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Does Home Depot Rent Trailers?

does home depot rent trailers

It’s often said that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, not to mention expensive, time-consuming, and no doubt challenging. It’s always best to plan ahead and be well-prepared for the big day. 

Home Depot recognizes the challenges involved in moving and wants to help you save money and move smarter. But, Does Home Depot Rent Trailers?

And supply other moving supplies? 

Let’s find out…

Can You Rent Trailers At Home Depot?

Yes, Home Depot rents out a range of trailers depending on the size and style, and length of time you’ll need it for

They also have other handy tools for rent, including trolleys, dollies, jacks, lifts, and ramps. Plus, they supply everything you’ll need for packing up your precious belongings, including sturdy cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing foam, and much more. 

The Different Kinds

Currently, your local Home Depot offers three different types of trailers to rent. They can be hired for different purposes and periods. For example, a few hours, a day, a week, and also for four weeks, and the prices reflect the length of time you’ll need them.

Lawn & Garden Trailer

First, let’s check out the cheapest and smallest-sized trailer on offer at Home Depot. It’s Ohio Steel’s Lawn & Garden Trailer 3’x5”. This trailer has some great features, including tubular railings to help easily secure your load. It is made for heavy-duty use as it’s constructed from powder-coated tubular steel, so you don’t need to worry about damaging it during your move. 

It also features an open-sided design and a 3-way split fold ramp gate, which allows for versatile use and makes loading and unloading easier. The axle can handle 2000 lbs and comes with a standard jack, a 4-way trailer plug, and LED lighting.


The exact pricing for hiring this design will be determined from store to store. However, it’s estimated to be around the following prices while enquiring online –

  • $21 – For a 4-hour hire.
  • $30 – Per day, up to six days.
  • $120 – Per week, up to three weeks.
  • $360 – For four weeks.

Channel Frame Trailer 

The next size up is the Ohio Steel Channel Frame Trailer 5’x8′. This trailer is a step up from the previous one in terms of size and how heavy a load it can handle. 

It has the same great features, including 3 way split fold ramp gate, tubular railings, and open-sided design features, the entire trailer is constructed from heavy-duty powder-coated tubular steel, a standard jack, a 4-way trailer plug, and LED lighting. Plus, this trailer’s axle can handle a giant 3500 lbs!


The pricing of this is a little more than the first we looked at, and we’ve been quoted the following prices; however, depending on where you are located, the price might vary a little. 

  • $35 – For a 4-hour hire.
  • $50 – Per day, up to six days.
  • $200 – Per week, up to three weeks.
  • $600 – For four weeks.

Solid Wall Trailer

Finally, Home Depot has the biggest and most heavy-duty trailer available for hire. It’s the Solid Wall Trailer 5′ x 8′, which has a high side that has been specifically designed to provide extra security while towing your belongings down the freeway. It is the right trailer for you if you have a lot of top-heavy items, as well as tall items to move. 

It features the same great aspects, including construction with powder-coated tubular steel and a 3 way split fold ramp gate. However, it’s pimped up with better quality fittings, including a 48″ Hydraulic Assist gate, 5K swivel top wind jack, 4-way flat style plug, 3500 lb drop axle, and DOT-compliant L.E.D. lights.

Solid Wall Trailer


This is the best of the bunch, and prices are reflective of this; our online quote came in at:

  • $42 – For a 4-hour hire.
  • $60 – Per day, up to six days.
  • $240 – Per week, up to three weeks.
  • $720 – For four weeks.

What Do I Need To Rent A Trailer?

You’ll need to bring along some valid ID, along with a form of payment, when you pick up your hire. Most locations require you to pay for the trailer up front and leave a $100 cash deposit or credit card charge info. This is for worst-case scenarios like accidents, damage to the trailer, or if it takes longer for you to return it than expected. The deposit will be returned when the trailer is. 

Are There Special Requirements For My Vehicle?

Depending on the make and model of your car. You might find that you’ll need some extra accessories to get the trailer properly hooked up to your vehicle. You can find out all the information in this handy guide, Use and Care Manual for trailers. On top of this, you can always ask your Home Depot associate for help if you need it. 

What Other Large Tools Does Home Depot Rent?

Home Depot has a huge range of helpful tools to make your move a breeze. You can choose from many heavy-duty items like ramps, jack lifts, trollies, and dollies. Check out items like:

What Other Large Tools Does Home Depot Rent

Home Depot has more than 2,300 store locations, with 1200 of these housing large equipment like the above mentioned for hire. Use this handy Store Locator Tool to find what you are looking for today!

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Final Thoughts

Moving is challenging at the best times, so having access to a reliable, sturdy trailer is going to be a big help. Home Depot has three different-sized trailers to hire, depending on the quantities and type of items you need to move. 

You can hire these on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, along with any other tools you might require. You can also purchase packing boxes, tape, and bubble wrap at the same time. Take the stress out of moving and let Home Depot Hires carry the larger loads.

Happy Moving, and All the Best!

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