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Does Pepsi Hire Felons?

Does Pepsi Hire Felons

Finding a job is a critical activity for felons. A job search is an overwhelming task for felons upon release. It is however easier to carry out a job search for a well-known and large company. This helps felons to gain credibility and also increases the number of opportunities in various companies for them. Pepsi is a well-known brand in the US. Today we will understand if Pepsi hires felons.

Pepsi was never a familiar name. The drink Pepsi gained popularity among the general public, which led to the rise of PepsiCo as a popular organization. In 1898, the name of the original drink even changed to Pepsi from “Brad’s Drink”. This drink helped people to cure an upset stomach. It also helped in improving the digestive system to function properly. The original recipe of Pepsi also provided a proper aid for digestion.

In 1903, Pepsi became a nationwide name. Pepsi started selling gallons of its popular drink to different companies. Pepsi also gained popularity across the globe. India, Europe, and South Africa were the main buyers. Pepsi collaborated with Frito Lay to make both salty snacks and soft beverages. The company also launched its mineral water called Aquafina.

Pepsi and Coca-Cola became popular rivals since very similar drinks were launched in the market. It was also difficult for the general public to differentiate between the two. Pepsi offers many successful careers and meaningful career opportunities along with a diverse and inclusive work environment. Pepsi also offers a great workplace for its employees.

Ban The Box Initiative

  • According to Ban the Box Movement, new opportunities open for felons to find a suitable job.
  • This initiative facilitates felons to find career opportunities of their choice.
  • Pepsi also removes questions around criminal history from job applications.
  • This means felons get a fair chance to get a suitable opportunity with Pepsi without considering prior mistakes.
  • Criminal history doesn’t define a felon’s future in the corporate world.
  • Felons always demonstrate honesty under this movement.
  • Felons however lose a chance to get a job if they are dishonest with the company.
  • The Ban box initiative provides felons a fresh slate to restart their career.
  • Applying for jobs becomes simple for felons.
  • The various companies such as Target, Starbucks, and Uber follow Ban the Box initiative.
  • This also motivates felons to adopt the right initiative to create a better living for themselves.

Application Process for Felons

1 Pepsi also offers various opportunities to develop new skills and rise above the career ladder and enjoy their professional assignment.

2 Felons can join entry-level positions at Pepsi with some certificates and college degrees.

3 They can fill the online job application process and search for a job in their specific locations.

4 Felons can work as a warehouse associate where he can load or unload products and manage stock inventory.

5 A felon must have physical fitness and good organizational skills to complete this job requirement.

does pepsi hire felon

6 The next position offers a Pepsi representative with good communication skills and personal skills.

7 Pepsi representatives are responsible for transporting products from one place to another.

8 Felons can become a commercial driver with Pepsi.

9 Felons receive a good career break at Pepsi to gain new skills to develop themselves further.

10 After qualifying for the application process; felons receive a call for the interview.

11 Felons should inform hiring managers about their criminal history.

12 A basic background check clears the criminal record.

13 This information is necessary for a felon to excel in his job.

Felons Get Hired in PepsiCo

Pepsi is a large distributor of soft beverages and snacks in the world. If a person has a felony, they can apply for various jobs at Pepsi without being bothered about their conviction. Pepsi doesn’t have specific rules for felons. This means felons are eligible for getting a decent job with other qualifications. Pepsi facilitates felons to receive career opportunities and re-establish their career in a better way.

Career Opportunities at Pepsi

  • Pepsi offers different career opportunities such as a driver for a truck, sales executive, and works in the distribution center for Pepsi.
  • Felons can also explore other jobs in manufacturing and production units.
  • Felons can even become warehouse associates or work in a maintenance department.
  • They also require a proper skill set to be part of the management.

does the pepsi hire felons

  • Felons require proper experience as a sales representative along with a basic college degree.
  • Felons require a commercial driving license to work as a commercial driver with the transportation department and get their specific career path defined.
  • Pepsi also requires field service technicians to work in the local business of the company.
  • The job role involves servicing soda machines.

Points to Remember When Applying for Job in Pepsi

  • Felons can apply for suitable jobs through the career page of Pepsi at https://www.pepsicojobs.com/main/northamerica/unitedstates.
  • They can also search for entry-level positions online.
  • Felons can also access this account through their existing social media accounts.
  • The application process records personal information and details of work experience.
  • Felons must prepare themselves well for the assessment section on the application.

does the pepsi hire felon

  • They require to provide details about basic math skills and job duties.
  • Felons require to create a Resume and highlight their basic skill set.
  • Each job has a specific list of qualifications and skills which are necessary to perform the job well.
  • Match your skills with the specific job you require.
  • Once a felon qualifies for a job an email is shared with the felon that has specific job details.

Opportunities for Felons

A good initiative by Pepsi states its team comprises of felons before hiring felons, the following questions are important for address:

  • Have Pepsi hired felons previously?
  • Does Pepsi follow Ban the Box List?
  • Do misdemeanors get a job with Pepsi?
  • Is it easy for felons to secure a job with Pepsi?
  • Does Pepsi conduct a valid background verification check?

Have Pepsi Hired Felons Previously?

Pepsi believes in uplifting the lives of felons. This motivates the organization to hire felons for multiple roles. Pepsi doesn’t hire felons with serious criminal histories such as rape, murder, extortion, and kidnapping.

does the pepsi hire the felons

Do Misdemeanors Get a Job with Pepsi?

Pepsi hires misdemeanors by reflecting upon each case individually. The misdemeanor does not focus on disqualifying a felon immediately on basis of his felony conviction.

Does Pepsi Follow Ban The Box List?

Pepsi creates a large number of job opportunities for felons under the ban on the box list. It facilitates felons to receive equal opportunities in the corporate world to lead a respectable life for felons.

Is It Easy For Felons To Secure A Job With Pepsi?

Felons receive proper job opportunities as Ban the Box initiative. This provides felons a fair chance to apply for a decent job with Pepsi along with proper training and professional guidance available to equip felons to use their skills within a specific job role.

Bottom Line

Pepsi conducts valid background verification checks so that they can hire felons with a clear conviction record and provide them a suitable platform to learn and grow. Felons can seek professional guidance to grow by getting selected in entry-level job opportunities and make their way above the career ladder. Felons receive suitable job opportunities through Pepsi. Pepsi facilitates felons to grow as professionals and lead an honest life.

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