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Does Panera Bread Hire Felons?


Felons face a challenge to find a good career opportunity upon their release. If you have relevant experience working in a restaurant, then felons can consider joining Panera. The basic question however is “Does Panera Bread Hire Felons”. This article will cover the following aspects.

does panera bread hire felons

  • What is Panera Bread
  • Hiring Process of Panera Bread
  • Background Verification Check for Panera Bread
  • Career Opportunity for Felons
  • Type of felony matters
  • Self – Background Verification Check
  • Strategies for Panera Bread to hire felons

What is Panera Bread?

Panera Bread is a baking chain and was established in 1981. It has 17,000 locations across the USA. Panera Bread lays emphasis on fresh meals prepared and served by trained professionals. They seek to offer their customers and employees a healthy environment to work and eat.

does panera bread hire felon

Panera Bread ensures employee satisfaction and hires an enthusiastic team that works well in the current company profile. The company focuses on hiring dedicated enthusiastic and hardworking team members who can adapt to a fast-paced and dynamic work environment.

Hiring Process of Panera Bread

  • Felons must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The hiring process begins by submitting and completing the online application form with an electronic signature.
  • The felon requires to provide consent for background verification check and drug screening.
  • If the management at Panera Bread likes your application, they will schedule your interview.
  • The hiring manager conducts face-to-face interviews and fills the entry-level positions.
  • The in–person interview duration is 10 to 15 minutes and it covers basic topics as interview questions.
  • This interview assesses basic details such as work history, transportation, education, and strengths.
  • Panera Bread focuses on finding the best talent for its customers.

does panera bread hire a felons

  • The interview questions assess experienced ability to work under pressure and ability to work as a team member.
  • Panera Bread offers a wide variety of entry-level positions in the kitchen, as a team member, or as a cashier.
  • Felons must answer questions related to criminal history truthfully and the last record of 5 years gets scanned.
  • Conviction alone doesn’t disqualify you.
  • More details get requested to take the hiring decision.
  • Number and nature of offenses
  • Date of conviction and sentence
  • Date of sentence completion
  • Any related facts or circumstances that are directly related to your offense.

Background Verification Check for Panera Bread

1 Panera Bread ensures employee security and the company’s safety. Thus conducts background verification checks before hiring felons.

2 This avoids the potential risks and threats which can occur while hiring felons.

3 Panera Bread focuses on evaluating details about the work history of felons as well as criminal history.

4 Panera Bread scans records of the last 7 years.

5 The company is required to follow state laws before hiring felons to protect the reputation of the company.

6 Panera Bread locations are standalone stores that take independent hiring decisions.

7 Background verification check takes 1 week to complete.

Career Opportunity for Felons

  • Felons get a better chance to get a job with Panera Bread
  • If all requirements of Panera Bread get met before felons are hired.
  • The company doesn’t have a listed policy that specifically relates to felony convictions.
  • They do not indicate all aspects related to job experience and background.
  • There is no specific policy that rules out criminal history every felon has to undergo as per case by case situation.

Type of Felony Matters

  • Type of felony creates a difference for getting hired at Panera Bread.
  • Every felon gets hired if a criminal record is clean.
  • Honesty and Truthfulness make the hiring process easy.
  • Felons get eliminated because they lie about their felony conviction.
  • Most of the information makes a felon very anxious. As felons believe that they will lose an opportunity to get hired.

does the panera bread hire a felon

  • The application gets disqualified when a felon uses false information to fill the application.
  • This also sends the felon back to prison.
  • The management does not hire felons if the background check reveals their felony convictions.
  • Felons with violent crimes do not get an opportunity to work for Panera Bread.
  • Criminal convictions can lead to customers feeling fearful while getting served at Panera Bread.
  • Panera Bread protects the interest of the company, its customers, and employees.
  • This policy prevents any kind of harm caused to either people working with Panera Bread or eating there.

Self – Background Verification Check

Felons can run a background verification check on themselves to rule out possible results which can put them into trouble when revealed informal background verification checks. The self – background check allows felons to tackle questions effectively related to criminal history.

Panera Bread will give a proper head-up about findings in the background check before rejecting your offer. Felons can contact an attorney and take action accordingly without risking the result. Felons will not put their career or future with the company at stake. This gives felons a chance to tackle questions related to criminal history easily without any trouble.

It also gives them a window to get the record expunged that allows felons to honestly answer the application and conviction gets removed from the record.

Strategies for Panera Bread to Hire Felons

1 Panera Bread hires felons and allows them to re–enter society.

2 Panera Bread doesn’t hire felons with a violent criminal history or theft charge

3 Felons can take advantage of expunging their records.

4 This allows them to get a job easily without any trouble.

does the panera bread hire felons

5 Felons should stay positive. They can restart their career with Panera Bread. This will help them achieve financial stability.

6 They are not defined by their mistakes rather they should adopt a positive approach to see life in a new light.

7 Felons must focus on leading an honest life with the support network of family and friends.

Panera Bread Hires Felons with Misdemeanors

Panera Bread hires felons with minor felonies which allows felons to grow on a definite career path. The company ensures felons inculcate the right kind of skills and knowledge to grow and develop themselves as professionals. Felons can surely restart a fresh life by joining Panera Bread and leaving behind their past mistakes.

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Special Programs for Hiring Felons

Panera Bread is a part of the Ban the Box initiative, according to which it provides equal opportunities to felons for learning and growing as a professional. They also provide them a definite career path to achieve professional success in the long run. Panera Bread hires former felons to work as part of their teams and look after their customers.

Most entry-level jobs offer full-time and part-time work. The felons need to work on weekends or holidays so that multiple positions can get achieved by a multi-skilled workforce.

Bottom Line

Felons need a supportive and systematic network to restart their career. They enjoy working with Panera Bread because they can access an open learning platform that allows them to grow as multi–skilled professionals. Felons can put a foot in the door so that they can avail all kinds of possible career opportunities at Panera Bread.

They should focus on improving their skills. They should also try and expunge their records so that new opportunities open easily. Felons must focus on honestly sharing their criminal history during the interview process. This will open new doors and they will also get a second chance in life. Felons should stay focused at all times and give it their best shot.

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