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Does IKEA Allow Dogs and Are They Pet Friendly? (Updated Policy)


Are you planning to go on a shopping spree with your precious pooch? 

There may be times when it simply isn’t possible to leave your dog at home. If going for a walk and stumble across an IKEA store, you may want to pick up a few household items. However, trying to go shopping with man’s best friend in tow can be tricky. Some stores are happy to welcome well-behaved pooches, while other stores have a strict policy against it.

 So, if you’ve been wondering, ‘does IKEA allow dogs and are they pet friendly?’, then it’s time to find out…

Company Regulations 

You can find clear details about the admission and circulation of animals in stores on the IKEA website. It is important to note that the regulations are slightly different in different circumstances. Different store managers also have the right to set their own policies or adapt them as they choose. 

Are Pets Allowed?

Unless there is a specific reason why your furry friend needs to be with you, the company doesn’t allow them. It should be noted that the company is reluctant to post details about IKEA’s no-pet policy on its website. However, pets of all types are usually prohibited, even if they are in a cage. 

This is because the company’s stores feature large cafeterias that sell both hot and cold freshly prepared food. Allowing animals to circulate in stores that sell fresh food is against the Food Service Codes of the Food and Drug Administration. There is a concern that animals can bring hair, dirt, drool, and other materials into food service areas. This, in turn, carries a risk of contamination. 

It’s not just about hygiene…

The no-pet policy is also in place because some customers are scared of certain animals. The hair of canines and cats can also trigger an intense allergic reaction in some people. However, some store managers may choose to bend the rules or turn a blind eye to shoppers accompanied by animals. 

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Does IKEA Allow Dogs And Are They Pet Friendly? – Service Animals

Does IKEA Allow Dogs And Are They Pet Friendly? - Service Animals

These animals are trained to perform tasks for people who have disabilities. According to the ADA guidelines, service animals have to be permitted to enter stores to assist their owners. However, the animal must be kept on a leash and be well-behaved at all times.

Store employees are legally permitted to ask if the animal is a service animal. They can also ask about the types of functions the animal has been trained to perform. However, employees are not allowed to ask any other questions about the service animal and have to allow store entry. It is not permitted to ask to see proof of disability before allowing admission to the store. 

What About Emotional Support Animals?

Emotional support animals are specially trained to provide therapeutic benefits to people with psychiatric and mental disabilities. For many people, having an emotional support animal by their side makes tasks like shopping easier. Unfortunately, these animals are not permitted into the company’s stores because they do not perform practical tasks. 

Where To Leave Your Pooch At The Store

If you need to enter a company’s store and cannot take your canine companion inside, they can wait outside. Many stores feature special pooch parking spots just outside the front doors. 

These areas consist of small patches of AstroTurf featuring poles to tie leashes to. The patches of AstroTurf are sheltered from the elements, so you can park your pooch there without concern. Some locations also feature kennels and water bowls to encourage owners to shop for longer. However, it is a good idea to call ahead to see which kinds of facilities are provided for canine companions. 

Pet-Friendly Stores In The United States

If your pooch feels like a member of the family, leaving them tied up outside a store can be upsetting. It may be better to choose to shop at stores where your furry friends are welcome to hang out. Here are some of the chains of stores that are known for welcoming animals as well as those that don’t.

Home Depot

Home Depot

A large number of hardware shops are happy to welcome well-behaved animals. The aisles in Home Depot are wide, and there is plenty of space to keep your companion on a leash. However, it is best to call ahead and make sure that animals are allowed in the store before visiting. 


Each Lowes store boasts an Outdoor Living section where canines are welcome to roam. Whether your pooch can follow you into the rest of the store is down to the discretion of the store manager. If your buddy is well-behaved, there is a good chance they will get a pass. 

Tractor Supply Co.

This company is proud to be pet-friendly and even uses this trait in its advertising campaigns. Pictures of Maddie Belle, the golden retriever having fun in one of the company’s stores can be found online. Simply head on over to the Tractor Supply Co. website to find out how much fun your pooch could be having. 


As long as your canine companion is on a leash and well-behaved, it will be welcomed with open arms. The company loves taking to social media to show how pet-friendly it is. Evidence of the company’s love for animals can be found all over Instagram and Twitter. 

Bass Pro Shops

Not only is your furry friend welcome in stores, the company actively encourages shoppers to bring them. Each year, the company organizes Dog Days where hounds of all types can socialize. The store environment is very dog-friendly, and some staff are known for giving treats to cool canines. 

Pottery Barn

Leashed pets are welcome to visit this high-end home goods chain as long as they are properly trained. Pottery Barn sells items for the discerning dog that enjoys a little pampering. Checking out the goodies with your canine companion can be a great bonding experience. 


If you are a true animal lover, you can shop with confidence at LUSH. None of the company’s products or the ingredients used to make them are tested on animals. You are even allowed to take your favorite animal into the company’s stores while you browse for bargains. 


This company has a long history of welcoming canines and other animals in the store. Macy’s works closely with the SPCA and certainly has a soft spot for animals. However, access can be tricky if the store is located inside a large shopping mall where pets are prohibited. 

Barnes & Noble

The History Of Barnes And Noble

You don’t have to wait until you get home to curl up with a good book and your canine companion. However, health codes vary from state to state, and not all branches are as welcoming as others. If a café is located at the entrance of the store, it is fair to assume that admission will not be permitted. 

Harbor Freight Tools

While this company is best known for selling tools, each store also has a limited pet section. You can bring your furry friend to a store and let it choose its own pet and accessories. You can also pick out a new tool chest or ratchet set while you are there. 


This company is famous for its hunting gear and accessories, and hounds make the perfect hunting companions. All types of pooches are generally welcome inside the company’s stores. Many branches also boast kennels both inside and outside stores for your furry friend to chill out in. 


Like in most pet stores, pooches and other animals receive a warm welcome in PetSmart stores. Most employees have a love for animals and will give your canine companion plenty of attention. While you will usually need to keep your furry buddy on a leash, you can buy treats to reward good behavior. 



This company is famous for selling high-end dog beds and other canine essentials. You can find a wide range of products for your precious pooch, including leashes, bowls, and collars. There are even waterproof bed quilts that come in handy when house training pups and car sets for pooches.

With all these products dedicated to our four-legged friends, it stands to reason that they would be allowed in stores. Canines of all types are welcome in all the company’s stores throughout the United States.

Enter the dog contest for charity!

Orvis holds a catalog cover dog photo contest each year, and submissions are always welcome. The company is also a supporter of the Morris Animal Foundation, which conducts research into veterinary medicine and canine cancers.

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Does IKEA Allow Dogs and Are They Pet Friendly? – Final Thoughts

Shopping with your favorite animal can be a real joy if it’s done right. Many animals love to socialize, and this is the perfect opportunity for them to explore. Of course, you need to make sure that your animal companion is properly trained and knows how to behave.

Generally speaking, it is not possible to take animals inside IKEA stores, although outside facilities are often provided. Concessions are made for service animals that need to stay with you to help perform certain tasks. But, there are plenty of stores that will be happy to greet you and your precious pooch when you visit.

So, good luck shopping with your favorite four-legged friend!

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