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Does Lowe’s Run Background Checks?

does lowes run background checks

Felons find it difficult to get a suitable job opportunity after release. Felons might have prior work experience in a home supply store and may consider Lowe’s for an opportunity. The article evaluates whether Lowe runs a background check for felons.

  • Basic inclusions in the background check
  • The application process at Lowe’s
  • Findings in Lowe’s background check
  • Self-background checks for felons’
  • Strategies to get a job with Lowe

Basic Inclusions in Background Check

Lowe’s attempt to study the applicant’s background. This also shows them if the applicant can get the job. Lowe’s will never invest in a bad hire.

  • Doesn’t produce quality work
  • Demonstrates a negative attitude
  • Doesn’t work with other employees
  • Has no customer handling skills.
  • Doesn’t reflect skills listed in the application form
  • Stays absent from work
  • Demonstrates dishonesty with current job

The criminal history for any felon becomes a challenge and refrains them from leading an honest life and securing a good job with Lowe’s.

does lowes run background check

Evaluating Records

As an employer, Lowe’s evaluates the following records:

  • Credit reports
  • Driving Records
  • Educational Records
  • Criminal Offences

Background information also allows Lowe’s to determine past mistakes, good character, and the financial fitness of a felon. Lowe’s also removes hiring risks for safeguarding security and safety concerns for the organization. It is also important to conduct a background verification check to cross–check details about criminal history. The convictions reported get scanned for 7 years. A crime doesn’t reflect on a felon’s record when it gets expunged.

Application Process at Lowe’s

Lowe’s is a home improvement brand established in 1946 and currently is a retail chain of hardware and appliance products in Canada, the US, and Mexico. The workforce includes 2,85,000 employees and 2335 stores across the US. The application process of Lowe’s consists of an online application filled through the website.

Details of personal information, work history, availability, criminal background, and also character references should be updated. Further, felons undergo a 30-minute assessment test which assesses their personality, ability to handle situations and cognitive and abstract reasoning. Felons are tested for customer service skills and also skills related to other job responsibilities.

does the lowes run background check

The age bracket for joining Lowe’s is at least 18 years. Felons generally apply for entry-level positions at Lowe’s which are team member, cashier, delivery agent, sales associate, sales specialist, customer care executive, and project specialist. The interview gets divided into 2 parts, the first part assesses retail work experience and behavioral questions.

A felon must also submit a legal background check with complete personal evaluation and a medical report which tests physical fitness and drugs in the body. The second phase in the interview evaluates details about the company, benefits, values, and basic expectations from each employee.

Felons must also create an account on the career portal of Lowe’s. A felon can answer the security question and provide a valid email id and password to access the career account of Lowe’s. Felons should also fill the background verification form and clear the pre-employment drug test.

Felons must take an assessment test and answer a list of 85 questions so that Lowe’s can determine whether the felon is an appropriate fit for the work team or not.

Findings in Lowe’s Background Check

1 Lowe’s conducts a generic background check for all felons who apply for a job at Lowe’s.

2 The authorities scan the criminal records of the last 7 years.

3 The application form also indicates a satisfactory clearance if felons meet all listed terms and conditions appropriately.

4 The section for criminal history should get defined clearly in the application form.

5 Lowe’s doesn’t use only a criminal record to disqualify a felon.

6 False information however is a major reason for denial of employment

The different factors before hiring a felon are the type of felony conviction, the period since the conviction occurred, job role applied for, relevant skillset. Felon’s employment reaches the stage of denial because of theft, fraud, and violent crimes.

A background check at Lowe’s safeguards the company’s reputation, the interest of employees, and also its customers. Felons also receive a fair chance to get a job with Lowe’s if they manage to get their criminal record expunged.

Self-Background Checks for Felons

Felons can certainly conduct a self–background verification checks to understand more about possible details getting revealed during the formal background check. Felons can also seek assistance from an attorney and take necessary action without risking the results.

A personal background verification check validates the following documents:

1 A court order certifies a felon’s good character and expunges his charges.

2 A credit report to understand the financial stability of the felon.

3 Professional driving records for commercial assignments in transportation companies.

4 Educational records for a felon from National School Clearing House.

5 Various agencies conduct self-background verification.

Strategies to Get a Job with Lowe

Few strategies for felons to secure a decent job at Lowe’s includes the following:

  • Felons must be flexible with their availability for an interview.
  • Felons must be open to exploring various locations
  • A list of reliable references is important
  • Felons must provide present job history with an updated Resume
  • They should be honest in revealing personal information
  • Felons should dress appropriately for the interview.
  • Demonstrate a polite and respectful attitude towards others.
  • Reach early for an interview

does the lowes run background checks

  • Utilize a firm handshake
  • Speak in a clear voice
  • Felons must use every opportunity to speak directly to the hiring manager
  • Felons should never hide important details about their conviction.
  • They should avoid the falsification of information in their job application form.
  • Felons should highlight basic skills and abilities which allow them to qualify for the interview process.
  • Felons must take complete responsibility for their past mistakes and actions
  • Doing so helps them to clear their criminal record.
  • A criminal record never defines the character of a felon.
  • It always uses a positive approach to help felons restart a fresh life with honesty.

Popular Questions for Felons?

Felons find giving a fresh start to their career doesn’t seem like a cakewalk. It requires sincere efforts and hard work to build a life all over again. Some questions that make felons curious are as follows.

Do felons get hired with misdemeanors at Lowe’s, what kind of approach should felons adopt to apply for a suitable position, does Lowe’s conduct rigorous background verification checks, what kind of entry-level positions are open for felons to apply.

Felons must put complete focus on getting their record expunged to apply for a suitable career opportunity at Lowe’s. Professional skills and training programs provide felons a better opportunity to work at Lowe’s.

Bottom Line

Lowe’s is a popular employer for felons that puts appropriate efforts to uplift the lives of felons. It provides ample job opportunities to felons so that felons receive financial stability, employee benefits, and career growth as a part of their career opportunity. Felons allow background verification checks to reveal felony convictions honestly. This helps to hire managers to make an informed decision before hiring felons.

Self–background verification checks are a basic tool for felons to discover key findings in background verification checks before Lowe’s reveal them. Felons can also use career opportunities at Lowe’s to lead a dignified and honest life in society. Make the most of the opportunity at Lowe’s and the second chance will not be far away. This is the best way for felons to reform their lives.

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