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Does McDonald’s Run Background Checks?

does mcdonald's run background checks

The most difficult challenge for felons is to find a suitable career upon their release. Felons face career gaps before and after their release from prison. It is however a challenge to restart a career from scratch.

The work history of felons doesn’t necessarily guarantee a job with McDonald’s. There may be a high chance that felons have absolutely no experience working for a fast-food restaurant.

It is however important for felons to clearly understand the background verification check process for McDonald’s. The article evaluates the following aspects in the background verification process for McDonald’s.

  • McDonald’s hires felons
  • The application process for Felons
  • The background verification process for felons
  • Findings in McDonald’s Background Verification Process
  • Type of felony for McDonald’s
  • The hiring process of McDonald’s
  • Strategies to handle failure in background verification check in McDonald’s

McDonald’s Hires Felons

McDonald’s hires felons for various job opportunities. However, certain basic criteria need completion before felons get hired. McDonald’s is one of the leading fast-food chains in the world. It offers 37,000 outlets with a workforce of 1.7 million employees. The maximum stores are in the US and some of them are in different countries.

does mcdonalds run the background check

McDonald’s takes a hiring decision on certain common factors. Fast food restaurants require direct public contact and all felons cannot get considered for these positions. Felons can also work as delivery agents or chefs in McDonald’s. Theft, violence, sexual abuse refrain felons from getting jobs with McDonald’s.

Felons must contact individual stores to seek appropriate job opportunities. Store managers follow their own hiring rules to hire felons. Therefore, every location has different hiring criteria to hire felons.

Application Process for Felons

1 McDonald’s opens career opportunities for honest, dedicated, and dependable felons.

2 Felon scan chooses roles from cooks, cashiers, delivery agents with McDonald’s to restart their career.

3 Felons should complete the online application form on the website with complete personal background information mentioned in the application form.

4 Felons hold a better opportunity if they honestly talk about criminal convictions in the application form.

does mcdonalds run background checkt tips

5 It is not a good idea to hide information about felony convictions that get revealed later on.

6 The second section talks about personal characteristics of felons that help McDonald’s to understand whether a felon can fit a particular job role in McDonald’s.

7 The application also gives you a chance to get interviewed by the manager at the store.

8 Felons receive appropriate orientation and training to excel in specific job roles.

9 Being well prepared at an interview provides felons a good chance to achieve proper success during their job tenure.

Background Verification Process for Felons

The background verification process plays a critical role for McDonald’s. The only difference is store managers use their references and resources to find out more about employees being hired. Since a heavy cost gets incurred for conducting background verification checks through other companies.

does mcdonalds run a background check

Background verification validates all specific information given on the application form. Basic consent from felons is required to conduct this check. Applicants must provide identity proof like a driving license, passport, and any other national id card.

Background verification check requires 3 days to complete. The criminal history for 5 to 10 years gets scanned. Background check utilizes the national database to validate criminal records. Every piece of information requires accurate reporting to hire a felon who doesn’t become a risk in near future.

Findings in McDonald’s Background Verification Process

  • McDonald’s background verification check indicates criminal history which includes felonies, misdemeanors, and arrests. It also talks about the period when the conviction occurred.
  • All felons with a history of violent crime, sexual offense, and drug-related crime do not receive employment offers from McDonald’s.
  • Background verification validates educational records such as school and college records.
  • A specific background check for drivers is conducted to hire them for delivering and transporting services.
  • McDonald’s doesn’t validate a credit report before hiring felons.
  • Felons also conduct self – background checks beforehand to understand key findings during a formal background verification check.

Type of Felony for McDonald’s

1 McDonald’s eliminate felons with a serious criminal history.

2 Felons with a drinking and driving record do not get a job as a driver with McDonald’s.

3 Felons with serious criminal history do not get customer handling roles.

4 Those with theft charges or financial frauds do not get a job as a cashier.

5 Felons with felonies relating to drugs, child abuse, and sexual offenses do not get a job with McDonald’s.

6 The severity of the felony plays a critical role in assisting felons to secure a decent job with McDonald’s with financial stability.

Hiring Process of McDonald’s

When felons apply at McDonald’s, the store manager conducts the interview. Felons receive a fair chance to explain they are criminal history and work history to the hiring manager in detail. Felons are free to choose a store location of their choice.

The owner gives a fair chance to felons by conducting a behavioral interview. Felons must demonstrate honesty while talking about their felony convictions, interviews allow felons to get a chance to secure the best job opportunity possible. Felons need to be flexible while setting up an appointment for the interview.

does mcdonalds run background check

A positive attitude and confidence allow interviewers to select the best felon for McDonald’s. Interview questions asked during the interview reveal previous work history and personal strengths and weaknesses of felons. The interviewer takes an opportunity to understand why felons are the best choice for the workforce at McDonald’s.

Felons can explain their specific goals for the next 5 to 10 years so that they can show job stability and a long-term contract with McDonald’s. Felons receive a better opportunity to connect with their family and friends. The learning experience at McDonald’s facilitates the rehabilitation of felons during their job tenure. A clean record of felony improves career options for felons.

Strategies to Handle Failure in Background Verification Check-in McDonald’s

  • All felons do not qualify for background verification checks at McDonald’s.
  • Felons must remember it’s all right to fail a background verification check.
  • Felons can apply for other job opportunities with different employers.
  • Every interview experience provides a chance to perform better in the next interview.
  • Self – Background verification check assists felons to find the right career fit.
  • Felons must remain confident and patient to perform better at the job and look for a suitable opportunity likewise.
  • Felons who are persistent and consistent with their job search receive a career opportunity faster than others.

Bottom Line

McDonald’s is the most preferred employer for felons since it offers multiple opportunities and contributes towards uplifting the lives of felons. Felons should not fear background checks. They must always look for opportunities to perform better at interviews to secure a job of their choice. It is also a good idea to talk about various strategies felons utilize to uplift their lives after sentence completion. Background Verification Checks safeguard employees, customers, and also the company from potential security and safety threats.

Felons must fill their application form truthfully and honestly. They should also avoid hiding critical details related to a felony conviction or any other details which might raise a question in the minds of a hiring manager. Hiring managers make it simple for felons to crack the interview process so that they can start afresh careers. Make the most of this opportunity.

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