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Does Enterprise Run Background Checks?

Does Enterprise Run Background Checks

Felons look for various opportunities upon release from prison. Felons who have work experience in a car rental agency can apply for a job with Enterprise. This article assesses whether enterprises run background checks for felons.

  • Does Enterprise hire felons?
  • The application process for enterprise
  • Background verification Process for enterprise
  • Impact of a felony on hiring
  • Background checks for car rental agency
  • Self – background verification checks for felons
  • Measures to adopt when felon fails background verification check

Does Enterprise Hire Felons?

Enterprise works towards uplifting the lives of felons. It is a company that offers opportunities to felons for rendering financial support. There is however no specific policy to hire felons. Felons with felony convictions are also eligible to apply for a role with the enterprise.

Felons demonstrate a willingness to undergo the hiring process. Like other employees, felons also give consent to conduct a background verification check. Sincerity, hard work, and determination are key skills for felons to succeed at enterprise.

Application Process for Enterprise

  • Enterprise rent a car is a car rental agency with 6500 locations across the globe.
  • Felons can also apply for suitable opportunities in customer service, administration, and professional positions.
  • The entry-level positions at the enterprise are for customer service.
  • Felons fill an application form on the website of the company before they receive a phone call for face to face interview.

does enterprise run the background check

  • Felons must also have basic knowledge about the car rental business and services that enterprise offers.
  • There are 2 rounds of interview
  • The interview process assesses your past work experience, skills, and customer handling skills.
  • The first round of interviews takes place with a branch manager.
  • Interview questions at enterprise focus on the ability of felons to serve customers and also improvise rentals.
  • Questions involve making a sale of products and services to customers and customers rate your skills and service.

Background Verification Process for Enterprise

1 Enterprise doesn’t specifically ask questions about the criminal history of felons.

2 A detailed background verification check gets conducted before the enterprise makes an offer.

3 It takes one week for the background verification process to complete.

4 Enterprise takes measures to protect the organization, its employees, and customers.

5 Any person with a serious felony such as rape, murder, kidnapping, sexual harassment loses a chance to get hired by an enterprise.

6 Enterprise considers felony convictions based on the timeline crime severity.

7 Records of the last 7 years are verified.

Impact Of A Felony On Hiring

The impact of a felony does make a critical difference on the hiring practices of enterprises. Felons who have been charged for theft or a financial crime however cannot work for the enterprise. Car rental transactions require a heavy amount of monetary transactions. Anyone who commits financial expenses doesn’t get a chance to work for an enterprise.

Felons with violent crimes and sexual crimes lose the opportunity to work a customer care executives. All other felony convictions get a fair opportunity to work with enterprise. Felons with driving offenses may lose a chance to seek an interview with the enterprise.

Background Checks for Car Rental Agency

  • Background verification check gets conducted for employment and person who rents a car
  • Every car rental company has a “Do Not Rent to” list which lists down names of people who do not have eligibility to rent a car from a car rental agency.
  • People who have a poor driving record generally use an opportunity to rent a car from such an agency.
  • When people rent cars, they need to submit a copy of their driving license and ensure its valid.

does enterprise run a background check

  • Some other car rental agencies also run a background verification check for drivers.
  • This is however not a regular practice with the enterprise.
  • There is no specific requirement for a driver’s background verification check.
  • A driver gets rejected due to a fake ID or ignition interlock device.
  • Drivers falsify ID for criminal offenses.

Self-Background Verification Check for Felons

1 Felons can run a self-background verification check on themselves

2  Background verification check facilitates felons to understand what gets discovered in a formal background verification check by an enterprise.

3 This rules out any kind of surprises.

4 Felons can seek assistance from an attorney to avoid risking the results.

5 Felons can focus on getting their record expunged.

Measures To Adopt When Felon Fails Background Verification Check

A situation can arise where felons do not clear background verification check. After felons run their background verification, there’s still may be a reason for not considering a felon for a job with the enterprise. You can raise a concern to challenge the background verification result to rule out possible risk factors.

Felons must keep applying for various job opportunities till they reach the right company which hires them. They should also ensure all job applications must have real facts related to their felony conviction. Felons should always keep calmness and patience during their job hunt.

does enterprise run background check

Several employers hire felons in the US so don’t give up. Always give your best shot in each interview and also learn from every background verification check. Utilize sincerity, hard work, and dedication to finding the right job with the right skills that assist you to succeed.

Car rental companies like enterprises provide felons a fair chance to explore career opportunities with them. Felons receive financial support and a means to earn an honest living by joining a car rental agency. Felons with good character and proper financial fitness can re-establish their lives by getting a suitable job with the enterprise.

Bottom Line

Felons receive ample career opportunities with an enterprise. The background verification process assists enterprises to hire felons with a non – serious conviction. It provides require training to achieve success. Employee consent is necessary for conducting a background verification check.

Background verification checks get conducted for drivers and employees to rule out risk-taking factors that are essential to safeguard the company’s interest, employee interest and protect the reputation of customers. Serious crimes directly eliminate felon’s applications from the interview process. It is very difficult for felons to restart their career after they face convictions and trials. Some organizations believe felons should have access to genuine earning platforms.

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