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Does Kroger Do Cash Back? (Yes, But Something You Should Know)


Are you looking for a way to avoid going to the bank or hitting up the ATM? 

If you are running low on cash, you are likely to want to restock your wallet. However, ATM fees can quickly make a dent in your budget. These days, many major retailers offer cash back when you use your card to pay for products. This is a convenient way of getting the money you need. 

So, let’s find out…

Does Kroger Do Cash Back?

Yes, Kroger offers cash back as long as you pay with a credit card. Kroger is the second-largest retail company in the United States and is known for offering great deals. You can request cash back every time you pay for items in one of Kroger’s stores. This service is available at cash registers when you use a debit card to pay for products.

In addition, Kroger offers a Cash Back Reward Program. Under this program, you can earn money rewards, which will be loaded onto your Shopper’s Card. Once you have collected enough rewards, you can redeem them for cash in your local store.

Does Kroger Do Cash Back

When do offers become active in the Cash Back Reward Program?

Your card balance will increase as soon as you load cash-back offers onto your card. However, it can take up to a week before your balance can be converted into cash. This is because your purchases have to be verified to make sure they meet the set requirements. 

How To Redeem Your Balance?

It is important to make sure you load cash-back offers onto your Shopper’s Card when you purchase eligible items. Your balance will increase each time you purchase an eligible product from a store or the company’s website. Let’s take a look at the three ways you can convert your balance into money. 

How To Redeem Your Balance

At a self-checkout counter

You can redeem your balance for a coupon at the self-checkout counter. This option is available as long as your balance is at least $2. You can use the coupon the next time you purchase products from one of the company’s stores. However, you cannot use the voucher when taking advantage of any other type of offer. 

At a cash register

You can redeem your balance for a digital or paper coupon once you have earned at least $10. If you choose to receive a digital coupon, it will be sent to the email address you provide. However, you can receive a paper coupon straight away, and it will be attached to your receipt. 

At the Customer Service desk

You need to have a balance of at least $25 to claim at the customer service desk. Again, you can choose to receive a digital or physical coupon. If you choose a physical coupon, it will be posted to your home address. You can then use the coupon on your next shopping trip. 

Eligible Payment Methods

As long as you purchase eligible products, you will earn cashback. However, the amount you can earn varies depending on the payment method you choose. Let’s take a look at the main payment methods that give you access to cashback. 

Eligible Payment Methods

Debit cards

You can receive up to $300 in cash when you use your debit card in a Kroger store. This is the highest cash-back limit of all the payment methods and is ideal for big spenders. However, you need to run a PIN-based transaction to qualify if you use your debit card as a credit card.

This cash-back detail applies to all types of debit cards, including the Kroger REWARDS Prepaid Visa debit card. You will usually be charged a fifty-cent fee for cashback of up to $100. However, the fee is usually $3.50 if you are claiming between $100 and $300. 

Discover credit cards

You cannot usually receive cash back when you pay for items using a credit card. However, Kroger stores participate in the Discover Cash Over program. As a result, you can receive up to $120 in cash back per day when you use your Discover credit card.

One of the advantages of using a Discover card is that there are no charges or fees for cash back earned. However, you will still have to pay the standard interest rates for the transaction. Discover card transactions usually need to be authenticated with a PIN to be eligible.


Although you will be eligible when you pay with a personal check, the limit is very low. The maximum you can earn on purchases when paying by personal check is $20. This is because it usually takes between two and three business days for personal checks to clear. However, you will not be charged any fees when you use this payment method. 

EBT cards

You can receive cash on EBT card transactions from $50 to $100. However, you need to have a sufficient cash balance through a qualifying cash assistance program. One of the main options is the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, which is also known as TANF. 

Items That Are Not Eligible For Cash Back At Kroger Stores 

It is important to note that not everything sold by the company is part of the Cash Back Reward Program. To receive the maximum benefits, it is important to check on the eligibility of different products. If you pick up Manager’s Special products and other close-out sale items, you will not receive rewards. It is worth taking the time to carefully check out the terms and conditions of the program. 

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Items That Are Not Eligible For Cash Back At Kroger Stores 

The Following Items Will Not Score You Cash Back:

  • Money services 
  • Lottery products
  • Fuel
  • Gift cards
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco products
  • Pharmaceutical products

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Final Thoughts

If you are running low on money, you can get the cash you need when paying for products. This saves you from having to go to a bank or pay ATM withdrawal fees. Simply notify the cashier that you want a little money when you use a credit or debit card to pay for your shopping.

You can also get some money through the Cash Back Reward Program. This is a great way for smart shoppers to make savings when they purchase certain products. It is worth letting the balance on your Shopper’s Card build up so you can treat yourself to something special.

Enjoy the convenience of cash back at Kroger!

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