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Does IHOP Run Background Checks?

Does IHOP Run Background Checks

When It comes to looking for a job, felons face multiple challenges due to the background check. Especially a felon, who has had superior experience in the hospitality industry or restaurants, would want to get their hand on applying at IHOP (International House of Pancakes), one of the leading restaurants in the country.

does ihop run background checks

In this blog, we will cover multiple areas of queries which include:

  • What is included in the background check?
  • IHOP background check
  • Tips for getting your job at IHOP

1 What Is Included In The Background Check?

Professional employers such as IHOP go through a background check, as the organization is very picky in choosing its workforce. A ‘Wrong’ or ‘Bad’ hire is the one who –

  • Has a very negative outlook towards life
  • Is dishonest with their job
  • Has problem in delivering quality work
  • Does not possess the right skill set required to carry out the services
  • Is also not very regular with the job
  • Does not know how to deal with the customers properly
  • Has attitude issues

Every organization lays great emphasis on honesty. No employer would like to select an employee who is dishonest and also someone who has had a criminal record. Even if the employee has good intentions now, it becomes challenging to waive off the past altogether.

Background Check

While recruiting and running a background check, these are the four main points checked by the employer:

  • Credit reports
  • Criminal Records
  • Educational records
  • Driving records

It is essential for an employer to carry out a thorough background check. This is because it helps the employer determine the employee’s financial status, character, and also their history. An extensive background check also helps the employer to identify all the potential risks of the hiring.

does ihop run the background check

In terms of criminal record background, multiple aspects are also considered, including a thorough examination of criminal history files to detect criminal offenses. This helps in revealing all the conventional and non-conventional cases which are either dismissed or not prosecuted.

An important point to note is, convictions can get reported with no limit on time while the non-conviction shows for a total of seven years. If the felon has their record expunged, the crime will not even pop up on the background check.

2 IHOP Background Check

It is widespread for felons to look for employment in the hospitality industry, that too, restaurants. The good news is that IHOP often hires felons, as the IHOP team does compromise individuals with a criminal record. The catch however here is that the location with less staff or the one which is very much in demand hires felons.

In the IHOP’s application process, the employer also asks for the employees’ permission to perform a thorough pre-employment criminal background check. Before offering the job offer to the final selects, IHOP does a background check in the hunt for felony convictions. In the hiring process, the company also may sometimes conduct a drug test of the final selects.

does ihop run your background checks

IHOP has no strict regulations or policies in place in hiring candidates with a criminal record. Before giving the final offer letter, IHOP considers the multiple background checks as a part of the mandated procedure. The routing background check in IHOP takes about a week to complete.

Many of the IHOP locations are turned into a franchise. This signifies that for a felony, it is now much easier to secure a job in IHOP, keeping in mind a few factors. The IHOP location and the store manager play a crucial role in offering an appointment to the felony.

No Compromises

For an individual with a criminal record, here are a few things that cannot be comprised on:

  • The job seeker needs to be honest about their past.
  • The job seeker should answer every question.
  • The individual should reflect a positive side of theirs.
  • They should narrate their history in detail.

IHOP’s application form consists of a ‘Criminal History Check,’ and this section should be taken very seriously by the applicants. Every question must be answered honestly, without fluffing about the information. Suppose the job is offered to the applicants. In that case, the individuals will have to go through a background check, so not being accurate enough would terminate or disqualify their application.

IHOP carries out a background check to protect the organization’s reputation, employees, customers, etc. If the felon has expunged records, then the chances of getting a job at IHOP increase.

3 Tips on Getting a Job at IHOP

IHOP is a leading pancake chain in the country, and getting a job at IHOP is not a cake-walk. After doing thorough research, we have noted some of the essential factors which could help an individual back a job at IHOP.

does ihop run background check

These include:

  • First and foremost is that the employee values timelines and deadlines.
  • The employee is expected to be very flexible with the timings and work.
  • They are expected to have good communication skills as they would regularly communicate with the clients.
  • The employee needs to be polite and calm.
  • The employee should be very honest with their personal information and record.

If possible, one should apply in person, as this gives the employer a platform to have a word with the manager of IHOP in length. Hiring in franchises primarily lies in the hands of the manager, as they are the deciding people.


One essential suggestion is never to hide that you have a criminal record because your employer will get to know sooner or later. If you have hidden this fact, you will be in big trouble; that is why it is best to be honest from scratch.

You must take responsibility for your past, own it up, and be honest about it. It would help if you had an answer ready to explain what you have thought of overcoming from the past and make your professional life progress faster.

While your hiring process is on, you could focus on highlighting your passion, skillset, and the good things about yourself which also might interest the employer.

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