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Does Lyft Accept Cash?

does lyft accept cash

Lyft is a can service that is popular in the United States and Canada. It is convenient and you can book a ride using your phone.

The app will also tell you how long the ride would take to reach your destination so you can plan your journey accordingly.

Many people assume that using Lyft services is similar to regular cab services which is why they try paying for the ride in cash.

Can I Pay Lyft With Cash?

Unlike other cab services, you cannot pay for your Lyft ride with cash. You can choose to tip your driver with cash or on the app, whichever you think is more feasible.

Lyft can be downloaded on multiple platforms and has various payment options which include:

does the lyft accept cash

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Android pay
  • Apple pay
  • PayPal
  • Discover card
  • JCB
  • American Express

Why Are Cash Payments Not Allowed?

Cash payments on Lyft are not allowed because this is a ride-sharing service and the nature of the operation does not permit cash. The company also chooses to avoid cash payments for security and safety purposes.

Paying For Lyft In Cash

Lyft does not allow passengers to pay in cash. When you pay your Lyft driver in cash, you put yourself in an illegal situation. If any accidents occur during this ride, the driver and passenger are stripped of any insurance claims.

For a Lyft driver to accept cash for the ride, he has to switch off the Lyft app and take you to your destination on his own responsibility.

You should however remember that when you book a cab service through the app it gets recorded on Lyft. If the driver arrives at your destination and then the contract is canceled, it does raise suspicion.

How To Pay For The Ride?

If you are new to Lyft and you are not sure how to pay for the ride then all you need to do is follow the instructions on the app. The steps include:

1 When you first download the app you will be asked to enter your phone number

2 Once your phone number is verified you can use the services

3 It is a user-friendly interface and this enables you to go with the flow systematically

does lyft accept your cash

4 If you don’t have a Credit Card, you can also choose to pay using your debit card or other payment apps available on your mobile phone.

5 You will also be given the option to link your bank account on the Lyft app for easier payments

6 When the ride is completed, your app will tell you a complete fair.

7 After you complete the payment, you will be asked to rate the ride, and the driver

Steps For The Lyft App

If you are still confused about using the Lyft app then here are a few simple steps you should follow:

1 Payment Screen

As soon as the ride is completed you should click the payment tab on the app. You can then choose from one of your saved payment methods and pay for the ride. During this time you can also add a tip for the driver when making the payment.

2 Cash Tip

If you feel like tipping your driver with cash then you can do so with a small amount.

3 Ratings

You can leave a rating for the ride and the driver with one being the worst and five the best.

4 Submit

Once everything is complete you need to click the submit button and confirm the payment. The receipt will appear at the end of a successful payment.

Adding A Payment Method On Lyft

There will always be a default payment method added to your Lyft app however that doesn’t restrict you from adding multiple payment methods on the app. To do this, follow the following steps:

does the lyft accept cash tip

  • Open the app
  • Locate the menu on the top left corner
  • Click on the Payment tab
  • You can add, update or remove a payment method from here

Changing Your Payment Method

Although you may have a payment method added to the app, you can change this at any time before the ride. Once you select your pick up and drop destination, click on the payment tab and select a new method that you wish to use. Failure to do so will force you to pay using the default payment method on the app.

Viewing Your Payment History

If you would like to check your payment history on Lyft, just go to the payment tab and click on the payment history section. This will give you all details about the rides and tips you paid using the app.

Don’t Use Cash To Pay Your Lyft Driver

Paying with cash may seem like the best option since it has been the most preferred method for cab rides since forever. If you are wondering why this method is not allowed by Lyft then here is what you need to know.

Share Manipulation

Paying by cash would mean the driver would have to take you to your destination by switching off the app. In most cases, they would manipulate the fare and ask you for a little more than what the app would have charged you. This can also create suspicion and doing this multiple times could get you banned from the app permanently.

Extra Services

When you choose to pay in cash, you could lose out on some of the extra services you get from the app. These include insurance and travel safety. Sometimes drivers tend to get close to their passengers and offer to chauffeur them around town during the day. This is a practice Lyft is not comfortable with for the safety of the passengers.

Illegal Transportation Contract

If a Lyft driver encourages you to pay in cash then they are incriminating themselves to commit commercial transport crime. This means if an accident occurs then the company is not responsible to bear the costs.

Lyft drivers are requested not to accept cash but if for some reason they try persuading you, you can inform them that you don’t have any cash on you. You can also offer to pay with the payment method they are more comfortable with.

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