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Does Jiffy Lube Hire Felons?

Does Jiffy Lube Hire Felons

Every car owner focuses on preventive maintenance measures. This also permits your car to run smoothly and effectively. It also allows avoiding major issues in cars. Jiffy Lube is an automotive servicing organization that operates 2000 stations across different parts of the U.S.

It has a loyal customer base of 24 million which gets its car service every year. Felons can join the automotive industry Jiffy Lube as it is one of the leading automotive companies in the industry.

Felons can also choose to work with Jiffy Lube the multiple locations are standalone outlets. This is a 50-year-old organization; which is headquartered in Texas. It is a popular company and is also listed in Forbes magazine.

Job Opportunities for Felons

  • Jiffy Lube offers several job opportunities for entry-level positions.
  • High diplomas however are not a mandate.
  • Some felons can read, write and converse in English.
  • Mechanical, customer care, and management courses to excel at Jiffy Lube.
  • Felons can also access these courses to reestablish an honest way to live through Jiffy Lube University.
  • A combination of academic subjects and professional training also allows felons to secure a job with Jiffy Lube.

does the jiffy lube hire the felons

  • Felons can fill their career gaps properly however they can also start a new career with Jiffy Lube.
  • They can also use each course to maximize their earnings on completion.
  • Felons can also rise and become part of the leadership team with sincerity, hard work, and dedication.
  • They also receive a good work-life balance with an 8-hour work shift.
  • Felons also require to organize their work schedule better.
  • Felons can also pursue higher studies with a full-time job at Jiffy Lube.
  • Paid vacations, retirement benefits, and health insurance are the best employee benefits for felons.
  • Felons can receive steady workflow for themselves during their tenure at Jiffy Lube.
  • Felons can also become service mechanics and stand on their feet again.

Policy for Hiring Felons

1 Felons receive a decent pay scale with appropriate training to start a new career on a positive note.

2 This company is a franchisee operator which permits each store to make their own hiring decisions.

3 Every outlet uses different methods or rather their strategies to handle felons.

4 An interesting part of working with Jiffy Lube is felons get hired based on testimonials of current and past employees who were felons and working in different stores.

does jiffy lube hire a felon

5 Jiffy Lube runs background verification checks and uses indeed.com and Glassdoor to post job postings.

6 They also conduct drug tests to remove felons who consume drugs.

7 Jiffy Lube also complies with state and federal laws and procure a credit score report.

8 The background verification process scans 10 years of credit reports and criminal history.

9 The advantage is older the felony, the safer it becomes to secure a job as background report comes clear.

10 Felons can visit the store directly to check different vacancies.

11 Every store manager is a hiring manager at Jiffy Lube.

12 Jiffy lube stores are popular for hiring the best talent, so felons must look for chances to secure a position.

Strategies for Getting Hired

  • Felons can create a good impression at the store by visiting and politely speaking to the manager.
  • Felons must also demonstrate enthusiasm and a pleasant personality.
  • Having strong background knowledge of the company also allows them to understand the business better.
  • Be precise and answer confidently.
  • Felons must also rehearse interview questions in their natural voice.
  • Jiffy Lube offers a supportive community and recruits felons with good character.
  • The more training the better the job opportunities you can get.
  • Felons must also look for possible opportunities to meet the store manager.
  • Felony’s record acts as a barrier to getting a good job.
  • Felons must make a strong resume.
  • Felons can also use a strong reference and add character verification to their resume.
  • They should go prepared for getting interviewed on the spot.
  • Felons must ask relevant questions which demonstrate a strong desire to work.

Potential Career Advancement for Felons

Jiffy Lube is a fantastic opportunity for felons for potential career advancement. Multiple branches assist felons to choose a location of their choice. Flexible working hours with easy commute increase stability for felons. It is a good learning experience with an opportunity to develop skills that allow felons to grow. The nature of the offense plays an important role in whether a felon gets hired at Jiffy Lube or not.

There are ample job opportunities to allow felons to grow to keep away from their past. Felons give themselves a better chance to take up a rewarding career. Felons should not lose heart and keep trying to get the best opportunity to succeed.

does jiffy lube hire felon

To allow felons to get a good job with provides their families with financial support. Felons experience the real world with a job that helps them to lead a dignified life. Many felons comprise teams at Jiffy Lube. Minor offenses allow felons to join a diverse workforce.

Current and former employees provide active support to felons getting hired. The company follows special training programs to equip felons with special skills which channelize their energy in the right direction. Felons receive proper on-the-job training which allows them to grow as individuals and lead a respected life.

All felons can apply for entry-level jobs and they do not require too much education or experience for the new start. Customer service officer, lube technicians are the 2 prominent positions offered to felons.

Skills required for Job Opportunity

1 Customer service officer requires skills to deal with upset customers.

2 Understanding customer needs and complete product knowledge about products and services offered by Jiffy Lube holds importance.

3 Customer service officer requires a friendly, trustworthy and respectful nature. Good communication skills are important.

4 Lube technician requires a valid driving license.

does the jiffy lube hire the felon

5 The responsibilities include vehicle inspections, changing oil, checking fluid levels, and checking air pressure.

6 Felons are responsible for the maintenance of vehicles.

7 Felons must have complete knowledge about the machinery and manual labor with how to lift driving vehicles.

8 They must have complete knowledge about the service bays to deliver qualitative service for cars.

9 Felons can join training programs offered by Jiffy Lube University to begin their career in the automotive industry.

Bottom Line

The Jiffy Lube application requires a valid driving license with previous work experience to work as a Lube technician. Felon however must apply in person for all jobs. Felons receive first-hand experience working for a store. They can give an idea about their daily commute. Felons must ensure that the store is not too busy when they apply in person. Meeting the hiring manager directly opens better opportunities for felons. Felons must also demonstrate polite and respectful behavior. Go for the interview with ample time in hand.

Talk about relevant skills and work experience which interest you to work for Jiffy Lube. Ask 2 to 3 questions from the hiring manager at the end of the interview. Avoid portraying nervousness instead of showcase zeal to learn and grow. Felons must always show a positive attitude and talk about steps they use to lead a better life after completion of their prison term.

Felons can use this opportunity to their advantage and achieve success in this industry with proper guidance and training. Preparation is the key to help bag a good job with Jiffy Lube.

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