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Does Lowe’s Take Apple Pay (2023 Guide)

does lowes take apple pay

Many shops are implementing NFC (Near-Field Communication) terminals in their businesses as they embrace current technology to make checking out faster and safer.

Paying with digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay is possible through the utilization of NFC terminals. But it is worth mentioning that not all stores are as ready to incorporate new technology as are others.

For example, if you enjoy shopping at well-known U.S. home-improvement store Lowe’s, you might be wondering… Does Lowe’s Take Apple Pay?

So, let’s find out…

While Lowe’s offers many different payment options, online and in-store, the short answer is no; Apple Pay is not accepted at Lowe’s

At this time, Lowe’s does not have any NFC technology installed, which makes paying via Apple Pay an option. There is also no motivation to adopt alternative payment methods with cheaper fees. Implementing Apple Pay as a payment plan is also not likely in the near future. 

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Why don’t Lowe’s take Apple Pay?

Why don’t Lowe’s take Apple Pay

While many retailers are beginning to accept digital wallets, Lowe’s is not one of them – yet. You may wonder why Lowe’s is taking so long to embrace new technology. There are a number of reasons why this could be.

Transaction fees

To cover the expense of utilizing their service, Apple receives a portion of each purchase. This means that the retailer, Lowe’s, has to pay a set merchant fee to accept Apple Pay.

This is calculated according to the total purchase price. This can add up and eat into the profit margins of the retailer. This makes Apple an added and unwanted extra expense.

No NFC Technology

No NFC Technology

NFC terminals scan a code or signal which is sent by a smart device such as a phone. This technology eliminates the requirement for actual cards or cash to complete transactions. 

Installing these terminals can be costly, and for now, Lowe’s feels that it cannot justify this cost. In addition, they would need to install the terminals at all outlets.

This is why Lowe’s does not have NFC technology and, as a result, is unable to support Apple Pay or any other digital wallet for that matter. 

Keeping the focus on Lowe’s own credit card

It is also likely that Lowe’s haven’t implemented Apple Pay due to the fact that it may divert customers from their own credit card. Customers using digital wallets can link a variety of cards and payments to their account. In effect, this means that they can rapidly switch to another card if one isn’t working when it’s time to pay.

This eliminates the need for a Lowe’s credit card, which is detrimental to Lowe’s in two ways… 

First, Lowe’s will have to pay Apple the previously mentioned transaction fees. Second, Lowe’s will no longer receive extra payments by way of their own credit card. So, by not implementing Apple Pay, Lowe’s earns money on interest and receives their customer’s monthly payments. 

Therefore, even if it means making checking out easier for their customers, Lowe’s cannot justify the loss of revenue it will incur. 

Lack of customer enthusiasm or demand

NFC is still a relatively new technology. This means that Lowe’s customer base may be unfamiliar with it or not ready to embrace it yet. 

Apart from being too complex and time-consuming, there is no really compelling reason for most people to switch to digital wallets at the moment. Therefore, unless their customer base specifically demands the implementation of NFC terminals, Lowe’s is unlikely to install them. 

Does Lowe’s Take Apple Pay? – No, but what payment methods do Lowe’s take?

Does Lowe’s Take Apple Pay?

Both in the shops and online, Lowe’s accepts a number of other payment options. These include cash, as well as credit cards and debit cards such as:

  • American Express
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Discover

PayPal, but this is only for online payments. To make use of this option, go to the ‘other payments’ section at the checkout, and find the PayPal option.

They also accept Personal cheques. Plus, Lowe’s also offers its own payment methods, including…

  • Credit card options, including the Lowe’s Advantage card, Lowe’s Pre-load, and Business Credit Card
  • The Lease to Own option
  • Gift cards from Lowes. Note that when making use of this option, if your total amount exceeds the amount of the gift card, you will need to pay the balance with one of the alternative methods listed above.

Should Lowe’s install Apple Pay?

Should Lowe’s install Apple Pay

While Lowe’s has not up until now taken steps to install Apple Pay, there are a few reasons to consider doing so. 

It’s a safer method of making payments

Ever since the Covid outbreak, people have been more aware of cleanliness. This is especially true when it comes to being somewhere with numerous other people.

The high volumes of customers that pass through on a daily basis make the risk of transmitting germs and disease higher. By tapping and holding a phone close to a NFC terminal, the risk is minimized as there is no physical touching involved. 

This will mean that Lowe’s customers will have more peace of mind when doing their shopping. The checkout screen is the only thing they need to touch, provided they have specific information to submit.

Increase the customer base

NFC technology is the way of the future. Many Apple users are completely dependent on their device, and by not offering NFC as a payment vehicle, Lowe’s is cutting itself off from potential growth. 

Customers that are accustomed to making use of more advanced technology would prefer to make use of NFC. By not having this as an option, Lowe’s is not paving the way for the future, but merely relying on their existing clientele.  

This could lead to stagnation, and a business that becomes immobile falls behind. They need to grow with the times and adapt to change. In this way, Lowe’s will remain competitive in their field.  


NFC is quick and convenient, and speeds up the checkout line. As long as you know how to use them, there’s no denying that digital wallets are significantly more convenient than conventional methods of payment. 

It eliminates searching through your wallet for the appropriate card, then the subsequent swiping and typing in a PIN number. You may even be required to put down a signature. 

Cash payments also require numerous steps. You need to stand in a queue, count out your cash, hand it to the cashier, and then wait for your change.

What about Samsung Pay?

What about Samsung Pay?

There seem to be mixed reports as to the use of Samsung pay as an option. Some customers have reported being able to use it easily, others not. This could be due to the fact that Samsung does not rely solely on NFC technology. It also includes a magnetic stripe transmission for money transfers, but not all Lowe’s stores are aware of how this works.

This may explain why some Lowe’s stores have been able to accept payments while those unaware of this procedure were rejected. Also, an upgrade of the actual technology is not what’s needed – in some cases, only a software update is necessary.

If Samsung Pay is your preferred method of payment, it is a good idea to have a backup method in case something goes wrong.

Is Google Pay an option?

Is Google Pay an option?

Because Google Pay makes use of NFC technology, it is currently not supported at Lowe’s stores.

Are any contactless forms of payment recognized at Lowe’s?

The bottom line is no. Due to the lack of infrastructure, Lowe’s does not accept any form of contactless payments. 

This includes Apple Pay, which is not accepted in Lowe’s stores or online.

Samsung Pay appears to be the only form of contactless mobile payment that is accepted at Lowe’s.   

Are there any stores that accept Apple Pay?

There are plenty of options when it comes to Apple Pay as a method of payment. These include:

  • Costco
  • Best Buy
  • Walgreens
  • IKEA
  • Right Aid
  • Kohls
  • JC Penny
  • Ace Hardware
  • CVS

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Does Lowe’s Take Apple Pay? – Final Thoughts

The answer is no; Lowe’s does not accept Apple Pay as a payment method in its stores, online, or on its app.  

The company also doesn’t have any plans to install NFC terminals to facilitate payment with digital wallets at the present time. They do, however, accept other forms of payment such as debit and credit cards, gift cards, cash, and Lowe’s own credit cards, which can help with project finance.

Happy shopping at Lowe’s!

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