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Does Post Mates Run Background Checks?

Does Post Mates Run Background Checks

Felons face challenges while looking for work opportunities upon their release. Felons may or may not have the experience to work in a delivery chain. Hence, they might consider getting a job with post mates.  Post mates run background verification checks will get examined through this article.

The article covers the following topics:

  • Hiring Felons for Post Mates
  • Application Process for Post Mates
  • Background Verification Check at Post Mates.
  • Does Felony Matter for Getting Hired at Post Mates
  • Self – Background Verification Check for Felons
  • Strategies to Recover from Failing in Background Check

Hiring Felons for Post Mates

Post mates are a demand delivery service that provides many things a customer needs. This service also talks about providing grocery services, providing deliveries from restaurants, alcohol, and essential supplies. Post mates also started delivery services in the US in 2011 and originated from San Francisco.

The company operates in several cities across the country. A delivery agent requires a commercial driving license to get a job as post mates driver. Post mates have also hired former felons as their employees who have a previous criminal conviction and work for Post Mates in various roles.

Application Process for Post Mates

  • Post mates hire felons as delivery drivers.
  • Felons require a drivable vehicle that allows them to pick up and deliver orders.
  • Each post mate driver must meet the following conditions.
  • Age should be 18 years.
  • Must be a US Citizen with an authorized work permit.

does the post mates run background checks

  • They must also have a social security number.
  • They Must own a smartphone.
  • Must also have a valid driving license with vehicle insurance.
  • Must pass a background check for drivers.
  • The felon must also sign a fleet agreement on post mate’s website which lays down rules and regulations for drivers.

Background Verification Check at Post Mates

1 The background verification checks at Post mates follow a very simple process.

2 It attempts to validate all information given in the application form.

3 The organization runs a background verification check with a felon’s consent.

4 If felons refuse this check, they also lose a suitable job opportunity with post mates.

5 Felons also require to provide written consent for running a background verification check.

6 This is as per the fair credit reporting act.

does post mates run background check

7 Post mate’s drivers can also become independent contractors.

8 They must understand the safety measure.

9 Post mate also screens all the candidates for a background verification check.

10 The company can disqualify felons for safety reasons and felony convictions for the past 7 years if they are serious.

11 Post mate drivers interact with customers daily which allows post mates to know whether drivers are reliable, safe, and trustworthy.

12 Post Mates also conducts background verification checks to understand the criminal background and check the driver’s background for driving.

13 The company requires specific identification information to begin a check for post mates.

14 The criminal background check also gets cross-validated through national databases across the country.

15 The company also rules out felons with a serious felony.

Does Felony Matter for Getting Hired at Post Mates?

  • Felony type does create a difference for getting a felon’s case dismissed.
  • Violent crimes
  • Sexual offenses
  • Drug-related convictions
  • Serious felonies
  • The DMV check permits post mates to hire safe drivers who do not have any serious driving offenses against them.

does post mates run background check tips

  • The DMV check also validates records of the following driving offenses which can prove fatal for getting a job as a driver.
  • Drinking and driving influence
  • Reckless driving
  • Felons involved in hit and run cases
  • Felons involved in accidental cases
  • Drivers get suspended
  • Driving cases related to drugs
  • Post mates take 1 or 2 days to complete background verification checks for drivers.

Self – Background Verification Check for Felons

  • Felons conduct self – background verification checks before post mate’s conduct.
  • Felons discover possible results that also reflect informal background verification checks.
  • Legal advice from an attorney is also important.
  • Felons respond proactively to these checks.
  • These checks also facilitate felons to get their record expunged.
  • There are various checks which a felon can run.
  • Checking a credit report, driving records, and also a court certificate for good character.
  • Felons can also use the results of background verification checks to tackle interview questions better.

Strategies to Recover from Failing in Background Check

After a background verification check gets completed, felons might face an issue where the findings are disputed and require correction. Every felon is not eligible to get a job with post mates. This is okay to happen. Felons can put consistent efforts to get a job of their choice with the right pay scale.

does post mates run background check tip

Felons should never lose hope if they do not secure a job with post mates. Many employers are available to hire felons if they show discipline and dedication towards work. Hardworking and reliable felons prove good employees for Post Mates. Post mates is an employee-centric and customer-centric organization that ensures delivery drivers deliver food and groceries on time to customers.

Felons must look for possible causes that made them fail a background verification check. They can adopt methods to rectify the same.

Bottom Line

Felons need to undergo a strict background verification check before they apply for a job at Post Mates. Post mates encourage felons to lead an honest and fulfilling life with the right opportunities and training. Felons can get a decent job opportunity if their criminal record gets expunged and they can learn customer handling skills.

They must safeguard customer-related information because they go for delivering various products. Felons receive a post mate’s employee card to purchase order items.

The organization must trust felons that they will not get involved in legal issues once again. Various kinds of felonies snatch away a chance from felons to become better individuals in society. Family and friends facilitate felons by encouraging them to take jobs with post mates.

Post mates allow felons to lead an honest and respectful life. The criminal check gets validated from national databases in the USA. It is difficult for felons to secure a decent job but it is not impossible to do so. Putting in the right effort will work in the felon’s favor.

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