qualifications, and working conditions.
  • The company also shares job location and provide relocation assistance.
  • Felons can apply for any job through the online application form and they receive a call if they suit a particular job requirement.

does dollar general hire a felon tips

  • They require to upload their resume on the career portal of the website.
  • Felons need to fill a basic application form with their personal information and criminal history.
  • They need to provide basic consent for background checks to run smoothly.
  • Felons must qualify for a basic assessment test to complete the application process.
  • Felons must check the website for regular updates.

Dollar General Hires Felons

1 Background verification requires the felon’s consent.

2 This is done after dollar general makes a conditional offer.

3 Dollar General performs background verification checks as a normal practice for felons.

4 Dollar general hires many felons as employees to run the organization.

5 Online employee testimonials confirm this.

does dollar general hire a felon

6 Felon hiring depends on each case.

7 Severe criminal offenses or violent crimes do not allow felons to get the right kind of career opportunity.

8 Older offenses get eliminated from the criminal record of a person.

9 Felons hold a good chance to get hired if he gets a decent career opportunity to grow with a clean criminal record.

Strategies to Get Hired at Dollar General

The hiring decision depends on the felon’s impression created in the mind of the store manager. The person who will conduct interviews requires a strong impression about felons to choose them for a role. You need to dress up in business casuals and showcase a polite and confident attitude.

Communicate well and study more about the company. Felons must rehearse and practice interview questions before they appear for an actual interview. The background verification reveals your past mistakes easily so avoid hiding any of them from your employer. Felons must take responsibility for their actions.

Background Verification Plays a Critical Role to Hire Felons

Background verification allows to rule out convictions from background verification reports, thus creating more opportunities for felons. Felons can gainfully use learning opportunities to achieve success while working in Dollar general.

Dollar General offers a felon-friendly work environment and equips felons to serve customers appropriately and increase customer satisfaction.

Bottom Line

Felons can seek suitable employment at dollar general and use learning opportunities to define a definite career path. The career path chosen by felons helps them lead an honest life with respect and dignity. Dollar general indeed creates genuine employment opportunities to uplift the lives of felons and equip them with the right skills to achieve new heights in their career. it motivates them to contribute towards the continued growth and success of the dollar general.

Felons also undergo stringent background verification checks to safeguard the interest of the organization, its employees, and its customers. Felons must focus on being honest while they answer about their criminal history so that no hidden facts work against them. This will also help them secure a good job without taking the illegal route.

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