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Does Kroger Hire Felons?

Does Kroger Hire Felons

Finding a way to readapt or rehabilitate your life is a great capability. Employers often don’t understand this fact. They let their social preconceptions come up against applicants who have criminal records.

Kroger is a reputed company, and felons stand a chance to get hired in this company. This article will be pointing out Kroger’s hiring policies for felons.

The Kroger Business Company

The Kroger business company is an American marketer. The establishment of the company took place in 1883 by Bernard Kroger in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • It is the nation’s biggest supermarket chain based on income.
  • Kroger’s is also the second biggest general marketer and twenty third biggest business company.
  • It is also the fifth-biggest successful marketer in the world.


As of March 2013, Kroger runs the direct to consumer business. Apart from that, it operates through its other branches which comprise of 2625 superstores. Kroger’s main headquarters is in downtown Cincinnati.

It has a market in 31 other states with store setups. Those setups include malls, jewelry stores, department stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, and superstores.

Why Apply For A Job At Kroger’s?

‘Kroger’ identified grocery stores are spread all over the US. The business plan of the company mainly targets the southern and mid-western U.S.

does kroger hire felons guide

This company offers a handsome salary to every employee. It also offers special benefits such as product discounts. These include:

  • Auto and home insurance
  • Tuition fee assistance
  • Stock options

Apart from all these, Kroger’s is well-known for its job stability.

Does This Company Accept Felons?

Thousands of applicants don’t get hired by Kroger. This is because the authorities do not usually want candidates with criminal records. The rejected applicants either had misdemeanors or felony convictions in their history.

This fact however is not to demotivate any former felon from trying their luck at Kroger. It is a must that an applicant’s permission must be taken before checking their background.

does the kroger hire felon

A copy of the report of why did the applicant fail the background check must be provided in detail to the job seeker. This is so he can understand why he was not selected or was not the best suited for the particular job.

Would Kroger Check Your Background?

Kroger, like every other regular employer, would like to receive a candidate’s background-oriented details. They do so because they would not prefer someone who would fail to work, which is considered a ‘bad hiring.’

1 A Bad Hiring

Bad hiring is someone who cannot work properly. Such a candidate cannot communicate well. Those who don’t help other employees are results of bad hiring as well. These candidates tend to become unable to deal with the customers. That’s because they don’t have the necessary skills.

They also have attendance issues, and they cheat at their jobs. The last point happens to be the toughest challenge for a felon, even if he or she is now committed to living an honest life. Their criminal records can come up as an issue while applying for Kroger’s.

2 Facts

Kroger does hire felons, but it depends on some facts. Those facts include the employer’s point of view and the type of felony sentence. Another important thing is the period since the accomplishment of the conviction.

3 Background Checks

Kroger searches the background of an applicant for the last seven years. A background check will also only be conducted on a case-by-case basis. It might take two to three days or a week to complete the check. A drug test can also take place depending on the authority.

4 Information

An employer can check an applicant’s educational background. They also check his criminal history, credit reports, and driving records. The hiring manager comes to know about a candidate’s character from his background.

He can also evaluate his financial condition and past mistakes. This allows the Kroger authority to identify employing risks.

does kroger hire felon

Determining such risks is important for the safety and security of the company. The criminal background check includes an examination of crime record files.

This check looks for any violent or nonviolent offenses. This would reveal all sentenced and non-sentenced cases. These case-lists include once dismissed cases or cases that were not prosecuted.

5 Age Requirements

The minimum age required to work at Kroger’s is 16. General entry posts include grocery clerk, store associate, cashier, meat clerk, night stocker, or floral manager. An extended background check can take place for some high-level positions.

This check will go back further than seven years. Some states even include proven and not at fault verdicts in the report.

Online Application Process At Kroger

The online application at Kroger is easy to complete. Background checks and drug tests are common in the hiring sector. Some stores or supermarkets might no longer check for a drug test.

1 The Online Application

The online application submission needs to be done on Kroger’s website. You could go directly to your nearby particular store to apply. There you can fill the application form up at their kiosk. Create your account and then you can choose an empty post that suits best for you and apply for that post.

Answer multiple-choice questions asked in the online employment exam. Then you would be asked to appear for an interview. You can also follow up on the application by contacting the hiring authority on your own.

2 Tips To Keep In Mind When Applying At Kroger

Getting a job gets easier if you call the hiring authority and follow up regarding your application. If Kroger is interested in hiring you, you will be informed about the next steps. This would include a personal interview.

During the interview, you don’t need to mention your past criminal records. There is no need to talk about your history if not asked. You’ll have to however answer honestly if questioned about it.

does kroger hire felons 2023

Convictions reported in the background check. A felon can expunge his or her criminal history. In such a scenario, his or her crime would not show up on background checks. The hiring authority would check your criminal records.

They do this to see if the job is suitable for you. Focus on your rehabilitation efforts and your special skills. You should also believe that your past mistakes will not come up as a hurdle on the way to a better future.


Kroger’s is an excellent place to work at. Salary structures and other benefits are just the cherries on the top. Kroger’s also accepts and hires felons. Millions of felons apply for job opportunities in Kroger. This gives you the chance to compete on an even bigger playfield.

These days, background checks and research have become mandatory. These are unavoidable during the hiring process. As a felon, it is recommended to search for and focus on felon-friendly companies. This will help you find a good job in no time.

It is also a good idea to upgrade your skills. Learning to operate heavy machinery like a forklift increases your chances of getting a job at Kroger’s warehouses. It is a smart idea to apply for jobs at warehouses. Companies are more open to hiring felons in public-facing jobs. This gives you the opportunity to associate with a bigger brand.

You can slowly work your way up the ladder and eventually become successful at what you do.

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