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Does McDonald’s Have Boba?

does mcdonald's have boba

Are you searching for a new way to enjoy iced tea?

Also known as bubble tea, Boba is a popular drink that can be enjoyed throughout Asia. This sweetened tea drink comes in a wide range of styles and is popular among people of all ages. Although hot tea has long been a staple of the McDonald’s drink menu, it is not a popular item. The company regularly introduces new drinks to tempt customers and give them a reason to visit a restaurant. 

So, let’s find out, Does McDonald’s have Boba?

About Boba Tea

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan and quickly became popular all over Asia. Today, this drink is sold at cafes and tea stalls all around the world. It features regular tea combined with milk or fruit flavors to make it richer.

The nickname bubble tea comes from the chunky black pearls that are added to the drink. Known as Boba in Taiwan, these dark pearls are usually made from tapioca starch. These ‘bubbles’ come in various sizes and sink to the bottom of the drink.

Chew as you drink…

After the bubbles are placed in the cup, a mixture of tea, brown sugar, and other ingredients are added. Because the bubbles are so thick, it takes a long time for them to dissolve. You need a thick straw to suck up these bubbles and chew on them as you drink your tea. 

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At this time, bubble tea is not available in MacDonald’s locations in the United States. a few years ago, this drink was featured on the drinks menu for a limited period. Bubble tea was well received at the time and might be reintroduced at some point. 


International Locations

International McDonald’s restaurants often offer slightly different menus. You can find bubble tea on the drink menu in a large number of international locations. In addition to Taiwan, this drink is widely available on menus in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. 

Hong Kong

This refreshing beverage was first introduced to locations throughout Hong Kong in 2020. The drink proved to be a huge hit among customers of all ages. Two new bubble tea flavors were introduced in June of 2021, and they also proved to be very popular.

The new Ovaltine bubble tea is created with fresh milk with a 3.7% fat content. It features a richer and smoother texture and comes complete with crunchy pieces of Ovaltine. Customers can also enjoy matcha bubble tea, which uses Japanese matcha powder from Uji in Kyoto. 

Germany and Austria

Bubble tea was first served in McDonald’s McCafé locations throughout Austria and Germany in 2012. These drinks are made with a choice of white, black, or green tea and can be enjoyed with or without milk. It is also possible to add the tapioca bubbles to a fruit syrup to create a different refreshing drink. 

In 2021, the Brown Sugar Boba McFlurry was added to locations throughout Germany and Austria. This allows ice cream lovers to experience the tapioca bubbles in a whole new way. 

Where To Find Boba Tea In The United States?

If you have your heart set on trying bubble tea, there are several places to go. Dedicated Boba tea shops can be found in the states of New York, Nevada, Washington, and California. Most tea shops in the United States also offer at least one type of bubble tea.

Where To Find Boba Tea In The United States

Bubble tea can usually be found in the following chains:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Caribou Coffee
  • Gong Cha
  • Kung Fu Tea
  • Sonic
  • Del Taco
  • Chatime
  • Boba Guys
  • Tiger Sugar

Types Of Tea At McDonald’s 

If you check out the drinks menu in your local restaurant, you will see that tea holds a prominent place. This beverage is made from a mix of Pekoe Cut Black Tea and Orange Pekoe Tea. While there are occasional variations, you can usually pick from three main types of tea. Let’s take a closer look at these beverages. 

Types Of Tea At McDonald’s 

Hot tea

You can take your pick from hot black tea and hot green tea when you visit a McDonald’s restaurant. The hot black tea boasts a blend of floral and orange fragrances and can be enjoyed with or without milk. A cup of hot tea without milk contains ten calories and is a great way to get your caffeine fix. 

Sweet Tea

This black tea is sweetened with Medium Invert Sugar, which is a sugar syrup that is similar to honey. A small cup features 24 grams of sugar, while there are 29 grams of sugar in a medium cup. If you choose a large cup, it will be charged with 40 grams of sugar.

This sweet tea also packs in enough caffeine to get your motor running in the morning. There is 50 milligrams of sugar in a small cup of sweet tea; choosing the large cup will give you 100 milligrams of caffeine. 

Iced tea

There is a selection of iced tea drinks to keep you cool on a hot day. The Iced Green Tea Latte comes in three sizes and can be enjoyed with or without milk and sugar. You can also take your pick from Iced Black or Iced Milk tea.

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Final Thoughts

If you visit a McDonald’s branch in the United States, you will not see Boba on the menu. However, this type of tea is readily available in a number of international locations. In addition to locations throughout Asia, the drink is popular in countries like Germany and Asia.

If you are desperate to try bubble tea, you will find a number of dedicated tea shops in the United States. Although the high sugar content makes this drink quite unhealthy, it is fine to indulge occasionally. Bubble tea can also be found on the drinks menu of a number of fast food chains like Del Taco.

Enjoy your delicious bubble tea!

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