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Does Home Depot Have A Senior Discount? (2023 Updated)

does home depot have a senior discount

Everyone loves a bit of DIY, and being a senior citizen certainly doesn’t change that. In fact, as a retiree, you might find you have a bit more time on your hands to get those little jobs around the house done. Home Depot stocks everything you might need to refresh the walls of your living room or change out the decor.

A lot of stores offer discounts to retirees to help them make their money go further. So as you begin your project and head to the store, you might be wondering, does Home Depot have a senior discount? So, let’s find out the answer to this and more…

Does Home Depot Have A Seniors Discount?

Does Home Depot Have A Seniors Discount?

As of July 2023, Home Depot does not have a seniors discount. It’s unfortunate, as a lot of other stores do. For example, Bealls offers 15% off for seniors, and Fred Meyer offers a senior discount day. It’s the first Tuesday of every month where everyone over the age of 55 gets an extra 10% off. 

However, you can still make some great savings in other ways. For example, you can join the Home Depot Pro Xtras loyalty scheme to get yourself some great savings. There’s also the Home Depot Garden Club to save some extra money.

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How Does The Loyalty Program Work?

How Does The Loyalty Program Work?

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a professional to sign up for this membership. If you are undergoing a large home or office project that you are doing yourself. Or, if you are simply a frequent shopper in Home Depot, then you are sure to benefit from signing up.

Home Depot loves to reward its Pro Xtra members with special perks and rewards, benefits, exclusive offers, and volume pricing. Plus purchasing tracking AND up to 20% off paints.

Freebies just for signing up!

These range from a free drink or snack just for signing up. For every $1 you spend in-store or online through your membership, you can earn up to $4 towards unlocking new ‘perks.’ Plus, you’ll get a lot of personalized, exclusive offers. You will also receive a $20 off Home Depot promo code that can be used for your first $200 purchase as a special sign-up bonus! 

And the best news of all? It’s free to sign up!

What About Online Purchasing?

Being a Pro Xtra member also gives you access to the exclusive enhanced online experience it offers. Including the ability to track your purchase history, manage your payments easily, create quotes and add stock items to your orders by their product numbers. 

You’ll also have the time-saving perk of easily reordering items you’ve previously purchased and get a 5% discount on repeat purchases via Home Depots Subscriptions delivery service. Not to mention a personalized home page with easy access to all the things you need and use from Home Depot.

How Can I Sign Up?

It’s super easy to join Home Depots Pro Xtra membership. Just head to Home Depots Pro Xtra Sign Up page and fill out all your required information. Then follow the next few prompts, and you can start using your new account immediately.

The Home Depot Gardening Club

Does Home Depot Have A Senior Discount - The Home Depot Gardening Club

Want to learn how to grow strawberries? Or keep your tomatoes pest-free without harsh chemicals? Then the Home Depot Garden Club is something you will surely benefit from joining.

With the membership, you can learn all about this and more. Plus, great perks like free online gardening workshops led by experts and access to a lot of gardening guides. Not to mention you’ll even get a $5 reward for signing up to use when you spend $50 in-store. 

There’s also The Home Depot Credit Card

Another great way to save is through the Home Depot Consumer Credit Card. It offers even more opportunities for great savings and an extended returns policy on unwanted Home Depot purchases. It’s important to note that this consumer credit card can only be used for Home Depot purchases in-store or via their online site.

When you’ve been accepted for this card, (the application process is the same as applying for a regular credit card.) You’ll be able to enjoy the following:

  • Up to $25 off on purchases worth $25 – $299
  • $50 deducted from transactions with $300 – $999
  • $100 0ff on purchases of $1,000 or more

How Else Can I Save Money In Home Depot?

How Else Can I Save Money In Home Depot?

While these free memberships are among the best ways to save in-store, Home Depot also has several other ways to save; these include:

Use Coupons 

Did you know you can sign up for the Home Depot weekly emails? Seniors can definitely benefit from this service and get special offers and coupons sent directly to their inboxes. 

You can also usually find Home Depot coupons offering a range of discounts. Including a number of dollars off or a percentage off when spending a certain amount of money. As well as multi-buy offers, special promotions, and price reduction discount codes.

Price Matching 

You can take advantage of Home Depot’s price matching service. It works by comparing the price of an identical item available from Home Depot to one of its competitors like Walmart, Lowes, or Amazon. 

You will need to provide proof of the competitor’s lower price with either a screenshot, a cutout of an ad from a newspaper, or even a link to the item on a website. Take it all up to the customer service counter, and they will happily confirm this and match the lower price. In some instances, Home Depot has even been reported to then offer a further 10% off, creating big saving for you.

Check Out The Clearance Sections

Home Depot is always turning over massive amounts of stock and has a great returns policy. So when something is being discontinued, or there are only a few items left of another, and the display space is needed. A lot of great items end up in the clearance bins for you to snap up a bargain.

You’ll usually find some slightly damaged items, seasonal products from the last holiday, and some returned items as well. These clearance sections are great as you can find some great things in there, and usually with a 10 – 70% off the price tag.

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Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, Home Depot doesn’t have a seniors discount at this time. However, if you are a first responder, you can receive up to 10% off with a valid I.D.

However, there are several ways seniors can save more while shopping at this great store. These include joining Home Depot’s free memberships – the Pro Xtra and Garden Club and signing up for Home Depots Consumer Credit Card. Seniors should also make good use of the price match guarantee, utilize coupons and always check out the discount bins for any extra savings. 

Home Depot has 2,300 locations nationwide. However, if there’s not a store in your town, you can take advantage of their extensive online catalog and quick delivery options.

Good Luck and Happy Pensioners Day!

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