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Does Dollar General Run Background Checks?

does dollar general run background checks

A job search is a major challenge for a felon after his release. A felon must have relevant experience in the retail store so that he can apply for a suitable position at Dollar General.

does dollar general run background checks

What Does A Background Check Include?

Organizations like Dollar General review the complete background of an applicant to hire an enthusiastic employee who proves beneficial for the organization.

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Dollar General will not invest in someone who is a bad hire and depicts the following characteristics:

  • Doesn’t focus on producing qualitative work.
  • Has a negative outlook towards work.
  • Doesn’t want to work with other employees in a team.
  • Has no skills to deal with customers well.
  • Skillset doesn’t match the skills mentioned in his application.
  • Has low attendance at work.
  • Is very dishonest while working.

The major issue felons face is their record of criminal history which comes in their way to apply for a suitable job at Dollar General. This also stops them from leading a life of honesty and dignity.

Document Verification

Any organization focuses on verification of the following documents while conducting a background verification check.

does dollar general run the background checks

These include:

  • Credit reports
  • Driving records
  • Educational documents
  • Records of criminal history

The background verification report helps Dollar General make an informed decision. The report includes all details about a candidate including mistakes made in the past, the character, and the financial stability.

Risk Assessment

The background check allows the organization to identify risks involved in the security and safety of the overall organization. The authorities review the criminal history record after receiving the background verification certificate.

This verifies facts about the criminal history by examining criminal history records, details of any conviction, or cases that are still active in the courts. If the authorities however cannot prove any crime within 7 years, the felon is considered Not Guilty.

Application Process for Dollar General

Dollar General originated in 1955 in Kentucky. It has a store strength of 15,000 stores in the US with its headquarters in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. Dollar General primarily focuses on bringing essentials to the population that needs them.

does dollar general run the background check

Their product line includes food, health and beauty products, cleaning supplies, basic apparel, and household items. Dollar General evaluates people for jobs in sales and customer care. The people should have the following attributes honesty, hard work, reliability.

The main focus at Dollar General is to serve customers, all their employees must have the zeal to succeed and work towards service excellence. People employed at the retail store must possess good communication and listening skills along with teamwork spirit.

Eligibility Criteria

Any applicant who applies for a position at Dollar General must be at least eighteen years or above before he can apply.

The entry-level positions offered by Dollar General include:

  • Sales officer
  • Cashier
  • Stocker
  • Duty manager
  • Merchandiser for store
  • Warehouse worker
  • Filling Out The Application Form

Dollar General has a simple and basic application form that requires 30 to 40 minutes to complete. The application form assesses the work history of the applicant, gaps in the employment which are more than 3 months require a proper explanation.

The application also records work experience from previous employment and education history. All applicants are encouraged to apply for positions via the official website. It is a mandate to complete the online assessment before applying for any of the vacant positions.

Any person who has been convicted for a serious crime must explain the question related to criminal history with proper reason and explanation. The advantage of applying for a job with dollar general is that the interviewer will never discriminate against someone based on the history of his crime. This also means that felons hold a fair chance to apply for suitable jobs at Dollar General.

Anyone who would like to work in retail outlets of Dollar General must be open to work in rotational shifts since all stores are open 7 days a week. All applicants must be well versed in the organizational history of Dollar General before they apply.

Background Check at Dollar General

Dollar General conducts a background verification check once an applicant qualifies for the interview and submits the application. This application has a pre-consent from the applicant which lets the organization conduct a preliminary background verification check.

Once all applicants successfully pass the background verification check, a job offer is released. Background verification focuses on identifying and verifying information related to criminal convictions and also validates the personal information of the applicant mentioned in the application form.

does dollar general run background check

All job offers however depend upon a pre-employment drug test conducted on each applicant to understand his level of fitness to perform the job. Dollar General considers every aspect related to the job, candidate’s background, and relevant experience. A general background verification check is completed in 1 week.

Any felon who applies to Dollar General for a suitable role needs to provide the following information truthfully:

1 Mention clearly about criminal history

2 Answer all questions and with reasons wherever applicable

3 Maintain honesty while filling the application form and appearing for an interview

4 Focus on strength areas

The authorities however reject an application if an applicant is dishonest. Background verification is a mechanism used by Dollar General to safeguard the interests of the organization, employees, and customers. A felon holds an equal chance to get a job with Dollar General if his record comes clear.

Can Applicants Run Personal Background Checks On Themselves?

Personal background verification checks are advisable before any felon applies to Dollar General. This means the felon can see what his background check will reveal.

There are also various kinds of personal background checks that a felon can run:

1 The court where the authorities filed the charge sheet

2 A credit report from the bank determines the financial independence of the applicant

3 Driving records for a job such as a truck driver

4 An educational report issued from the National Student Clearing House states the educational qualifications of the applicant.

Suggestions For Securing A Job At Dollar General

An applicant must be honest and punctual at the time of the interview. A few suggestions for getting hired for a suitable job at Dollar General are:

1 Flexibility to work in rotational shifts

2 Provide relevant and dependable references

3 Be open to providing previous job history with an updated Resume.

4 All personal information and history must be accurate.

5 Must maintain eye contact

6 Speak honestly and clearly

7 Be polite and respectful.

8 Must be enthusiastic about the job.

A person who appears for the one on one interview must also be open about themselves. This provides a suitable platform to express their opinions. It is not a good idea to hide any facts related to the criminal conviction. Answering truthfully and explaining your side of the story increases the chance for a felon to secure a job. Any applicant who has lied in their job application however is disqualified.

A felon needs to talk about skills and abilities he has or can develop to succeed in the job. People who take complete responsibility for their actions in the past and can talk about measures taken to put their life in order to allow an employer to see the potential in the person.


Felons must remember that the crime committed by them doesn’t define their character. It is their willingness and zeal to create a new chapter towards an honest life that is filled with commitment and dignity that holds more importance than repenting over past mistakes.

Opportunities are also given to those who focus on making the best use of these opportunities to create a better future for themselves and their families.

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  1. My felony was 19 years ago I did my time I am a changed woman.. I applied to Dollar General in Lansing Michigan and it’s been almost two weeks and still no results on my background check and they really need me to start this week… It is Dollar general on North Grand River Ave. In Lansing Mi… Could you help me out

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1 thought on “Does Dollar General Run Background Checks?”

  1. My felony was 19 years ago I did my time I am a changed woman.. I applied to Dollar General in Lansing Michigan and it’s been almost two weeks and still no results on my background check and they really need me to start this week… It is Dollar general on North Grand River Ave. In Lansing Mi… Could you help me out

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