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Does Olive Garden Hire Felons?

Does Olive Garden Hire Felons

For a felon, life after conviction could become challenging when it comes to looking for the right job. We won’t say it is impossible to secure a good job, but it is not a cake-walk either. The candidate with a criminal record will have to go through their own challenges when it comes to answering questions related to their pasts.

There are a few industries that do welcome felons with open arms, as they do not discriminate against the candidate on the basis of any factor. For such industries the qualification and skill-set matter the most. One such industry is the restaurant industry that has hired felons in the past. It is known to be an industry that is friendly towards felons.

If a felon in the past has worked in a restaurant industry or has an inclination for working towards the industry, then they should apply for it instantly without giving it a second thought. Now, the next question is, whether Olive Garden hires felons or not? This is one question that is very fresh and prominently asked.

In this thread we will be covering the following areas, to give more clarity about whether Olive Garden hires felons or not:

  • About Olive Garden and the positions open
  • The application process at Olive Garden
  • Chances of felons getting hired at Olive Garden

1 About Olive Garden

Olive Garden is one of the renowned restaurant chains in the country with multiple restaurants across. Olive Garden is a very reputed name in the restaurant industry. They provide high-quality services and have a great working culture.

There are a few things that are offered at Olive Garden which goes without saying. For instance, it provides its employees with some very flexible schedules, and this is one of the biggest USPs. For someone who has a lot going on and has a lot on the plate, flexible schedules can sort more than half of their lives. Another thing that is very commonly offered at Olive Garden is the training. This is something provided to the working staff at the restaurant.

does the olive garden hire felons

Every position comes along with considerable perks and benefits, which could range from free meals, dental insurance to easy shift change. Olive Garden, greatly respects the well-being of the employees and leaves no stone unturned in helping them have a smooth life and enjoy their experience working here.

On the overall front, the restaurant provides a splendid working culture for each employee. Employees are treated as a family and the opinion of every employee is taken seriously and acted upon. The restaurant also follows the policy of open and honest communication, which means that one can always speak to their co-workers or heads in case of any concerns.

List Of Positions Available At Olive Garden

Since Olive Garden is a huge restaurant chain, there are plenty of positions open. Here are a few:

1 Server: The server plays an important role and has the responsibility for the money made by the restaurant. The server acts as the face of Olive Garden, hence it is a very important position. The server will make sure to greet the customers as they come to the table, and also greet them when they leave and provide a warm experience. For a server, it is mandatory to have excellent communication skills as they will be on the client-facing side always.

does olive garden hire the felons

2 Busser: The primary responsibility of the busser is to look into the aspect of Customer Satisfaction. The condition of the restaurant relies upon the busser, and they should be pro-active in maintaining the well being of the restaurant. Busser has to make sure of cleaning the area once the guest leaves. This is one role that requires the individuals to be aware of the time. They should be very quick with their work.

3 Cook: There is no doubt about the fact that a cook is known to be the heart of the restaurant. A restaurant might be known for its beauty, ambiance, hospitality, and various other factors, but the ‘Food’ is the core. If the food is not good, then the other factors are neglected. It is the responsibility of the chef to deliver good quality and delicious meals. Also, the chef should have patience and good communication skills as well.

2 Application Process At Olive Garden

The application process for felons and non-felons is the same, and one can easily check out the official website of Olive Gardens for the multiple roles offered. When it comes to filling out the application form, it is always a good idea to be completely honest. Whatever you are mentioning on the form should be true as a background check is carried out.

The applicants should make sure that they mention all the qualities and skill-sets that are required by that very particular role. This will help in increasing the chances of getting hired.

does olive garden hire the felon

Olive Garden runs a background check to make sure that the company hires the right candidate each time. With the help of the background check, the company officials understand details of the candidate such as the following:

  • The character of the candidate
  • Past record
  • Criminal past history if any

3 Chances Of Felons Getting Hired At Olive Garden

Olive Garden is very open to the hiring of felons, as it does not really discriminate on any basis such as caste, religion, sex, and felony. All said and done, there will still be a few things that would come under consideration. The severity of the crime plays a huge role and that would be taken into account. Other than that, the employer will also check how much time has gone by since the conviction happened. Mainly if it has been 7 years and above, then it won’t come into consideration and the individual with the past record won’t have to face issues.

As a company, Olive Garden is inclined towards hiring employees who have a passion and positive attitude towards work. Felons should strive to work hard and secure a job at this restaurant.

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    What is needed for someone whom was convicted in 2009 did 8.5 on 10 and has been out of the system for 4 years now to become a notary? The change was carjacking w firearm.

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