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Does Lowe’s Cut Glass (Yes, But Something You Need To Know)

Does Lowe’s Cut Glass

Construction, furniture, and DIY projects all require that final touch of glass to finish the look.

Accidents happen, and a baseball may have met one of your windows over Memorial Day weekend. Either way, you may be looking to get a custom-cut glass panel to complete your project or fix what’s been broken.

Lowe’s has a variety of glass types to choose from. First, you’ll have to figure out what type of glass you need and then have it cut to your specification to perfectly match whatever is needed for a project. 

So, Does Lowe’s Cut Glass? Let’s find out, but before that, let’s take a look at the…

Different Types Of Glass And Their Uses

Clear glass

Clear glass

Clear glass sheets are commonly used for windows, glass top furniture, fish tanks, partitions, doors, shower panels, wall cladding, or a modern balustrade or fence around stairs and balconies. Of course, the thickness and length will determine the strength and durability. 

Clear glass offers a clear view of what is behind it – however, you can apply a one-way vinyl to preserve some privacy. 

Colored Glass

Colored glass can be used for the same purposes as clear glass; however, it is commonly used for specific window designs; either customized shapes or geometric patterns. Churches and other religion-based buildings often implement colored windows depicting beautiful artistic imagery.

A colored glass window may also affect the tone of the lighting in a room; reds and yellows offer warmth, and blues and greens may have cooling effects. You may also choose between a pane that has more clarity and transparency and one that is foggier and less transparent. 

Frosted or Textured Glass

Frosted or Textured Glass

Frosted or textured glass is meant to allow natural light through but offers some privacy. These are commonly used for bathroom windows and front doors.

Some DIY enthusiasts often use a window frosting spray to mimic the effects of frosted glass on clear glass or to include a design with stencils. Depending on what you use, it may last for years, while others can be washed off with ease. This is immensely popular with shops that wish to include snowflake patterns and designs over holidays.

No faking textured glass…

Textured glass, however, cannot easily be faked as the physical glass is not smooth and may contain indents or lines to roughen up the surface and change the way light reflects through it. 


This type of glass is often used instead of normal silica-based glass as it is more durable, lighter, and a lot safer than normal glass. It does not easily shatter or cause shards that may injure or cut someone. This is a preferred material used in producing furniture, spectacle lenses and monitor screens, fish tanks, etc. 

It is often used to enclose exhibits as a cover or added barrier as well. 

Mirrored glass

Mirrored glass

Mirrored glass, also known as a one-way mirror, is not only used in police interrogation rooms. They are often a fantastic addition to modern homes, as you can see out but no one can see in. 

Many homes also feature it as a door between a bedroom and en-suite bathroom, or a window from the hallway into a nursery. This is helpful when you would like to check on your little one without disturbing them or opening the door. 

Polycarbonate Glass

Polycarbonate is about 250 times as strong as normal glass. It is generally used in areas where you need extra durability, such as a bulletproof window, or as a barrier at a zoo. For home use, it is commonly used to build greenhouses. It is, however, susceptible to scratches, so many opt to use a polycarbonate polish to treat wear and tear. 

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is normal glass that has been treated with a chemical and heat process to increase its overall strength. It is also safer than normal glass, as it breaks into small blunt pieces when broken instead of shards that will cut. It is considered a “safety glass.”

What Types of Glass are available at Lowe’s?

What Types of Glass are available at Lowe’s

This will largely depend on the store, as some may have low availability of more unusual types. However, they can usually supply anything you need if you make inquiries. You will need to check with your local branch or order online.

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Does Lowe’s Cut Glass – Final Thoughts

Yes! Lowe’s will cut any glass purchased from their store or online. 

They may not cut glass purchased from other stores as they can not guarantee the quality or durability of that item. If the glass is ruined in the cutting process, this would make them liable. Of course, this may be a problem as the value of other store items may differ from Lowe’s.

So, if you buy your glass from Lowe’s, they will happily provide any cutting services you may need.

Good Luck with your DIY project at home!

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