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Does Macy’s Run Background Checks?

Does Macy’s Run Background Checks

Macy’s is one of the leading departmental stores which encourages felons to start a new life. Macy’s also offers ample opportunities to felons. These opportunities can assist felons to restart their career and take the first step towards leading an honest life.

This article focuses on the following aspects of the background verification check of Macy’s.

  • Does Macy’s Hire Felons?
  • Application Process of Macy’s
  • Background Check Process at Macy’s
  • How Does Felony Type Matter?
  • Can Felons Run a Self-Background Verification Check?
  • Measures to Adopt If You Disqualify Macy’s Background Check Process

Do Macy’s Hire Felons?

Macy’s works towards uplifting the lives of felons, hence it does hire felons with a criminal record or felony conviction. Macy’s is an old departmental store, which employs 100,000 employees. They are also famous for household products and merchandise. There are Macy’s stores in over 45 states across the United States.

Macy’s however ensures the felons who work for it, demonstrate honesty, and get recognized for their hard work and dedication. Macy’s follows an inclusive and diverse work culture to promote opportunities in different cities. It also promotes a good and friendly work culture.

does macys run the background checks

Macy makes a sincere effort to hire felons who demonstrate sincerity towards work and take pride in working at Macy’s. It does not discriminate between people based on their felony convictions. It also encourages felons to learn about the core values of the organization.

Application Process at Macy’s

  • Felons require to fill an online application form.
  • The application form requires basic details about working in the USA, employment history, and also criminal conviction history.
  • Macy’s takes prior consent from felons to conduct background verification checks before hiring them.
  • The application form also requests answers for how many hours can felons work in a day.
  • Felons can also specify the department of their choice.
  • Felons can answer a personality questionnaire to complete the application process.

does macys run a background check

  • All shortlisted felons, receive an interview call from the HR department.
  • The questions assess your personality style, your experience in handling customers.
  • The different positions that Macy’s offers are sales associate, customer service, or merchandise associate.
  • Felons with prior work experience get a fair chance at Macy’s.
  • The minimum age requirement is 18 years to work at Macy’s.

Background Check Process at Macy’s

1 Macy’s however conducts a background verification check before they make an offer.

2 Macy’s validates the felony’s conviction history for the past seven years.

3 The crime severity and timeline of crime also play a critical role in hiring a felon.

4 It gets revealed whether the nature of the criminal activity is a one-time offense or belongs to a big criminal offense.

5 Felons also require honesty and integrity to clear their background verification check at Macy’s.

6 It takes a week to complete a background verification check.

How Does Felony Type Matter?

Serious and heinous crimes such as rape, murder, sexual abuse, snatch away a chance to become an employee at Macy with a decent job. All good companies however are extremely reluctant to hire felons with a serious criminal history. Felons with a criminal history of a financial crime, cannot get a job as a cashier at Macy’s since handling money carefully is important.

Can Felons Run a Self-Background Verification Check?

A self-background verification check permits felons to learn about the following aspects which get revealed in a formal background verification process. This process also allows felons to get prepared about discoveries in Macy’s background check.

1 Court orders where you get charged.

2 Assessment of financial stability with a credit report.

3 If you have previous experience as a commercial driver, these records are essential.

4 The educational record gets validated.

You require an attorney’s advice to conduct the self-background verification check on yourself. This report will assist Macy to take an informed decision before hiring you for a suitable job. With a clean and clear criminal record your chances of getting a job with Macy’s increases.

Measures to Adopt If You Disqualify Macy’s Background Check Process

Felons should open up to both kinds of possibilities, there is a high chance they receive an offer from Macy’s. There is also a possibility that felons don’t get a job with Macy’s. You can choose to raise a dispute with the findings of the background verification check.

Felons must explore other opportunities with other employers, without losing hope that nothing will work for them. Family and friends play a big role in motivating felons to reestablish their lives with new hope and desire.

Explore jobs with specific skill sets to understand where can you prove a cultural fit and work towards achieving that job. Everyone cannot do all jobs. The right job with the right employer is waiting for you.

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Give yourself ample chances to find the right job with the right skillset don’t settle you must always continue to grow as a professional. Background verification plays a critical role while hiring felons to ensure the safety and security of employees and their customers do not get sacrificed.

Felons should always take a positive approach towards life. They should not give up easily if things take time to work for them. The focus must remain on leading an honest and integral life. They must also become responsible individuals once they receive a second chance.

Background verification is a safety measure to ensure the right employees are hired. These employees can deliver results and contribute to the company. A Background check helps in building an inclusive work culture.

Bottom Line

Felons can consider Macy’s as a potential employer, background verification helps Macy’s to identify the right candidate for the right kind of job. Felons with felony convictions receive a fair chance to apply for a suitable role with Macy’s. Macy’s promotes a diverse and inclusive workforce; it does not discriminate against felons basis their past mistakes.

Macy’s facilitates felons to shape their character and look for new opportunities to grow. Felons with very serious felony convictions are eliminated from the application process. Felons can demonstrate hard work, sincerity, and honesty to build a career with Macy’s in the long term.

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