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Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns? (Full Steps And More)

does kohl's take amazon returns

Are you looking for a quick and convenient way to return unwanted Amazon products?

Trying to arrange for a return online can sometimes be a confusing and time-consuming process. It can be much easier to visit a store in person and arrange the process with a sales clerk.

If you are a fan of Kohl’s, you are sure to know that the store offers a range of convenient services. These are designed to allow you to take care of business while you do your shopping.

If you are wondering, ‘does Kohl’s take Amazon returns?’, then it’s time to find out…

The Returns Program

The Returns Program

Amazon and Kohl’s teamed up in 2017 to offer customers a special Amazon returns service. The new service proved to be an instant hit among customers of the two companies. As a result, the service was extended to every store just two years later.

While there are lots of different ways of sending back your Amazon goods, this method promises to be especially easy. There is no need to pay out for special packaging or wait for a FedEx driver to arrive. If you are already planning a trip to your nearest store, you simply have to bring your unwanted product with you. 

So, let’s find out if the service is really as convenient as it is intended to be. 

How To Complete The Return Process

How To Complete The Return Process

It is no secret that companies make sending back unwanted products rather complicated. Even though this system promises to be quick and easy, there are still a number of steps. Here are the different steps you need to complete to successfully send back your unwanted goods. 

1 Start the process online 

There are two different methods of completing the first step of the process. The first method involves heading over to the Online Return Center and logging into your account. The second method involves heading to the home page and clicking on the Returns & Orders tab. You then need to click on the Return or replace items button. 

2 Select the right reason

Before you head to the store, you need to choose the reason you are sending the product back. There are several reasons why you may be unsatisfied with the Amazon product, and it is important to choose the right one. Failing to select the correct reason could mean that you don’t get your money back.

The options you can choose from are:

  • Inaccurate website description.
  • No longer needed.
  • Bought by mistake.
  • Item defective or doesn’t work.
  • Better price available.
  • Product damaged.
  • Item arrived too late.
  • Broken or missing parts.
  • The wrong item was sent.
  • Didn’t approve the purchase.

It is important to note that these are the only options available to you. If you want to send back the product for a different reason, you may not be eligible to receive a refund. 

3 Select the desired option

You will now be prompted to choose the way you want to receive your refund. If you choose your original payment method, you will receive your refund in seven to ten days. Alternatively, you will receive the refund in two to four hours if you choose Balance credit. 

4 Choose the drop-off option 

When you select drop-off, all the store locations in your area will be displayed. You then need to click on the store that you want to take the product to. If the drop-off option doesn’t appear, your product isn’t eligible for this type of service. 

5 Find your QR code

Find your QR code

You will be sent a QR code for your drop-off via email. Make sure you take this QR code with you to the store. It is a good idea to take a screenshot of the QR code so that you can access it easily. You can also choose to print out the QR code if you prefer. 

6 Visit your nearest store

It’s time to get in your car and head on over to the store of your choice. You will usually see a dedicated counter for this type of service. Alternatively, you can make your way to a customer service desk. 

7 Contact an employee

The counter clerk will take care of the rest of the process for you. All you have to do is give them the unwanted product and present your QR code. You will be issued a return receipt, which you should keep safe until you receive your refund. 

8 Do some shopping

You can use your time wisely by doing a little shopping while you’re in the store. In some cases, you will receive a 25% off coupon when you hand over your unwanted product. This can amount to a substantial saving if you are planning to make a large purchase. 

9 Collect your refund

All that is left to do now is head home and wait to receive your refund. You receive an official email when your order has been received and processed. You should then check your account to make sure that the money is there. It will usually take a week or less for your order to be processed, although it can take up to three weeks. 

Eligible Products

Before you head off to your nearest store, you need to make sure that your product is eligible. In most cases, you should be able to get your money back on the products you want to send back. However, there are certain circumstances where you may not be able to get your money back.

The product you send back has to be new, and the packaging must not have been opened. In most cases, it must have been purchased within the last thirty days. In addition, the product must not have been purchased from a third-party seller.

If your product is eligible…

You will only know for sure that the product is eligible when you start the return process. If your product makes the grade, Kohl’s drop-off will appear as one of the options. You will also see a list of all the stores where you can take the unwanted item to send it back. 

Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns? – The Pros And Cons 

Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns?

If you have never used this service before, you may have a few doubts. You want to make sure that this service meets your needs before heading to your nearest store. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using this special service. 


Every effort has been made to make sure this service is quick and convenient for customers. As you will see, the positives of the service far outweigh the negatives. Here are the main pros of choosing to use this special service. 

1 Convenience

If you happen to live close to a store, this method is very convenient. You can also take the opportunity to do a little shopping at the same time. 

2 No need to print labels

Printing out labels can be a hassle, especially if you don’t have a printer at home. Not only is printing labels time-consuming, but it is also a waste of resources. With this method, you can use your smartphone to get the QR code and do away with printing altogether. 

3 Quick

There is no need to wait around for a delivery driver to arrive. As soon as your QR code is scanned, your refund will start to be processed. This means that you could receive it several days earlier than if you were to use other methods. 

4 No packaging required

There is no need to put your product in a box, seal an envelope, or search for stamps. The counter clerk will do all of the packaging for you, free of charge. 

5 Easy to park

Many stores boast designated parking spots, especially for this service. This helps to ensure that you will be able to park easily. 

6 Possible savings

If you are lucky enough to score a 25% off coupon, using this service will save you money. Take advantage of this coupon to buy something from your wishlist. 


Unfortunately, no system is perfect, and there are certain drawbacks to using this service. Here are the potential cons that you need to take into account. 

1 Possible ineligibility

This service is only available if you have a store within eight miles of your home. This could be a real problem if your nearest store is more than that distance away. 

2 Bulky and heavy items

Bear in mind that you will have to carry the product into the store yourself. This could be an issue if you are sending back a very large and heavy item. 

3 Potential long queues

While this service is designed to be quick and convenient, it is also very popular. This can mean that queues at the counter can be quite long from time to time. 

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Does Kohl’s Take Amazon Returns? – Final Thoughts

There are more than a thousand Kohl’s stores located throughout the United States. Most of these stores, except those in Alaska, allow you to send back your unwanted items. Not only is this service free of charge, but it is also relatively quick and convenient.

Using this service saves you the hassle of having to print a shipping label and use a box. The staff at the in-store kiosk will even repackage your unwanted items for you. If you live within eight miles of a store, you will be able to take advantage of this great service. 

Good luck in returning your unwanted Amazon item!

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