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Does Home Depot Match Paint?

does home depot match paint

Home Depot is among the best places to get materials and services for renovating or fixing your home. Painting your walls is probably near the top of your list of do-it-yourself home improvement projects.

But are you wondering Does Home Depot Match Paint?

To give your home the right color pallet?

Well, let’s find out…

Paint Matching At Home Depot

Home Depot will match paint to almost any color and can even match paint from other brands and stores. That’s not all, though. Home Depot can also match paint from a variety of objects and materials. This includes paint cans and lids, paint chips, photos, drywall, metal, plastic, fabric, and wood.

How Home Depot Matches Paint

Home Depot’s paint department uses several techniques to match paint. For example, you can bring an old paint can or a paint chip from a painted wall.

For paint cans, Home Depot’s paint database might already have the color formula on hand. If so, the paint department employee just types in the appropriate codes from the can’s label. This normally works regardless of the paint brand or where it is sold.

No code on the paint can…

If the paint can has no label, the inside of the lid can sometimes be used. Alternatively, there might be enough leftover paint to paint some drywall or wood to match from.

How Does Home Depot Read the Paint Color?

Any Home Depot that stocks paint has a computer linked to the retailer’s nationwide database containing paint and color information. The paint sample is put on a spectrophotometer sensor, a light meter that reads color. The properties of the paint base are then compared to the measurement of the actual color. This determines how much colorant to add to blend the final color. 

How Big Must a Paint Chip Be?

For optimal results, the paint sample must be a minimum of one square inch in size. The spectrophotometer requires that size to accurately read the color.

What Else Can Be Used to Match Colors?

Home Depot can match colors from various materials, including drywall, plastic, fabric, and metal. For example, if you want your walls to match the color of your new couch, take a fabric sample for the spectrophotometer to read.

If you don’t have a fabric sample, you can take a cushion cover. You can also remove a little scrap of extra fabric from under the couch and take that instead. However, take note that Home Depot cannot match sheer fabric.

Can You Use a Picture to Match Paint?

There are a few different ways to accomplish this. The simplest option is to bring a printed picture of the desired color. For example, you might have gone on vacation and taken a picture of a wall color you really like.

There are a few problems with this method to consider, though. One is that the ambient lighting of the photographed scene may have an impact on the image’s color balance. This means the picture will not accurately reflect the color you remember.

Can You Use a Picture to Match Paint

Size and quality matter…

You’ll also still need a square inch of the color. If the photo is small, the spectrophotometer may not read the color you want. Another approach to color matching a photograph might be more effective, though…

The Paint Matching App

These days there is an app for almost everything, and that includes a paint-matching app for iPhone and Android. The app works in several ways.

It has access to the whole pallet of colors from the paints that Home Depot sells, for example. Selecting a paint color is as simple as scrolling through a variety of colors. The app also lets you take a picture of your house and apply your chosen color to the walls.

Just point and shoot!

It can read the color of anything you aim your phone at, then tell you what paint options can be used to create that color. The app can be downloaded from Google Play, the iPhone App Store, or Home Depot’s website.

What Paint Brands And Types Does Home Depot Sell?

Home Depot has various brands that are considered standard paints in all of its shops. However, certain specialty and localized paint brands may be available in a limited number of stores. 

What Paint Brands And Types Does Home Depot Sell

Here are some regular paint brands sold by Home Depot:

  • Glidden Essentials/Premium
  • PPG Diamond/Timeless
  • Rust-Oleum
  • Behr Marquee/Ultra/Premium Plus

Other types of paint they sell include enamel, primers, lacquers, gloss, eggshell, matte, and many more. If you have any queries regarding which brand and type you need, the paint department staff can help you make the right decision.

Can Home Depot Match Paint From Other Stores?

Home Depot sells a huge selection of paint brands. So, the paint you purchased at another retailer might already be available at your nearest branch. If Home Depot does not sell the paint you need, you can bring the paint can for a color match.

Home Depot’s paint database contains many color formulas of popular paint brands, which can match most of the currently available paints. Should their database not have a particular color formula, you can use the spectrophotometer to find a match.

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Final Thoughts

Yes, you can color-match paint at Home Depot for almost any task you have in mind, in various ways. This includes in-store color matching using paint chips, old paint, and fabric swatches. They also have an app to help you find the exact paint color and type you want. 

Enjoy your home makeover and Happy painting!

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