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Does FedEx Hire Felons?


Parcel delivery services have grown to become a major industry in the U.S. People are increasingly opting to shop online, pushing demand further.

Providers like FedEx are benefitting from this. They are seeing more demand for their services and are thus in need of more labor.

But what does this mean for felons looking for work in this sector? Does FedEx hire felons?

FedEx currently has over 600,000 employees and has locations nationwide. They also have a strong presence internationally.

Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, FedEx is best known for its efficient overnight delivery service. It has various subsidiaries.

These include:

1 FedEx Logistics

2 Express

3 Freight

4 Supply Chain

Their varied operations allow them to offer many types of positions. This is a help for felons looking for entry-level jobs.

Such positions include:

  • Package handler
  • Package recovery agent
  • Forklift operator
  • Warehouse worker

But does this mean felons stand a better chance of being hired here? First, let us consider the reasons this company makes for a top employer.

Why Work for FedEx?

As one of the biggest companies in its sector, FedEx offers highly competitive salaries. Whilst not amongst the highest paying jobs for felons, the hourly rates are good.

This means flexibility in choosing when to work. This perk allows those with other obligations like school to work when they can.

Another upside here is that FedEx is very explicit in its requirements for new hires. They have a dedicated careers webpage where one can easily find work. The job listings detail the location, position, and whether full or part-time.

Every listing details all requirements including fitness and academics. As a government contractor, they can only hire US citizens or residents.

does fedex hire felon

They also detail what kind of screening that comes with applying for the position. For felons looking to quickly decide on where their best chances lie, this can be helpful.

Depending on the position, employees are entitled to generous benefits. This includes paid annual leaves, maternity and paternity leaves, performance-based salary increments, and pension plans. Employees also get good health and dental cover.

The company also recognizes employee accomplishments by issuing awards based on various criteria. This can include:

  • Enhanced service
  • Profitability
  • Teamwork
  • Customer service

The company has many employee-focused programs to help with career development. This includes the APAC e-learning facility that provides free educational opportunities. They also have a tuition assistance program to help subsidize studies for eligible employees.

Priority is given to employees when it comes to filling open positions. This means a better chance of rising up the career ladder here.

Its nationwide and global presence also means the possibility of finding something suitable close to home. for felons that have limited resources, this can be a big help in rejoining the workforce.

So what does it take to join FedEx?

Hiring Process at FedEx

Just like many other major companies, the FedEx hiring process begins online. A visit to the company’s Careers page is required. Here you will find listings of available positions across the company.

As said, each listing provides details concerning requirements and the work involved for each job. They also indicate whether it is a full-time or part-time position. You will find the location also provided so you know whether it is local.

You can search for jobs according to title or location to make it easier. The salary and any benefits will typically be indicated.

If you think you qualify for the position, you can click on the apply button. You will need to register an account on the site to proceed. This will require an email address, your name, and creating a password.

does the fedex hire felon tip

You will then need to complete the application before submitting it. Be sure to do this correctly to avoid mistakes that will disqualify you.

FedEx will then later get in touch if you qualify. Depending on the job, you may undertake a telephone or face-to-face interview.

Again, depending on the nature of the job, you may be put through assessment tests. These are to verify competency for the role. It may also include a medical check-up.

After interviewing a background check is conducted. If the applicant passes all this, they will be given an offer and go on training.

With all these checks, are felons hired at FedEx?

Does FedEx Hire Felons?

Yes, FedEx is known to hire felons. Many online testimonials confirm this.

Note that not all felons get in. This is however likely due to a range of factors. FedEx considers multiple issues when making a hiring decision.

1 Nature of the crime

2 Duration passed since conviction and prison release

3 Rehabilitation efforts including education and volunteerism

4 Quality of applicants one is competing against

FedEx does abide by Fair Chance laws in many states. This includes San Francisco and New York.

Their policy clearly states they consider felon records on a case-to-case basis. This means felons do stand a fair chance of securing a job.

does the fedex hire felon 2023

The company does conduct background checks and drug screenings. So failing a drug test may result in losing a job opportunity here. They abide by reporting laws, only back as many years as the state allows.

They only run background checks after an applicant has passed the interview. This gives applicants the chance to make a good impression before any criminal past is considered. They do not ask about criminal past in their application.

Those applying for driving jobs can also expect DMV records to be checked.

Given the negative blowback that comes with felony records, what can one do to get hired? Here are some tips.

Tips to Getting Hired

For those with minor offenses like one-time drug convictions or misdemeanors, consider expungement. Another option would be to find out how to get a felony pardon.

In many states, this is possible for one-time offenders. If your record has remained clean, look into whether this relief is an option.

An expunged record means you can avoid disclosing your past criminal history. And, it should not come up in criminal background reports.

If you cannot get your record expunged, be forthcoming. You will not be asked about your criminal past in your application. So it is vital to speak up during the interview.

does the fedex hire felon

It will be revealed once your report is generated. So failing to do so may seem like you are being dishonest. Give the pertinent details and emphasize how you have changed positively since.

Also, seek to boost your resume. Take up whatever educational opportunities you can that relate to the job you want. Whether a certificate, diploma, or degree, it can help show your dedication to the hob.

Where possible, consider volunteer work. This indicates a desire to give back to the community. Values that FedEx also appreciates and can help earn you references that will attest to your good character.


Companies that hire felons like FedEx do much to help in rebuilding their lives. They offer good salaries and benefits. They also provide ample opportunity for career growth.

But not all felons can get in. Much will depend on the severity of your crime and what you have been up to since.

Building a steady work history, boosting your resume and volunteering can do much to improve your profile.

However, even if you do not secure work here, do not be discouraged. There are other employers and jobs to consider that can help get your life back on track.

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