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Does Lowes Sell Milwaukee Power Tools? (2023 Updated)

does lowes sell milwaukee power tools

In this article, I will discuss Lowes and whether it sells Milwaukee power tools. This isn’t just a straight-up answer, as these companies have some sour history. Stick around, as we will dive into this dispute later in the article.

But, before I get to Does Lowes Sell Milwaukee Power Tools? Let’s find out a little bit more about both Lowes and Milwaukee.

What is Lowes?

What is Lowes?

Lowes is an American-owned chain of retail stores founded in 1946. These stores specialize in home improvement and hardware. This chain of stores sells items such as building materials, general tools, and power tools. This giant hardware company is the second largest in the US and Canada, behind Home Depot.

Across the US and Canada, Lowes has a whopping 1,723 stores, employing over 300,000 people.

What is Milwaukee?

No, not the city in America; I’m talking about Milwaukee power tools. Rated as one of the best power tool brands in the world.

Milwaukee power tools were founded in; you guessed it: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Established in 1924, the power tool company was a leading supplier to the US Navy. Since then, the company has grown into one of the leading power tool brands across the world.

That’s all well and good, but does Lowes sell Milwaukee? Here’s the current situation…

Does Lowes sell Milwaukee Power Tools?

Does Lowes sell Milwaukee Power Tools?

The short answer is… No, Lowes does not sell Milwaukee power tools. Back in 2008, the store did stock the brand, but after a dispute between the two, they parted ways.

Milwaukee claims that Lowes did not pay for tools that had been shipped in 2008. Lowes owes $1.2 Million and still has not provided financial compensation for this final shipment.

After the fallout between the two companies, Milwaukee signed a deal with Lowes biggest competitor Home Depot. This partnership has been going much better than with Lowes, as Home Depot is still selling these tools at the present time.

What other stores sell Milwaukee power tools?

Across the US and Canada, Milwaukee power tools are stocked by many local hardware stores. As for chains of stores that sell this brand Home Depot, Walmart, Ace Hardware, Amazon.com, and the Milwaukee online store stock these tools. 

What power tools does Lowes sell?

What power tools does Lowes sell?

While Lowes does not stock Milwaukee power tools anymore, it does have other quality brands. The brand rated closest to them is DeWalt, which is regarded to be almost on the same level as Milwaukee. Other power tool brands stocked by Lowes are Kobalt, Flex, Bosch, Skil, and Metabo.

Lowes has a constant stream of discounts on both their corded and cordless power tools, plus various hand tools and accessories. So although Lowes no longer stocks Milwaukee products, they are still worth checking out to get a good deal on other brands.

What sort of tools does Milwaukee make?

Milwaukee power tools have over 150 cordless tools plus well over 150 corded power tools available to purchase. The company has tools on offer for the majority of trades. To no surprise, it’s considered a favorite by carpenters, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, and other trades globally.

Some of the tools on offer from Milwaukee are drills, impact wrenches, grinders, circular saws, multi-tools, sanders, jig saws, reciprocating saws, and many, many more. For a detailed look at the full range of tools on offer, check out their official website.

The company also has a large variety of trade and hardware accessories, including the most common hand tools, tool belts, tool bags, tool boxes, saw blades, drill bits, drill attachments, sanding pads, and much more.

Is Lowes a good store?

How To Qualify For Lowes Employee Discount?

Lowes is highly rated by Americans and Canadians for their low prices across general hardware items. When compared to its closest rival, Home Depot, both stores are closely rated. They are roughly equal in price and customer satisfaction, as well as the variety of items they have for sale.

Are Milwaukee power tools good?

As mentioned before, Milwaukee power tools rate very highly among D.I.Y enthusiasts and trades across the world. Their wide variety of tools on offer puts them right at the top, next to companies like Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, Hitachi, and Ryobi.

The company is by far the leader when it comes to the development of lithium-ion batteries for its cordless products. In comparison to its competitors, Milwaukee has a 12AMP battery which has an extensive run time. DeWalt’s largest battery is 9AMP, and Makita only offers a 6AMP.

Want to learn more about Lowes?

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For more general information on Lowes, check out our in-depth Lowe’s Mission and Vision Statement Analysis, the Lowes opening and closing times, as well as more info on the paint they sell. And finally, you may be interested in knowing who makes Kobalt tools for Lowes?

Does Lowes Sell Milwaukee Power Tools? – Final Thoughts

Following the dispute in 2008, Lowes no longer stocks Milwaukee. They do still have a wide range of power tool brands on offer. The two companies are still in ongoing legal action over the $1.2 Million of power tools that have not been paid for.

Customers have reported still seeing various Milwaukee products at Lowes. All these items are old stock that was purchased before the dispute. While they may be old and are often on sale due to their age, these products are still very highly rated.

If you would like to purchase Milwaukee power tools, check out Lowes largest competitor Home Depot or head to the tool company’s official website.

Happy DIYing!

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