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Does Nordstrom Run Background Checks?

does nordstrom run background checks

The retail industry is a great option for those with a criminal history. Many companies suffer a high turnover of staff. This means they have to keep recruiting.

The standards are not often high, especially for entry-level positions. This makes it easier for those with felonies and misdemeanors to get in.

But this may not apply to all retailers. Nordstrom stands out due to the nature of its clientele. This chain of stores offers luxury brand items. Their higher pricing and exclusive products mean they cater to a more prestigious demographic.

But does Nordstrom run background checks? And what does this mean for those with criminal records?

Finding work when you have a record is hard. Employers will prefer to hire someone without a record. Hence the need for second chance initiatives.

Campaigns like Ban-the-Box and Fair Credit Reporting laws help with this. They give ex-offenders a better chance at decent jobs.

Ban-the-Box encourages employers to eliminate questions of criminal history. At least until after the rest of the interviewing process is done.

Fair Credit Reporting laws discourage employers from digging too far into criminal history. Each state determines if there will be a limit so that much older offenses are no longer revealed.

Here we will look at what approach Nordstrom uses when hiring. Let’s begin by defining what a background check is.

What Is a Background Check?

This is an investigation into the history of a person. For employers, the most vital check is on criminal background. This gives insight into a person’s past behaviors and likely character.

Many states have credit reporting guidelines that will limit this check to a set number of years. Many will allow reporting up to five, seven, or ten years. You can learn how far back do background checks go in your state.

does nordstrom run background check

Depending on what type of job you are applying for, other checks may be done. these can include:

1 Credit checks – For jobs involving the handling of cash and credit cards

2 DMV record checks – For jobs involving driving for deliveries and other work

3 Professional license checks – For positions that require certain professional licenses

4 Verification of education and work history

5 Pre-employment drug screening

Each position may feature some combination of these checks. The more senior the job, the more likely most or all of these checks will be done.

All or some of these checks may be done by an approved background checking service. Some may be verified internally by the company’s HR department.

The goal of this probing is to determine if the person will make for a good hire. Some of the key traits retailers look for include:

  • Willingness to learn and take instruction
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Team player
  • Self-reliant
  • Positive and respectful
  • Dependable
  • Honesty
  • Tolerant
  • Strong attention to detail

Many of these traits are nullified by evidence from a background check. Those convicted of fraud and theft cannot be considered honest. Also, those convicted of violent crimes may not be expected to be tolerant.

So what specifically can one expect of the Nordstrom hiring process?

The Nordstrom Hiring Process

The best way to apply for a job at Nordstrom is through their careers website. Here you can find a listing of open positions and see what role best fits your skills and qualifications.

If you do not find a position you are interested in, then they are not currently recruiting for it. They offer full-time, seasonal, part-time, and internship jobs.

Every position will have the benefits indicated. Standard benefits include an employer-matched retirement plan and medical cover.

The company does abide by Fair Chance Hiring laws. This means they look at your qualification first. This is before factoring in any criminal history.

does nordstrom run the background check

Once you submit your online application, you wait to hear from their HR department. You will be notified of a time and location for an interview.

This interview will be used to verify certain traits. Such as presentation, confidence, and a positive attitude.

To get an idea of the best attire, visit your local store and see what the staff are wearing. Matching this style can help make you appear a perfect fit.

When it comes to criminal history, be sure to be forthcoming. Even if you are not asked, you need to show you are honest. Give the relevant details and emphasize how you have changed since.

If you pass the interview, you will receive a conditional offer of employment. this will depend on you passing the background check and likely drug screening.

The final hiring decision is often made by the interviewing manager. Or at least heavily influenced by them. The impression you make on this person will matter most. Even if the background check does not come out well.

Explaining your past can help prepare the hiring manager for what will be revealed.

Does Nordstrom Run Background Checks?

Yes, Nordstrom does background checks on all employees. A criminal background check is a bare minimum. Prospective hires can also be requested to perform drug tests.

Those expected to drive vehicles will also have DMV records checked.

Nordstrom confirms they do sometimes use third-party background checking providers. They may also verify your educational background and work history. Your references will also be contacted.

However, just because they check does not mean they will disqualify. Based on online testimonials, Nordstrom does sometimes hire those with criminal records.

does nordstrom run your background check

Much weight is given to how honest the applicant is. Other factors considered include:

  • The nature and severity of the crime
  • Time elapsed since the conviction
  • If a repeat offender

While an offender is not guaranteed the job, they are still seriously considered.

How can an offender boost their chances of getting hired?

Tips On How to Get Hired

Here are a few things you can do to boost your chances of becoming the preferred candidate.

1 As said, you need to be honest. Do not dwell too much on the crime you committed. Give the pertinent facts and focus on the ways you have turned a new leaf.

2 To ensure full disclosure, consider running a check on yourself. This will confirm what shows up on a background check.

3 Study up on the company. From fashion trends to financial performance, keep yourself updated. This will allow you to answer intelligently on any aspect concerning the company.

4 Rehearse your interview. Get someone familiar with such interviews to help get you ready ahead of time. Look up common interview questions and practice your response.

5 Dress accordingly. As said, visit a store and get an idea as to what kind of attire best represents the company.


A job at Nordstrom comes with competitive pay and good benefits. For a felon looking to build a lucrative career in retail, this is a great employer.

But securing a job can be tough with so much competition. However, with the right attitude and preparation, you can stand out.

Take time to do the research and prepare yourself to make a good impression.

If you however do not make the cut, do not be discouraged. There are many other companies that hire felons.

Apply as widely as you can to improve your chances. Prospects are often more than you might think. With many employers willing to grant second chances.

Later on, you can circle back to Nordstrom’s with an even better resume and more experience.

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