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Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

does home depot sell benjamin moore paint

Are you planning to give your home a facelift? If your walls are starting to look dull and dingy, repainting them is a quick and easy solution. And why not use Benjamin Moore paints, which are known for being high quality and easy to color match?

Home Depot offers innovative paint mixing technology and is a great place to shop for paint and other DIY products. The company offers an excellent selection of paint brands at reasonable prices. 

So, let’s find out, ‘does Home Depot sell Benjamin Moore Paint?’

Availability At Home Depot 

Benjamin Moore Paint is not available in Home Depot stores or online. This is because Benjamin Moore refuses to supply major chain stores with its products. Instead, they supply solely to independent retailers such as local stores.

The company has claimed that this is because they want to focus on providing customers with a personalized experience. However, the focus seems to have shifted slightly in recent years, and you can now find a range of Benjamin Moore paints at Ace Hardware, Walmart, and even on the Amazon website. 

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Alternative Options 

Purchasing paint from your local Home Depot store is a quick and convenient option. You can take advantage of a range of services and get advice from store employees. Although the company does not stock Benjamin Moore paint, there are several similar options to choose from. 

Alternative Options


This is Home Depot’s house brand paint and boasts a similar quality to Benjamin Moore paint. Because Behr is the house brand, you will find a wide range of colors and styles to choose from. This brand is prominently displayed, and you will often find deals to take advantage of.

The highest-end option from the product line is known as Behr Marquee. This line is known for its exceptionally high quality and is ideal for exteriors. Although this brand is more expensive than some competing options, a little tends to go a long way. It is so thick and luxurious that full coverage can often be achieved with a single coat.


The Glidden brand is ideal for home improvement lovers who are on a budget. Although it tends to be very affordable, the company offers comparable quality to Behr. This paint is good for excellent coverage on outdoor surfaces, especially on brick and concrete.

It is very easy to apply to walls and dries extremely quickly. Once dry, surfaces are very easy to clean. This type of paint includes mold and mildew-resistant properties, making it perfect for bathroom and kitchen surfaces. The only catch is you may need to use at least two coats before surfaces are completely covered. 

PPG Diamond Brite 

This range features additives to remove odor, making it perfect for small interiors where strong odors would be an issue. This quality latex interior paint is oil-based and especially luxurious. While the range is smaller than many lines, there are several vibrant and popular colors to choose from. Although available at a lower price point, this paint is known for being particularly durable. 


This range of spray paint is designed to protect metal services and prevent rust. There are also several brush-on versions that offer excellent coverage and value for money. Countertop Transformations is one of the most popular lines in the Rust-Oleum product range. This line comes in a range of colors and is designed to cover tile and laminate countertops. 


This white water and oil-based paint are perfect for covering mold residue, stains, and old paint. It comes in gallon tubs that are perfect for rolling or brushing onto surfaces. Kilz has also created spray cans for tacking small yet hard to reach areas.

This is a popular option for painting ceilings and skirting boards. It serves as an excellent primer for additional coats of paint. 


Harris Titanium

This line is thicker than usual and is perfect for both interior and exterior surfaces. The available colors are very vibrant, and the paint goes on smoothly and easily. However, multiple coats are likely to be necessary to cover dark and uneven surfaces. 

Color Matching

Home Depot is famous for its color-matching service. All you need to do is take a swatch of your favorite fabric, and the paint will be mixed in that color. You can also take along a color chart to get a similar color blended on the spot.

Although Benjamin Moore paints are not officially matched at Home Depot, there are ways to get the perfect color. You are likely to find that the shade you are looking for is already available in a range of colors. Alternatively, you can bring an item that exactly matches the shade and have the color mixed to order. 

Color Matching

Where To Buy Benjamin Moore Paint? 

Finding a store that stocks this brand of paint in your area can be tricky. Fortunately, you can find the full range of products on the company’s website. The company ships its products to the continental US, although shipping charges can be quite high. 

There is also a handful of dedicated stores in states such as Hawaii and Alaska. You can use the store locator to find the nearest outlet. Alternatively, you can find a limited range on the Walmart website and in selected stores. Perhaps the largest selection is currently offered in collaboration with Ace Hardware.

Before You Head To Home Depot

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Final Thoughts 

The best place to purchase Benjamin Moore paint is in one of the stores or websites I have already mentioned in this article. This brand is also sold by a select number of independent retailers. However, you will not be able to buy Benjamin Moore Paints in Home Depot stores or on the home improvement company’s website.

Fortunately, Home Depot stocks several brands that are similar to Benjamin Moore’s paints. If you have a sample, you can color match it in your local store to make sure touch-ups are perfect. The home improvement company often runs offers and promotions, and you are likely to get a great deal.

Enjoy your paint shopping at Home Depot!

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