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Does Greyhound Run Background Checks?

Does Greyhound Run Background Checks

Being a felon is no joke. Once you commit a crime and earn yourself a felony, your life changes forever. It is a known fact that the United States Government deals with felons pretty strictly. So you as a felon can expect some restrictions here and there even after you’ve served your jail term.

And by here and there we mean almost every aspect of your life. Your crime record is bound to hamper your growth, be it your personal life, education, and even your work life. The majority of people will start seeing you from a rather pessimistic point of view. And, your employers are no exception.

Now, you might know that Greyhound Lines is one of the biggest and most famous companies in the US. Many Americans aspire to work with this company. Suppose you are also one of them. It’s all well and good. But the question is does the Greyhound conduct background checks for every candidate?

If it does, will it negatively affect your candidature?

Read on to find out.

What Is Greyhound?

We will discuss whether Greyhound conducts background checks or not a bit later. First, let us explain a few things about the company.

does greyhound run background check

  • Greyhound Lines, or simply Greyhound, is an intercity bus service provider in the US.
  • It provides transportation services to more than 3,800 places in the US, Mexico, and Canada.
  • The company was established in the year 1914, and its HQ is situated in Dallas, Texas.
  • When it comes to motorcoach lines, Greyhound is the largest in the United States.

Greyhound buses are known for providing their passengers safe and interesting journeys. On top of that, the ticket prices are pretty affordable. However, to ride a Greyhound bus, you must carry a valid photo ID proof. Greyhound has 6,000 employees at present. And, as the company has around 1,200 buses, it needs more employees.

Job Openings At Greyhound

As we mentioned earlier, Greyhound has more than 1,200 buses at their disposal. They need more employees every now and then. So, you will have plenty of employment opportunities here. However, you must be 18 years old to get a job at the company.

In case you want to work as a driver, the minimum age criterion is 22 years. Also, anyone looking for a job at Greyhound must have a GED or a high school diploma.

does the greyhound run background checks

One of many positions available at Greyhound is that of a ticket agent. As a ticket agent, you would be responsible for numerous duties. Those include selling tickets, helping customers with travel information, and suchlike. You might also have to answer phone calls. Customer service is the chief point of focus here.

Besides the ticket agent, Greyhound offers many other entry-level positions to the aspirants. Those include freight clerk, freight handler, customer care executive, driver, and so on. The company has vacancies for the roles of motorcoach operator and bus mechanic as well.

Application Process At Greyhound

Remember that getting the position of a bus driver at Greyhound requires a few extra steps. In order to apply, you must have a commercial driver’s license. You must also have completed a valid training program. Such training programs usually last for a maximum of 3 months.

Now coming to the application process, it can be both online as well as offline. The initial stage of the application is pretty straightforward. After you’ve finished submitting the application, you can expect to get a reply within 2 to 3 weeks.

Make sure that you remain honest and truthful throughout. Do not try to hide anything. Highlighting your personal and professional achievements and experience can be beneficial here.

Does Greyhound Conduct Background Checks?

Now, let us see if Greyhound Lines conduct background checks for each applicant. Yes, it does. Greyhound is known for running individual background checks on all applicants. You must undergo a thorough background check before receiving any job offer from it.

A background check at Greyhound mainly looks for if you have any criminal records. It also looks for the verification of all the info you have given through the application. Also, all employment offers from the company demands you to pass a drug test. Only then you can join the company.

does the greyhound run a background check

The authorities at Greyhound consider all job aspects of every candidate. They are based on their background and work experience. In general, a routine background check here takes nearly a week or so. However, the company has no distinct policies in place to deal with ex-convicts or felons. So, it is a bit vague, to be honest.

Criminal History

1 If you want to apply for a job at Greyhound you must have a thorough knowledge of your criminal history.

2 Always try to focus on the positive. It will strengthen your image.

3 You must answer all the questions on your applications regarding your convictions truthfully.

4 Remember that honesty is the key here.

5 If you are offered a position at Greyhound, you have to give the company your consent to a background check. So, if you are not honest with your employers, it could bring you an instant rejection.

Greyhound Lines runs a background check on every applicant. It is to ensure the safety of the company, its employees, and customers. Thus, you can consider getting your felony sealed. It will boost your chances of securing a job here.

Can You Conduct A Self-Background Check Before Applying At Greyhound?

Yes, you definitely can. There are many perks of doing so. Running a background check on yourself before applying at Greyhound can be beneficial.

1 It will help you get an idea of which details will come up when the company runs a background check.

2 In case you have any legal questions regarding the check, you can contact an attorney.

3 Remember it is always the wisest move to do something and not risk your chance on the upshots.

There are many kinds of self-background checks you can conduct. You can go to the court from where you were charged and run a check. Try to get a credit report. It will help your employer determine how financially reliable you are as a person.

Also, driving reports can determine how responsible of a driver you are. In case you didn’t know, the National Student Clearinghouse gives educational reports. Try to get one of them as well.

Tips For Applying For A Position At Greyhound

Here are some tips you can utilize to get a job at Greyhound Lines:

  • Be flexible enough to work in different working shifts.
  • Try to have credible references.
  • Prepare yourself for providing an employment history with a recent resume.
  • Do not try to hide any details from your employer. Be honest and truthful with them about your criminal record and personal info.

does greyhound run background check tips

  • Speak audibly and clearly.
  • Show a positive and confident attitude but don’t act cocky. Be polite and reverent toward your interviewer.
  • Throw a few questions at your interviewer and show them that you’re enthusiastic about the job.


To conclude, you can get a job at Greyhound even with a felony. But be honest with your employers and if possible, try to get your felony expunged. Everyone does not get a second chance in life. You should grab your chance with both hands and lead a successful life. Good luck!

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