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Does Home Depot Hire Felons?

Does Home Depot Hire Felons

A convicted felon finds it extremely difficult to find a steady job. Most of the companies do not offer jobs to felons. Offices tend to avoid appointing persons with a criminal background.

Most of the time, employers think that felons can threaten their customers and fellow employees despite completing their term of sentence. This tendency leads to huge unemployment problems for the convicted felons. This is a current issue of all countries across the world.

Though it is mandatory to treat felons as any other normal individual, they get discriminated against most of the places, including job placements. This leads to the deprivation of the mental health of the felons. They get anxious and get tempted to do criminal activities again. This needs to stop.

We all have the responsibility to help the felons coming back to the better phase of life. Providing felons with steady jobs is the primary need to give them a better life.

Organizations Moving Forward

As there are mounting obstacles, there is the light of hope too. Many companies, including Home Depot, are coming in the front to give helping hands to the felons. Being one of the largest spread companies across the USA, Canada, and Mexico, Home Depot can offer jobs to up to 371,000 people. This vast majority of placement is a huge advantage to the felons.

Most of the time, small companies with limited job vacancies do not offer jobs to felons. But Home Depot is a large company with the aforementioned huge number of job placements makes it more likely to get a job for the felons.

does home depot hire felon

Home Depot is a shopping station to buy tools, types of machinery, and other accessories. So, this place needs shopping guides, cashiers, managers, and other back-office services. The various post for the jobs is good for the felons as they can choose any of the posts in a single office.

Fortunately, Home Depot is offering jobs felons as they prefer capabilities over background records. This is a good sign for the felons. A major company like Home Depot with the tremendous likeness of getting a job is surely an exciting chance to get a job for the felons.

Why Should A Felon Choose Home Depot To Work In?

Getting a job is not at all easy for felons. The job is the most necessary thing a felon needs to have after completing the term of the sentence. A job can give them enough money to survive and make themselves a better human being. A job can make up their mental health by keeping them busy.

So, a felon should try their best to get a steady job. We can suggest felons as one of the best places to work. Yes, we are talking about Home Depot. There are enough valid reasons for this suggestion. The reasons are,

1 Variety Of Work

Home Depot is one of the largest companies in North America, with its stores spreading in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. They offer many services, including the selling of tools, types of machinery, and other technological accessories.

So, as any other shopping mall, Home Depot also needs,

  • Guides for selling
  • Sales executives
  • Warehouse staff
  • Back-office services
  • Managers
  • Cashiers
  • Freight workers
  • Transportation drivers
  • Administrative assistants

Various type of job positions needs a various type of working experience and capabilities. A felon with any one of the working experience or capability can apply for the respective job position. Multiple options for a job application are the best thing anyone could get, and Home Depot offers you that. This is a good advantage for the felons.

2 Ban The Box Association

Home Depot is one of the largest companies that have signed the Ban the Box. This means – Home Depot will not ask anyone for background information during the application process. This is a positive impact on the application process for the felons.

Usually, felons get anxious about filling up the criminal record section of the application. Either they don’t have the right words to describe the incident, or they are too embarrassed.

does home depot hire a felon

So, the Ban the Box gives felons the freedom to fill up the application form like any other individual. Felons have to tell the incident during the background checking process. This helps in having transparent communication with the employer without any misunderstanding in the application form.

3 A Vast Number Of Placements

We have already stated that Home Depot is one of the major employers throughout the North American continent with its numerous outlets. Where limited vacancies are a disadvantage to the felons, many vacancies make Home Depot the best choice for the felons. Felons can easily get into any Home Depot outlet after completing a successful background checking session.

4 Attractive Salary Package

Besides every other pro of getting a Home Depot job, it also offers attractive salary packages to the employees. Most of the time, felons do not get enough salary according to their capability to do work. This is seen because most of the companies refrain from hiring felons.

So, other companies do not offer a decent amount of money to felons. But, we can assure you that Home Depot different in that. A Home Depot outlet offers an average salary of $9.50 to $11.65 per position, along with beneficial entitles like health insurance, sick leave, and vacation leave.

Moreover, they also offer a tuition reimbursement program for the employees if they pursue a degree. This is an attractive option for the felons who dropped out. Felons can make money and also get a degree at the same time.

Does Home Depot Run A Background Check For Felons?

Nowadays, background checking is a must for every company and office throughout the world. Background checking makes it easy to identify every candidate with all details about their capability, experience, qualification, and even criminal record.

Like any other company Home Depot also runs background checking sessions for all the candidates who cleared preliminary appointment processes. Being a major company, they must be sure about employing any candidate in their outlets.

does the home depot hire felon

While background checking processes varies from store to store, most of the Home Depot outlets checks the criminal records based on these points,

1 Time from which the felon committed the crime

2 The seriousness of the crime

3 The mental state of the felon

4 The capability of the felon to work after committing the crime

5 Term of the sentence on the felon

6 Type of crime committed.

While many felons complained about not getting the job after the background checking, many have passed every step of the appointing process, including the background check. Generally, the seriousness of the crime matters most. Theft, violence, and sex crime felons don’t get the opportunity most of the time.

How Can A Felon Get A Job In Home Depot?

A felon can surely get a job in Home Depot by clearing all the job positions’ needs. Mostly, passing the background check and interview is difficult for felons. We can give you tips on how to present yourself in front of employers. These are,

  • Be truthful about the incident.
  • Shortly describe the incident after asking.
  • Show eagerness about doing the work.
  • Show your necessity for the job position.
  • Take responsibility for the crime committed.

We can’t assure you, but following these points will surely give you positivity.


We believe that trying is everything. There may be thousands of obstructions, but being hard-willed will give you the opportunity. Being a felon is not a crime but not taking responsibility for the consequences is. Always try to take responsibility. A positive mindset will make felons a better person. They can also get a job even with tremendous obstacles.

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