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Does Kelly Services Hire Felons in 2023?

Does Kelly Services Hire Felons

Conventional ways of finding work changed. Entering the labor market is different in 2023, even for a felon. Walking to deliver your resume in dozens of places and looking for jobs with fatigue and frustration is a memory.

The talent companies change too. Today, Kelly Services provides employment opportunities to more than a million people a year. How all of these people connected with their employers? Kelly Services makes it possible.

Each candidate navigates in search of a job that suits his skills. Then start a simple application process. It sounds easy. But we know that it is not as easy if you are a felon.

Not all employee placement platforms are opened to hire people with criminal records. Not all have inclusive policies in this regard. But this is not a reason to give up.

Kelly Services does not guarantee you to be hired if you are a felon. Although, this talent community has a policy “to provide equal employment opportunity.” These are not just words from Kelly’s President and CEO, Peter Quigley; it is a feasible fact: there are felons in their hiring history. It is also a fact that the recruitment and selection processes are simple.

Why Apply for a Job with Kelly Services as A felon?

On the internet, there are hundreds of job offers. Just a few clicks away. Not all of these opportunities are opened to felons. A good way to explore career options is to sign up with Kelly Services. It is almost sure that you will find offers that match your skills.

These are the main reasons to choose Kelly Services if you are a felon looking for work:

1 Kelly Services has a policy of nondiscrimination and inclusion programs for minorities. On many occasions, the privilege of hiring is for women, individuals with disabilities, and protected veterans. Although they do not have specific felons hiring program, their selection processes seek fairness.

does kelly services hire felons

2 For many jobs posted on the Kelly Services platform, criminal records are not a restriction. Much of the selection process is online. This process is based on skills and work history. The face-to-face interview is the last part of the process.

3 This talent company is looking for all types of workers. For temporary and non-traditional work styles. Your employment and education history will surely fit into a temporary job. People with felony convictions often find temporary jobs first. After the first period of reintegration, it is easier to get a stable job.

Quick Application Guide for Felons on Kelly Services

Searching For An Open Job

Visit the careers page and get acquainted with it. Review several of the works that the company proposes. Distinguish in them the job description.

You will find information such as:

  • Work type (full-time/part-time)
  • Career level
  • Compensation
  • Location
  • Remote job

Submitting an Online Application

Once you find a job that you feel qualified for, it is time to start the application process. Create an account on the page. Have your resume handy because you will need to attach it to your application. Make a list of your top 5 skills related to the type of job you chose. You should include your work experience, your last degree of studies, and contact information.

does kelly services hire the felon

Driving records, credit reports, and criminal offenses are requested too. Do not hesitate to answer honestly. This is not a limitation of your request. If your skills qualify you for the position, an analyst will contact you to continue to the next step.

Monitoring of The Application

After finishing your application, you can log into your account to check your status. If the job details include hiring manager details, you can send your information to that contact. You can perform more than one application. This way, you will have a greater probability of being contacted. Be sure to do your best with each one. One of those may be the job you expect.

While waiting to be contacted for an interview, be patient. Take advantage of this time.  Improve your skills and include new information in your resume. Even you can submit proposals to other agencies or companies that hire felons. Stay positive and active during this time.

Job Opportunities for Felons on Kelly Services

In 2023, the following jobs have a high percentage of appearance on the platform:

1 Machine operators/Forklift operator

2 Maintenance Mechanic

3 Office Assistants/Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

4 Shipping staff/Driver

5 Warehouse Jobs

In them, the probability of hiring is higher, proposing companies tend to have fewer restrictions to hire minorities and special needs people.

Applying for these types of jobs is advantageous for a felon who spent time in jail. Frequently in prison, there are training programs in areas associated with these trades. If this is the case, let your future employer know the skills you acquired while paying your debt to society.

A Job Interview

Kelly Services is a link between you and your future employer. Consider this company an ally. What characterizes the relationship with an ally? Confidence. Reveal necessary information during the recruitment process. For a talent company locating staff is a goal. They are there to help you.

In some opportunities, felons are subjected to discrimination, coercion, or harassment during an interview. This is a reality. But each company enforces different hiring policies. Also, each day more companies provide equal opportunities in employment.

does kelly services hire felon

Kelly Services “offer freedom from the old ways of approaching work, and partner with great companies that aren’t stuck in the Stone Age.” The company’s web page describes this progressive policy and governs how interviewers do their work.

Times are changing and with them the staff recruitment policies around the world.

Tips for a Felon In An Interview

  • Successful interviews on Kelly Services are those focused on skills. Try to focus the interview on what you are capable of in your performance of the position.
  • Do not avoid giving relevant information about your felony convictions, but don’t focus all your answers on it.
  • Let your interviewer know the type of charge you have. The agency may evaluate several positions for which you may apply.
  • The interview is the first day in the relationship with your employer. Take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Some laws strictly prohibit agencies from turning off criminals just because they have spent time in prison. Every hiring manager knows it in 2023. Establish a frank relationship with the interviewer and be respectful that he knows how to do his job.


Deciding to research job vacancies and apply is the first step. Consider it as an important accomplishment. The process of hiring a criminal is not easy, but many achieve the goal. We have reasons to believe that opportunities increase if you prepare yourself for the process. Ncesc is here to collaborate with it. As a felon, you need a lot of information, valid job requirements, and patience.

Kelly Services, like other talent communities, are moving forward to equal employment opportunities. Today, in many states, the legislation is more flexible for candidates with criminal records.

Get indeed hired is not easy, but there are people with felony records with a stable job. Focus on that possibility and do your best.

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