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Does Home Depot Accept PayPal?

does home depot accept paypal

Home Depot is one of American most loved DIY and home improvement stores.

You can equip yourself with all kinds of electric and manpower-welded tools, lumber, and metal framing supplies. Also, patio furniture, a plethora of paints and accessories, garden tools, plants, fertilizer as well as BBQ supplies, and even decorative pillows!

But how are you going to pay for all this?

We all know there’s a range of ways to pay for your purchases these days, and no two stores offer the same services. Does Home Depot accept PayPal both in-store and online?

Let’s find out…

What Is PayPal?

Paypal is the world’s original money-sharing service provider. Since its inception in 1998, it has grown to be one of the biggest online payment systems due to its ingenuity in keeping your money and transactional information safe, and that it can be used for free. 

You can pay for purchases online or send money to family and friends and also receive it. Then you can transfer the money back into your linked account or keep it as your PayPal balance, for free. (In most circumstances, some types of transactions do incur a small fee).

What Is PayPal

Your card or bank details are never shared!

When you open a PayPal account, you link it to a credit or debit card or your bank account. Then, each time you purchase with it, the money will come out of what you linked it with. However, these card or bank details remain private and aren’t shared with the merchant. 

Instead, PayPal acts like a middleman between your bank account or card provider, and only your PayPal account number will appear on the transaction. In turn, this makes all online payments and money-sharing transactions extremely safe and very secure. 

Does Home Depot Accept PayPal For Purchases?

I’m happy to report that it’s a yes! Home Depot partnered with Paypal back in 2012, and the affiliation has been going strong for over a decade. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to shop in-store, online at homedepot.com, or via the Home Depot app. You will be able to pay for your purchases via PayPal.

Is it that easy?

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, as Home Depot shook up its PayPal payment system in 2018. Previously, you could pay in-store with the phone number linked to your PayPal account and your pin number. However, this method proved a bit cumbersome when it came to transactional discrepancies, so they ousted that style of authorization and replaced it with the use of the PayPal Cash Card.

What Is A PayPal Cash Card?

A PayPal Cash Card is exactly that. A pre-paid Mastercard, which is loaded up with a cash amount deposited from your PayPal account. Or, with cash at one of 13,000 locations equipped to do so, then you can use it exactly like a debit card. 

So when shopping in-store, you can pay with your PayPal account via the PayPal cash card. However, you also have another way! If your phone is a Samsung and you have set up the Samsung Pay App on it, then you can link your PayPal account with it.

It’s just how they work…

 It is the only type of mobile payment system accepted at Home Depot. Unfortunately, Apple Pay and Google Pay are not accepted and won’t work at any Home Depot checkout. 

Using PayPal When Shopping Online or On The App

When shopping at the Home Depot Online store, you can simply check out with your PayPal account when processing your order. You will be given the choice of paying in several ways, so select the PayPal option when prompted. You will then be taken to the official PayPal site to complete the transaction in a few simple steps. 

It’s the same with the Home Depot App. When checking out, select the PayPal option to pay for your goods, and again you’ll be taken to the official PayPal site to complete the sale. 

What Other Payment Methods Does Home Depot Accept?

What Other Payment Methods Does Home Depot Accept

You can pay for your Home Depot purchases with any of the following options –

Where Else Can I use A PayPal Cash Card?

You can use your PayPal Cash Card at any store or location that accepts Mastercard. This is both online and in person. Plus, you can even use it to withdraw cash if you choose. 

Can I Use Apple Pay Or Google Wallet To Pay For My Items At Home Depot?

Unfortunately, it’s a no. Home Depot no longer accepts any other digit wallets apart from Paypal via Samsung Pay. 

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Final Thoughts

Paypal is one of the world’s original online payment platforms. After being in business for over 25 years, PayPal has stood the test of time with its ever-evolving business savvy and customer protection. 

Meanwhile, Home Depot is one of America’s most loved DIY and home improvement stores, with 2,300 stores spread across the United States. You can shop at Home Depot with Payal via Samsung Pay or the PayPal Cash Card. Whereas online and in-app orders can be processed with your PayPal account details. 

Happy Shopping using PayPal at your local Home Depot store!

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