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Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay? (2023 Updated)

does mcdonalds take apple pay

You’ve most likely heard the statement “I’m Lovin’ It” because it’s the McDonald’s jingle. It may not be the first fast-food franchise, but it has become the premier example of the business model, with well over 38,000 locations all over the world.

Did you know that McDonald’s is the largest restaurant chain by revenue? With more than 14,000 restaurants in the US alone, McDonald’s has also managed to keep up with technology. Digital payments have become the norm because they provide improved security and they’re instant. One such payment method is Apple Pay.

So, does McDonald’s take Apple Pay? Let’s find out!

Does McDonald’s Accept Apple Pay?

Does McDonald’s Accept Apple Pay?

Good news! McDonald’s accepts Apple Pay as one of its official payment methods. You could pay in-store, on the app, or drive-thru. If you’re not sure what Apple Pay is, here’s what you need to know! 

What Is Apple Pay?

This is a mobile payment and digital wallet service provided by Apple Inc. It allows users to make payments in person, on apps, and on the web using Safari. It’s easy to use and works with Apple devices. To set up your Apple Pay, add your debit, credit, or prepaid card to your Wallet. 

All you have to do is go to your Wallet, tap on the plus sign, and sign in with your Apple ID. You then have two options when it comes to adding your card. You can either choose a previous card associated with your Apple ID, tap Continue, and then enter the CVV number. Another choice is to add a new debit or credit card and follow the given instructions. 

Additional info might be asked…

Remember, your card issuer determines whether your card is eligible for Apple Pay. This means that you may be asked for additional information before completing the verification process. 

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How Does Apple Pay Work At McDonald’s?

How Does Apple Pay Work At McDonald’s?

If you have your Apple Pay set, here’s what you need to know next time you buy from McDonald’s. Using your iOS device, you can make a payment the same way you’d make a mobile payment at other stores. 

Paying Using the McDonald’s App

The McDonald’s app makes it possible for you to make an order without driving to your nearest restaurant. On the app, go to the ‘Mobile Order & Pay’ section. When you’re done placing your order, you can choose Apple Pay as your payment method right before you check out. 

The good thing about McDonald’s App is that if you add something to your cart which is not available at your nearest location, the app will automatically remove it. You won’t have to worry about charges for items that aren’t delivered to you. 

How to Use Apple Pay In-Store

If you’re familiar with paying using your debit or credit card, then using Apple Pay in-store will be a piece of cake. Here’s how you do it!

After placing your order at the counter, hold your mobile device over the swipe machine used for debit and credit cards. You’ll hear a ping followed by a green checkmark showing that the transaction has been approved. On your iOS device, you’ll also see the word “done,” signifying that your order was completed. It’s as simple as that! 

Paying at the Drive-Thru

If you’re in a rush or you’re not interested in dining in-store, you can always make your order at the drive-thru. Apple Pay works just as fine when you use the drive-thru, and it’s just as hassle-free. 

Simply drive up to the speaker and place your order. After, drive up to the window and tell them you’ll be paying with Apple Pay. You’ll have to wait for a second or two while they get the contactless card reader. Then follow the same steps if you’re paying for an in-store Apple Pay transaction.

Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay? – Using Your Apple Watch

Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay? - Using Your Apple Watch

As much as most of us have our phones attached to our hips, not everyone uses these devices constantly. Alternatively, you can use your Apple Watch to make a payment. Do you want to know what the best part is? You can use it in-store, at the drive-through, and at the self-service kiosk too.

 You are able to use the card reader or contactless card reader at any check-out point. Simply hold your Apple Watch over the top of the reader and wait for the transaction to be completed. 

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How Safe Is It To Use Apple Pay At McDonald’s?

Apple Pay is a safe payment method. It’s actually considered to be safer than traditional debit and credit cards. This payment method has multiple layers of protection that help protect you from fraud. Apple Pay’s security measures require you to use your fingerprint, a password, or Face ID. Plus, while completing a transaction, you never have to hand over your device to the worker handling your order. 

Where Else Can You Pay Using Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is already accepted at over two million establishments. Stores, restaurants, gas stations, and businesses that accept Apple Pay usually have the Apple Pay decals in store windows. Some of the largest retailers that accept Apple Pay are Bloomingdale’s, Petco, Old Navy, Sephora, and Office Depot. Restaurants that accept Apple Pay include Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut, and Subway. 

Next time you go shopping, you could use this payment method, particularly at Walgreens, Whole Foods Market, and Harveys Supermarket. Also, certain apps accept Apple Pay, and online purchasing has never been made easier. Feel free to make payments on apps such as Airbnb, Etsy, and Starbucks.

Other Payment Methods Accepted by McDonald’s

Other Payment Methods Accepted by McDonald’s

Apple Pay isn’t the only payment method accepted by McDonald’s. This franchise also accepts debit and credit cards, other digital wallets such as Google Pay, Arch gift cards, and cash. When you use the McDonald’s App, you’ll see all your payment method options, and you can decide which one suits you best. 

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Does McDonald’s Take Apple Pay? – Final Thoughts

Today, customers are using Apple Pay for quick, secure, and convenient payments.

 You can pay in-store, at the drive-thru, or on the McDonald’s app. Contactless transactions are a secure alternative payment method, and with Apple Pay, you can use your smartphone or Apple Watch.

The best part is that you’ll never have to hand over your phone to anyone while paying. Next time you make an order from McDonald’s, try out Apple Pay if your device is compatible. Better yet, you could make your order from the comfort of your home!

Enjoy using Apple Pay at McDonald’s!

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