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Does GameStop Run Background Checks?

does gamestop run background checks

Once an individual with a criminal record is released from prison, they encounter multiple challenges, especially in terms of finding a new job. While looking for work, if a felon has had prior experience working in a retail company, they might want to try their luck with GameStop and end up getting recruited there.

does gamestop run background checks

In this blog post, we will be covering the following aspects related to the background check at GameStop:

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  • What comes under the bracket of background check
  • The background check of GameStop
  • Running a self-check
  • Some effective advice for getting a job at GameStop

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1 What Comes Under The Bracket Of Background Check?

Like many of the reputed companies, even GameStop does go through a complete background check of an employee in hiring. The background check process is essential for companies such as GameStop, as it helps them be sure about the candidate they are hiring.

does the gamestop run background checks

No reputable company would like to hire a candidate who does not ‘Fit’ into the job. By ‘Fit’ in here, we mean:

  • The candidate does not match the vibe of the company.
  • Someone who lacks the passion of working for the company.
  • The candidate is dishonest and not loyal to the company.
  • The candidate does not possess the right skill sets.

For any organization, the ‘Loyalty’ aspect plays a crucial role. No organization would want to hire an employee who is not loyal. A preconceived notion has been made about individuals with criminal records that these are disloyal people, and this is not always the case.

There could be multiple reasons an individual land up in a situation where they had to go to jail or have a stigma of a felony, and one should not make preconceived notions about it. The employer must do a thorough background check, including a criminal background check, financial background check, and character background check.

Background checks help the employee be particular about hiring an individual and the risks the individual might possess.

2 The Background Check Of GameStop

During the application process, GameStop does ask the employee’s valid permissions to seek a background check. If the employee does not consent to the background check, then the application will be terminated.

The purpose of the background check at GameStop is to protect its employees and customers.

does the gamestop run a background check

Although still, GameStop has not come up with any static policy defining individuals’ employment with a criminal record, this does state that it is a little challenging for such individuals to secure a job at GameStop. Only if the employer is convinced about the intentions of the individual will they be hired.

Reasons For Outright Rejection

The truth is that a reputed company like GameStop cannot refuse to hire an individual straight away due to their felony conviction, as this would lead to a state of discrimination. The employer can only turn down an applicant under the following circumstances:

  • The applicant does not possess the right skill set for the role
  • Hiring the candidate might put the safety and security of the company or other employees at stake.

Also, a background check at GameStop could be separate as per the location. Every state has different rules, regulations, and laws about how a background check should be carried and what will constitute the investigating process.

3 Running A Self-Check

Carrying a background check all by yourself could be a great idea because it allows the candidate to have a fair judgment about how their application will be reviewed at GameStop. If a felon has multiple queries, they can get in touch with attorneys to get a final answer. Felons should always be prepared to take pre-actions and not risk their chances of getting selected.

When felons do a background check, it clarifies and accordingly helps them prepare about their statements, actions, etc. This reduces the chances of getting rejected and increases the chances of getting shortlisted.

Types Of Checks

The multiple types of checks which felons can carry out are as follows:

  • A check at the court from where they were discharged.
  • It is essential to determine the financial credibility, and that can be done through a credit report.
  • Education reporting is also a must, and that can be done by going through the education records.

4 Some Practical Advice For Getting A Job At GameStop

One of the best ways of getting a job at GameStop is to expunge their criminal record if an individual has a criminal record. If the individual expunges the criminal records, then it won’t reflect in the background check.

does the gamestop run background check

There are a few things that the felon should keep in mind if they are serious about securing a job at GameStop:

  • Communication plays a crucial role in your job interview, so make sure you keep your communication very transparent.
  • Honesty is the best policy, which needs to be followed. Individuals with a criminal record have to be honest about their past, as this indeed cannot be hidden. You might hide it during your hiring process, but later on, it will come to light, and the individuals would end up facing the consequences.
  • Be prepared for the role you are being offered, and do your homework correctly. You must understand the position you are applying for, the tasks you would be expected to take.
  • Dressing up appropriately is one of the most underrated factors, but it speaks volumes about the person. Dress professionally and wear subtle colors.
  • Be punctual about the interview time, as you would not your first impression be that of a casual person. Arrive before the time of the interview.
  • Be very honest about yourself as a person and about your past, as hiding might further put you in a black hole.

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For a felon to progress ahead, it is essential first to accept themselves gracefully, and only then will you be able to move forward. Since life has given you a second chance, the best is to grab the opportunity and make the most of it. Do proper research and always look to impress the interviewing manager. The rest will take care of itself.

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